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Vijay & Supriya - Test your service not your ui
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Vijay & Supriya - Test your service not your ui


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Test your service not your ui - presented in vodQA - THE TESTING SPIRIT! on Oct 7, 2010 in ThoughtWorks, Pune …

Test your service not your ui - presented in vodQA - THE TESTING SPIRIT! on Oct 7, 2010 in ThoughtWorks, Pune
Organization: ThoughtWorks

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Test your service not your UI By Vijay and Supriya
  • 2. Meet Tejal Tejal– Six yrs in QA Automation Expert Tools that she uses Selenium, Watir and QTP Attends Conferences Nickname – “Bug Hunter”
  • 3. How does Tejal test? Browser Selenium U I L A Y E R
  • 4. Tejal wants to test the movie booking flow
  • 5. Her automation approach
  • 6. What’s troubling Tejal?
  • 7. Tests are High Maintenance • Change in UI
  • 8. Tests are Flaky • Page load handling • Ajax
  • 9. Longer Time to execute 100 tests take 3 hours to execute
  • 10. Tool Limitations Handling custom controls Handling modal dialogs
  • 11. Tejal needs Ideas
  • 12. Tejal attends vodQA in Pune
  • 13. Tejal meets Ram And explains to him her sob story
  • 14. Meet Ram Ram – 8 yrs in QA Automation Expert Tools used – Selenium, QTP, Watir, Fitnesse Likes to try new things
  • 15. How does Ram test? Browser Selenium (For Smoke testing only) U I L A Y E R Service Layer Regression tests written at service layer DB Database Layer
  • 16. Ram’s automation approach SearchMovieService(City, TheatreName, MovieName, Date, Time, NoOfSeats). SelectSeats(A1, A2, A3). MakePayment(CardNo, CardExpiry, Pin). VerifyConfirmation();
  • 17. What are the benefits?
  • 18. Shorter time to execute • No browser/application startup • Devoid of elements • Tests run “super fast”
  • 19. Only needs an IDE No tool limitations xUnit framework
  • 20. Tests are Low Maintenance • Business process seldom changes
  • 21. Manual Exploratory testing • Automating tests is faster • More time for exploratory testing
  • 22. Wait, Tejal has some questions …
  • 23. What should be covered as part of Service testing?
  • 24. What happens to UI Functionality testing?
  • 25. Are you not duplicating tests created by Devs?
  • 26. Tejal is now happy
  • 27. And tejal started testing happily ever after  The End
  • 28. Our Experiences • Changing mindset wasn’t easy • 20 Regression E2E tests which run in ~4 minutes • Entire regression suite would run after every developer check-in • Tests were written before UI was ready Developer Speak Service tests by our QAs caught some really good bugs. – Ashish Sharma (Developer)
  • 29. To Summarize… Service testing is a concept worth exploring Treating the service as an application which deserves its own suite of tests Both need to co-exist
  • 30. Questions