Vodia Capital Overview


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Overview of Vodia Capital's services.

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Vodia Capital Overview

  1. 1. Asset Management Tax Strategies Financial Planning “Building futures with peace of mind”
  2. 2. EDUCATION Our philosophy is focused around our clients and their needs through a holistic, fee-only environment We believe education is the cornerstone of learning at Vodia Capital. We o er our clients a comprehensive, with diligent asset screening allows us to holistic model that encompasses asset successfully maintain superior asset growth With seminars, regular management, nancial planning and tax while limiting downside movement during newsletters and one-on- strategy. In all areas of service, we provide volatile markets. one sessions, we o er clients with truly independent advice, a range of educational Financial Planning primary in-house research, and guidance services to our clients. Our grounded in decades of experience and For nancial planning, we use proprietary hope is to raise awareness academic research. We view each client models to address the myriad of situations of current events in the relationship as a partnership that is built an individual or family may face. From nancial markets and on mutual respect. This partnership grows immediate concerns such as the cost address relevant issues from through open dialogue and continuous of funding a child’s education to more the global stage. reassessments of each client’s nancial academic questions regarding the use needs. of nominal versus real dollars, we bring rigor and sophisticated insights to our Investment Management scenario planning. Our nancial planning Our investment advisory services are o ered will incorporate the client’s expense under a fee-only arrangement, providing budget, income, projected tax burden, complete transparency to our clients. This and investment returns. From this base structure enables us to give objective model, we can look at static projections advice – none of our fees are derived from for retirement goals and needs, or use commissions on trades or fees directed to more sophisticated statistical overlays us from the investment products we use. such as a Monte Carlo simulation to We do not purchase mutual funds, or other formulate numerous potential scenarios in a instruments that dilute investor returns consolidated format. in lieu of excess fees or opaque trading Tax Strategy strategies. Instead, we develop portfolios Planning and investing is not complete from individual equity, xed income and unless it is analyzed within the context of derivative holdings to gain the appropriate tax burdens. With marginal tax rates as high exposure to various markets. as 35% at the Federal level, a concise tax We choose investment vehicles based on a strategy combined with tax-advantaged tactical asset allocation strategy. Given an investing can reap tremendous gains for acceptable level of risk, we use a mixture a client’s overall net worth. Our extensive of equities and xed income to maximize in-house experience in accounting and returns on the portfolio. Our bias is to taxation, combined with carefully selected employ a moderate risk pro le, centered outside tax advisors for international on a 60% equities/40% xed income ratio taxation situations, provides a one-stop that is adjusted for each client’s speci c solution for our clients irrespective of pro le and needs. This balance combined current or future needs.
  3. 3. “Peace of mind and the ability for each client to realize their nancial goals are our ultimate goals and the true measure of success.” Our principles ow through All accounts are separately managed using a comprehensive to every aspect of our investment methodology based in nance theory developed and business taught at MIT and Harvard. For our clients, we strive to provide ethical, objective and prudent advice for Simple solutions and sophisticated Within each of these asset classes, we peace of mind, nancial strategies select investments based on value- success, and quality of life. oriented research, risk management We realize this through a To build a portfolio, the process and social responsibility screens. Each begins with an asset allocation combination of diligence, of these disciplines is explored in depth teamwork and persistence model that works with broad asset on our website as well as articles and classes - equities, xed income and to develop a comprehensive research available as downloads. solution for each situation money markets. The balance amongst these asset classes is a function of This overall approach has served our and opportunity. the current market environment, clients well; since our inception we For our sta , we strive to current income needs, long-term have safely navigated from bull to bear provide a thriving work growth requirements, and the clients’ markets as well as extreme market environment focused on comfort with di erent levels of risk. dislocations. learning and personal The balance between asset classes is growth. Our sta at Vodia constantly monitored and modi ed Capital is the foundation for for evolving client circumstances, the business and our clients’ portfolio performance and changing success. market conditions. For our community, we strive to align our corporate goals with the improvement of society and the sustainability of the environment.
  4. 4. At Vodia Capital, we embrace the values that form the foundation of our firm: Integrity in working with our clients, their assets and their futures Relationships between our client and our sta Excellence in every aspect of our work Teamwork in delivering exceptional service to clients Education for the advancement of all our minds and ideas Respect for the global community in directing client assets David B. Matias, CPA David B. Matias is the Founder and Managing Principal of Vodia Capital. He brings over twenty years of experience in nancial markets and taxation. His previous roles include leading corporate advisory projects as a partner at Mitchell Madison Group, Chief Financial O cer of several startups, and working as an audit supervisor at Coopers & Lybrand (now part of PriceWaterhouseCoopers). In 2004, David left the corporate world to start Vodia Capital looking to combine the sophistication of Wall Street with the personalization of a smaller rm. Vodia Capital was founded on his deep personal and professional principles that are a part of the rm’s core values. David holds a Masters of Science from the MIT Sloan School of Management in Financial Engineering and Economics, Millbrook Tarry a B.A. cum laude from Amherst College, 97 Lowell Road, Second Floor and is a Certi ed Public Accountant. David attended Concord Academy and Concord, MA 01742 grew up in Carlisle, Massachusetts. David Tel: 978-318-0900 now resides in Concord. Email: info@vodiacapital.com