Enough is not enough - Test Strategy for Mobile
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Enough is not enough - Test Strategy for Mobile



This talk was presented at VodQA Gurgaon 3rd edition (11 July 2013) ...

This talk was presented at VodQA Gurgaon 3rd edition (11 July 2013)

Talk Abstract:
No matter how many devices, platforms or screen-sizes you test your mobile app on, your testing may still not be enough. In this era of ever increasing mobile devices and varied platforms, this is bound to happen unless you have a test plan tailored for the mobile world. The intent of this talk is to brace ourselves for this challenge and envision a test strategy for mobile that covers these widespread avenues.

About Speaker:
Jatin has been breaking software systems and helping in re-building them better since last 5+ years. Having worked for clients ranging from small startups to big enterprises, he has worked on variety of domains including telecom, retail, e-commerce, mobile and consulting. He works as Senior Quality Analyst at ThoughtWorks, Gurgaon.



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  • (to clarify- all newest devices includes iOS, Android, Blackberry and WP8)
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  • SeeTestCloud (http://experitest.com/) enables automation and manual mobile testing for all the newest devices in the field, including WP8. It also tests using Native and Web properties, ensuring a more stable and portable test, as opposed to competitors in the field.
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Enough is not enough - Test Strategy for Mobile Enough is not enough - Test Strategy for Mobile Presentation Transcript

  • Enough is not enough Test Strategy for Mobile Jatin Bhasin @jatin_bhasin
  • Who am I ? !   Tester ! Agilist !   Learner !   Traveller ! ThoughtWorker
  • What is Test Strategy ?
  • Definition A test strategy is an outline that describes the testing approach of the software development cycle. It is created to inform project managers, testers, and developers about some key issues of the testing process.
  • Test Strategy !   Scope !   Roles and Responsibilities !   Environment !   Testing Tools !   Risks and Mitigation !   Schedule !   Priorities !   and more…
  • Why all the buzz about Mobile?
  • Did you know? (Source: Mobile Marketing Association Asia) World Population ~ 7 Billion Toothbrushes ~ 4.2 Billion Cell Phones ~ 5.1 Billion
  • Yes, that’s true! !   Smartphone usage grew by 50% from 2011 to 2012 !   91% of Americans have their mobile device within reach 24x7 !   This year, mobile phones will surpass PCs as the primary means of accessing the internet !   In 2011, Apple sold 48m mobile devices V/S 4.9m desktops/laptops. !   Only 20% of businesses have invested in a mobile solution (Source: various)
  • Types of Mobile apps Native Hybrid Mobile Web
  • Big challenges on small devices !   Environment !   Application !   Users !   Devices !   Network !   Automation
  • Environment !   Frequent OS changes !   Domain Constraints
  • Application !   Native/web/hybrid Apps !   Behavior on different devices !   Tech stack differs for each OS !   Comparison with web counterparts
  • Users !   Intuitive UI !   Accommodating maximum functionality
  • Devices !   Browser limitations !   Touch and non-touch devices !   Memory Constraints !   Battery Drainage !   Keypad lock
  • Network !   Sans network !   Offline support !   Wi-Fi !   Interruptions
  • Automation !   Device OS specific tools !   Testing across platforms !   Who will do it?
  • Test thy app !   Physical Device !   Simulators !   Testing in the ‘Cloud’ !   Crowd Source testing !   Automation
  • Physical Devices !   Benefits !   Challenges
  • Simulators !   Benefits !   Challenges
  • Testing in the ‘cloud’ !   Benefits !   Challenges !   Examples !   Device Anywhere !   Perfecto Mobile ! Testdroid
  • Crowd Source testing !   Benefits !   Challenges !   Examples !   Mob4Hire ! uTest ! Testcovery
  • Automation - Android ! Robotium !   Bot-Bot ! Monkeyrunner ! DroidPilot ! AndroidDriver (Selenium/WebDriver)
  • Automation - iOS !   Frank !   KIF (Keep It Functional) ! UIAutomation !   Zucchini
  • Automation - cross platform ! Appium !   Calabash ! NativeDriver !   And many more…
  • Types of testing !   Usability !   Performance !   Security !   Interface Testing !   Services Testing !   Low level resource testing !   Compatibility !   Operational
  • Usability Testing !   Ease of use !   Single handed use !   How intuitive is it
  • Performance Testing !   Need for speed !   Get real !   Business impact !   3rd party integrations !   Performance tuning
  • Security Testing !   Penetration test !   Vulnerability Assessment !   Encryption
  • Mobile means faster feedback! !   User Ratings
  • Forget me not ! !   Budget !   Time to market !   Target users
  • Recap Challenges in Mobile Testing Test thy app Devices Application UsersEnvironment Network Automation Automation Tools Testing in Cloud Physical device Simulators Testing Types #2 #3 #4 #1 Crowdsourcing Performance Usability Security Cross-platform iOS Android
  • Questions