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Presentation made by LTC Matt Stevens on selling to WPAFB 88th Air Base Wing

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  • Flight Chief: Cathy Doyle
    Typical Base Contracting Mission – Buy/Admin service requirements for all of WPAFB and tenants except AFRL, MED Center, EM, ASC and AFMC
    Approximately 50% of dollars in support of CE
    Military Family Housing Maintenance
    Environmental Management Services/Utilities Privatization (now under CE)

    Support includes:
    CE: Custodial Services, Utilities, Equipment & Grounds Maintenance, Military Family Housing/Dorms, Housing/Utilities Privatization
    MSG/LGR: Packing and Crating, Vehicle Ops, Logistics Support, Fuels Management
    SV /PA /NASIC /445th: Dining Hall, Appliance Maintenance, Technical
    Support, Skywriter, Fleet Services, Housing/Utilities Privatization

  • Flight Chief: Dan Lyons
    Unique mission
    Buys and administers a variety of specialized technology services
    Primary customers – AFRL, AFIT, AFMC, ASC, 88 MDG
    Specialized engineering & services support the operations, maintenance & repair of AFRL test facilities
    Unique products & services to support the critical health care needs for Medical Center
    BRAC – 711 requirements have started to arrive, more units to follow. On-going issues with regard to agreed manpower and workload.
    88 MDG GWOT requirements
    Air Force Medical Service Commodity Council (CC) contracts
    Med CC team of 3 buyers & 1 CO to handle requirements was not effective, work migrating back to 88 CONS

    Angel Fire Persistent Wide-Area Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Program (PISRC) supporting the Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) and the Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC)
    Prototype developed and built in AFRL/SN deployed to Iraq in July for use and continued testing (8 units to be built)
    Provide a “guardian angel” over-watch capability to help combat IEDs in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
    Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV)/Camera Surveillance prototype bought with Operating Instruction for AFRL/Sensors Directorate

  • Flight Chief: Dave Dihrkop
    Buys/administers construction projects
    Maintain, alter/repair WPAFB real property and infrastructure
    Buys/administers Architect-Engineer (A-E) Contracts
    Buys/administers Environmental Remedial Action/Environmental A-E Contracts
    Simplified Acquisition Base Engineering Requirements (SABER)(8a Alaskan Native), Base + 4
    Bldg 10 (88th CC & MSG/CC offices) – Demolition/Repair 2nd Floor
    PoP ends 5 Aug 08 (Daily issues driving change orders = $60M
    Simplified Acquisition Base Engineering Requirements (SABER)
    Awarded Jan 07 to APM (8a Alaskan Native), Base + 4 = $60M
    Currently in Option Year I; 79 Open actions
    Potential $5M in FY08 Quick Execute for Year-end
    Bldg 10 (88th CC & MSG/CC offices) – Demolition/Repair 2nd Floor
    Awarded Sep 07 to local SB $2.1M, PoP 300 days; completion set for 5 Aug 08 (Daily issues driving change orders)

  • RFQ, RFP, IFB –
    The government will issue one of the above to inform you of a requirement and solicit price and/or technical information.
    Requires you to provide the requested information by specific date and time;
    Section L (Instructions to offerors) such as page limitations, text size and font
    Section M (Basis for award) - how the government will evaluate to determine awardee
    TIN –

  • CAGE –
    Although originated by the Department of Defense, CAGE codes are now also used by the Department of Transportation and NASA, among other federal government agencies. CAGE codes are an important part of winning federal government contracts. Although originated by the Department of Defense, CAGE codes are now also used by the Department of Transportation and NASA, among other federal government agencies. CAGE codes are an important part of winning federal government contracts.
  • DUNS –
    A D&B® D-U-N-S® Number is a unique nine-digit sequence recognized as the universal standard for identifying and keeping track of over 100 million businesses worldwide.
    Per D&B …is widely used as a tool for identifying, organizing and consolidating information about businesses. Companies worldwide use it to link information about suppliers, customers and trading partners, providing them a more complete picture of risks and opportunities in their business relationships.
  • Your tax ID number is used to identify your business to several federal agencies responsible for the regulation of business.
  • NAICS is based on a production-oriented concept, meaning that it groups establishments into industries according to similarity in the processes used to produce goods or services. NAICS replaced the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system in 1997.
    NAICS is a two- through six-digit hierarchical classification system, offering five levels of detail. Each digit in the code is part of a series of progressively narrower categories, and the more digits in the code signify greater classification detail. The first two digits designate the economic sector, the third digit designates the subsector, the fourth digit designates the industry group, the fifth digit designates the NAICS industry, and the sixth digit designates the national industry. The five-digit NAICS code is the level at which there is comparability in code and definitions for most of the NAICS sectors across the three countries participating in NAICS (the United States, Canada, and Mexico). The six-digit level allows for the United States, Canada, and Mexico each to have country-specific detail. A complete and valid NAICS code contains six digits.

    NAICS is an industry classification system, not a product classification system.
    There is no central government agency with the role of assigning, monitoring, or approving NAICS codes for establishments. Individual establishments are assigned NAICS codes by various agencies for various purposes using a variety of methods. The U.S. Census Bureau has no formal role as an arbitrator of NAICS classification.

    The U.S. Census Bureau assigns one NAICS code to each establishment based on its primary activity (generally the activity that generates the most revenue for the establishment) to collect, tabulate, analyze, and disseminate statistical data describing the economy of the United States. Generally, the U.S. Census Bureau's NAICS classification codes are derived from information that the business establishment provided on surveys, census forms, or administrative records.
    Various other government agencies, trade associations, and regulation boards adopted the NAICS classification system to assign codes to their own lists of establishments for their own programmatic needs. If you question the NAICS code contained on a form received from an agency other than the U.S. Census Bureau, you should contact that agency directly.

    Some contracting authorities require businesses to register their NAICS codes, which are used to determine eligibility to bid on certain contracts

    NAICS categories do not distinguish between small and large business, or between for-profit and non-profit. The Small Business Administration (SBA) developed size standards for each NAICS category. To find more information about the SBA size standards, visit the SBA website; . You may also contact SBA's Office of Size Standards on 202-205-6618 or via email to
  • FedBizOpps –
    Agencies post special announcements (such as today’s event)
    Government’s solicitation and resulting award if $25K and greater, including Brand Name Items and Sole Source Justifications
    Not required if anticipating award under the 8a Small Business Program

  • Sell to WPAFB

    1. 1. 88th Air Base Wing Business Outreach Session
    2. 2. 88th ABW Welcome Mr. Randy Parker 88th Air Base Wing Vice Director
    3. 3. Air Force Mission The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win... in air, space and cyberspace.  Combat Airmen - Supporting, Fighting, Winning!
    4. 4. Air Force Priorities • Continue to Strengthen the Nuclear Enterprise • Partner with the Joint and Coalition Team to Win Today’s Fight • Develop and Care for Airmen and their Families • Modernize our Air & Space Inventories, Organizations and Training • Recapture Acquisition Excellence
    5. 5. 88th Air Base Wing Priorities • Warfighting • Base Support/Infrastructure • Continuous Improvement • Quality of Life • Strategic Communication
    6. 6. WPAFB Roles
    7. 7. Overview Lt Col Matt Stevens • Mission – Provide Services, Commodities (Supplies) and Construction/A-E to support and operate Wright Patterson AFB installation and its host tenants • We do NOT buy: – Airplanes – Weapons – Information Technology – Research and Development
    8. 8. By the end of the day… • Increased awareness of contracting opportunities – 88th ABW through the 88th Contracting Squadron, 88th Force Support Squadron, 88th Civil Engineering Directorate and 88th Communications Group. • Limited information regarding acquisitions for the following: – 88th Medical Group (Wright-Patterson Medical Center) – Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) – Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) – Information Technology (IT) • Focus Points – Current contract actions – Future projections (<2yrs) – Basics of doing business with the Government • Including SBA, GSA and How to get started
    9. 9. 88th Contracting Squadron
    10. 10. 88TH Contracting ORGANIZATION 10
    11. 11. 88 CONS Overview Mission Provide the highest quality contracting support to operate and defend WPAFB. Develop and equip unrivaled contingency contracting officers for peacetime emergencies and worldwide deployment. Core Functions Major Customers Construction 88 ABW Architectural & Engineering Services 88 ABW/CE Environmental Restoration 88 MDG Supplies, Equipment, and Services 88 MSG Outsourcing & Privatization (A-76) 88 CG (* bulk of support Quality Assurance Program from ASC/PKW) Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program AFIT Contingency Operational Contracting Support ASC NASIC AFRL HQ AFMC
    12. 12. Service Contracts (PKB) • Custodial Services (90 facilities) • Elevator Maintenance (all facilities) • Vehicle Operations (throughout WPAFB) • Logistics Support (throughout WPAFB)
    13. 13. Contracts List (PKB) Description Current Total Description Current Total Description Current Total Contract # Period Price Contract # Period Price Contract # Period Price Logistics Support Base $9.2 PSM & Awards Option 1 $845 Appliance Base $270 M K Maintenance K I0C0026 13 Dec 09C0010 31 Mar 09D0015 24 Sep 10 14 13 Base Scales Maint Base $100 Entry Control Option 1 $152 Opacity Monitor Option 1 $90K K K 10C0006 30 Sep 09C0008 30 Sep 009P0106 8 Jan 11 14 13 Dining Hall Base $5.5 Cable Govt Bldgs Option 1 $766 Heraldic Dinner Base $49K M K Sound 10C0019 30 Sep 09D0004 30 Dec 09P0217 30 Apr 14 13 14 Basewide Furniture Base $4.8 Museum Custodial Base $411 Golf Course Option 1 $56K M K Aerification 10D0003 30 Sep 09D0006 30 Jun 09P0353 30 Sep 14 10 12 Combat Arms Base $170 NASIC Custodial Base $156 NAOC Custodial Option 1 $378 Training K K K 10P0058 30 Sep 09D0007 30 Jun 09D0001 30 Nov 14 10 13 Maintenance AFIT Base $255 Elevator Base $1.9 Packing & Crating Option 1 $3M Scanning Electron K Maintenance M 10P0240 19 Apr 09D0009 31 Dec 09D0003 31 Dec 15 13 13 Marathon Parking Base $20K CDC Custodial Base $489 Runway Surface Option 1 $43K K Analyzer 10P0273 11 Apr 09D0020 31 May 09P0030 31 Oct 15 10 13
    14. 14. Contracts List (PKB) Description Current Tota Description Current Tota Description Current Tota l l l Contract # Period Contract # Period Contract # Period Price Price Price Safety Valves Option 1 $360 Oil & Water Separator Option 2 $1.4 AFCSC Custodial Base $293 K M K 08C0040 30 Sep 08C0005 30 Sep 08P0404 30 Sep 13 12 13 Emergency Spill Option 1 $250 Fleet Service Option 2 $1.2 Lab Sample Option 1 $127 K M Analysis (Drinking K Water Only 08D0001 31 Oct 08C0007 30 Sep 08P0075 30 Nov 12 12 10 Coal Lab Analysis Option 1 $37K Club Linen Option 2 $400 Weather Services Option 3 $2.4 K M 08P0045 20 Nov 08D0005 30 Sep 07C0011 31 Dec 10 12 12 Lab Analysis Option 1 $60K Flyash Removal Base $85K DP&L Option 4 $77 (Hazwaste) M 08P0046 31 Oct 08P0121 28 Feb 07C0013 31 Dec 10 13 10 Custodial – AFIT/ Option 1 $4.6 MOSCAD Maint Base $31K BITC Option 3 $2.8 AFRL M M 08D0003 30 Sep 08P0130 14 Apr 07C0017 30 Sep 12 11 11 Custodial – Area C Option 2 $4.3 Marathon “Timing Chip” Base $182 PSC Boxes Option 3 $369 M K K 08D0008 30 Sep 08P0225 31 May 07C0018 30 Sep 12 11 11 Basewide Refuse Option 2 $4.2 Marathon Tents/Chairs/ Option 1 $61K Area A Custodial Option 3 $4.2 M Tables M 08D0010 30 Nov 08P0246 31 Jan 07C0028 30 Sep 12 11 11
    15. 15. Contracts List (PKB) Description Current Tota Description Current Tota Description Current Tota l l l Contract # Period Contract # Period Contract # Period Price Price Price AFIT Tech Support Option 3 $689 Maint Chillers (AFIT) Option 1 $49K Military Family Option 4 $9.6 K Housing M 07P0064 31 Dec 08P0424 9 Sep 13 06D0008 30 Sep 11 10 “Pest” Control, Option 2 $24K Portable Toilets Option 2 $199 Fire Pumps Option 3 $149 Banquet Center K K 07P0176 30 Apr 07P0379 30 Sep 06C0054 30 Sep 12 12 11 AFIT PACS Maint Option 2 $111 Fire Alarm Testing Option 2 $133 AMC Furniture Mtnc Option 4 $4.4 K K M 07P0217 30 Apr 07P0500 21 Sep 06D0002 30 Oct 12 12 10 AFRL Equip Maint Option 2 $50K Conveyor Belt Maint Option 2 Base Laundry Option 4 $1.7 M 07P0258 31 May 07P0545 30 Sep 06D0003 30 Sep 12 12 10 Hoods and Ducts Option 3 $421 Fuels Management Option 4 $7.8 Fly Ash Option 4 $417 K M K 07P0253 30 Sep 06C0001 30 Sep 06D0009 30 Sep 11 10 10 Cranes & Hoists Option 2 $205 Dormitory Maintenance Option 4 $2.8 MFH Refuse Option 4 $432 K M K 07P0373 14 May 06D0006 30 Sep 06D0010 30 Sep 12 10 10 Grease Traps Option 2 $545 Office Runway Option 3 No Air Ducts Option 3 $381 K Cost K 07P0378 30 Sep 06C0029 12 Aug 06D0015 30 Sep
    16. 16. Contracts List (PKB) Description Current Tota Description Current Tota Description Current Tota l l l Contract # Period Contract # Period Contract # Period Price Price Price MASINT – Signal Option 3 $10 Land Mobile Radio Maint Option 4 $1.4 Sewage Ongoing Intel/AFIT M M 06F0025 GSA 31 May 05D0007 30 Sep 81D0112 11 10 AFIT Project Option 3 $14 Chiller Maintenance Option 4 $3.4 Sewage Ongoing Support M M 06F0031 GSA 31 May 05F0069 30 Sep 81D0128 11 10 Washer Dryer Mnx Option 3 $84K Skywrighter Option 4 N/A Franchise Agreements 06P0454 30 Sep 04C0028 30 Sep 11 10 Gas Leak Survey Option 3 $68K Vehicle Ops/Maintenance Option 4 $26 KAS Cable M Franchise 06P0449 30 Sep 02C0013 30 Sep 09A0025 2013 11 10 Industrial Water Option 4 $2M ESPC N/A $200 Treatment M 05C0030 30 Sep 99DJ005 30 Sep 10 23 Fire Training Option 4 $188 Utility Service 14 Aug $20 K 16 M 05C0041 30 Sep 02FS001 10 AFRL Svcs & Cons Option 4 $47 Water Ongoing (T&M) M 05D0002 30 Jun 81D0111
    17. 17. Contracts List (PKB) Description Curren Tota Description Curren Total Description Current Total t l t Contract # Contract # Price Contract # Period Price Period Price Period BPAs Aircraft Power Washing Alterations Shuttle for DISAM Students Carpet Cleaning Cell Phones Fitness Clubs Mortuary Services Civil Air Patrol Flying Hours 445th Hotel Requirements Concessionaire Contracts
    18. 18. Upcoming List (PKB) Description Est Award Descripton Est Award Land Mobile Radio 23 Aug 10 Fire Training 20 Aug 10 Maint ABSS Help Desk 26 May 10 Family Housing Refuse 30 Sep 10 Museum Custodial 31 May 10 Fuels Mgmt 8 Sep 10 CE Support Services 19 Nov 10 Lab Sample Analysis 30 Aug 10 Chiller Maintenance 24 Sep 10 AMC Furniture 30 Sep 10 Fly Ash 9 Sep 10 Water Sample Analysis 15 Sep 10 Area A Custodial 8 Oct 10 Industrial Water 27 Sep 10 Treatment Area C Custodial 30 Sep 10 Skywrighter 17 Aug 10 CDC Custodial 15 Aug 10 CDC Laundry 7 Sep 10 MASIC Custodial 12 Jul 10 Military Family 27 Sep 10 Housing Logistics Support 30 Nov 10 Dormitory 27 Sep 10 Services Maintenance AFIT/AFRL Custodial 10 Feb 11 Fuel Farm Secondary 1 Sep 10 Containment Vehicle Ops and Maint 30 Aug 10 USAF School of 1 Aug 10 Medicine Custodial Base Laundry 20 Sep 10 USAF School of 1 Aug 10 Medicine Refuse
    19. 19. Upcoming List (PKB) CORONA REQUIREMENTS: Rental Vehicles TATTOO REQUIREMENTS: Technical Tent Flooring Heritage Aircraft Musical Composition for AF Band Bouncy Toys MARATHON REQUIREMENTS: Generators and Light Towers Golf Cart Rental Milemarker Race Clocks Heat Sheets
    20. 20. Service Contracts (PKA) • WPAFB Med Center Commodity Council •Commodities •AFRL
    21. 21. Contracts List (PKA) Contract Contract Description Period Value Description Period Value 6/30/201 Maintenance and Fabrication of Experimental 6/30/201 Azimuth for AFRL/VA 0 $1M Processing and Test Equipment 0 $700K 4/29/201 Provide Maintenance for a Analytical High 6/30/201 Resource Management Support 0 $480K Resolution X-Ray Diffraction System 0 $51K Non Personal Engineering and Support Services 6/30/201 for AFRL/RZ 5/3/2010 $3.1M Environmental Labor 0 $4.7M Maintenance and Fabrication of Experimental Processing and Test Equipment Extension 5/3/2010 $2M Therahertz Imaging System 7/6/2010 $890K Services Engineering Services for AFRL 5/4/2010 $826K Transformer 7/30/201 $1.8M 0 5/24/201 $549.9 8/31/201 High Voltage Maintenance 0 K Facilities Management 0 $610K 5/27/201 AFIT Engineering, Design, Assembly, and Testing 9/21/201 Spectrometer 0 $873K of Optics Components for Testbed Laboratory 0 $1M Maintenance and Fabrication of Experimental 9/30/201 Processing and Test Equipment 6/1/2010 $4.8M Educational Outreach for AFRL/WSC 0 $2M AdmiMaintenance and Fabrication of 9/30/201 Experimental Processing and Test Equipment 6/1/2010 $5.8M EMSS for AFRL/RXOB 0 $10M
    22. 22. Contracts List (PKA) Contract Contract Description Period Value Description Period Value 9/30/201 6/30/201 Logistics Material Control Activity for AFRL 0 $1.6M Coatings Test & Evaluation Services 1 $5.4M 9/30/201 7/30/201 Engineering Support 0 $450K Engineering Support Services 1 $42M 9/30/201 9/30/201 Financial and Budget Assistance 0 $4.7M Maintenance, Repair and Calibration of Equipment 1 $2.3M 11/05/20 Annual &Remedial Mnx-York Centrifugal Water 9/30/201 Blood Bank for 88MDS 10 $3.5M Chillers 1 $66K Rental of one (1) Doble M2H-MCM 10-kV 12/31/20 Administrative Support Services 1/9/2011 $500K Insulation 11 $45K Support AF Science & Engineering Fairs; stations 9/30/201 Administrative Support 1/9/2011 $1.8M and event participants. Store/packages/ship 2 $25K materials 1/30/201 Annual & Remedial Mnx_Trane Centrifugal Water 9/30/201 NASIC Furniture 1 $9.5M Chiller 2 $56K Basewide Flooring 2/8/2011 $7.6M 3-Year Membership of Linguistic Data 2/28/201 Consortium 1 $10K 5/31/201 Financial Management/Anaylsis Support 1 $160K
    23. 23. Construction Projects (PKJ) • Canopy/Kiosks Gates 12A/1B/22B • F/3001 Phases I & II Renovations • Boiler Tube Rplc Bldg 1240 • Green Acres/Pine Est. Demo • Bldg 11 Area B Renovation
    24. 24.  Currently have over 40 open construction contracts and 40 plus open delivery orders w/ total value over $55M  Renovation, repair, upgrade of base facilities and infrastructure.  Most new construction on base is ACE, Louisville KY  22 New Projects Planned for FY10 Year-End Surge (pending funds approval) range from $200K to $11M  On-call IDIQ contracts for single trade-type projects: 24
    25. 25. 88 CONS - PKJ  Environmental Support (A-E Contracts/Remedial Action)  Three Primary Environmental Programs  Restoration (primarily O&M)  1 AFCEE Title V Air Activities  8 AFCEE, ACC & GSA Task Orders for Studies and Analysis  Compliance (primarily A-E for construction)  2 Active Contracts for Soil Testing & Well Monitoring  1 Active Site Investigation  Pollution Prevention (Storm Water & HAZMAT)  4 Active AFCEE, ACC & GSA Task Orders  Total Obligated Funds: $3,990,000  Negotiating two new Environmental Contracts (base yr plus 4 option yrs) one valued at $6M and one at $4M 25  Planning two new AFCEE task orders assessment/
    26. 26. 88 CONS - PKJ  A-E Support (Base & HQ) One Primary A-E Program WPAFB Base-wide 4 Active ID/IQ Contracts 4 ID/IQ Contracts preparing to award for Studies and Construction Design  Total Active Task Orders: 25 26
    27. 27. Plans & Programs (PKPA)  Government-Wide Purchase Card (GPC)  Largest in the Air Force  2,012 Accounts/761 Approving Officials  Surveillance Requirements 100% Approving Officials/ 25% Accounts  Highly visible program  Numerous Audits, IG Data Mines, Congressional reviews  No fraud identified at WPAFB  Memorandum of Understanding with AFOSI  FY09 – 98,449 Transactions/$87.3M Spent  AFI requires quarterly update to installation commander 27
    28. 28. Contracting 101
    29. 29. How to get started doing business with the Government • Become familiar with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), as well as its supplements…Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFARS), Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation (AFFARS), as well as the specific major command, i.e. Air Force Material Command (AFMCFARS). • A contract with the U.S. Government must comply with the laws and regulations that permit it, and be made by a Contracting Officer with actual authority to make the contract. • The Contracting Officer has no authority to deviate from the laws and regulations, and the contracting party is held to know the limitations of the Contracting Officer's authority, even if the Contracting Officer does not. This makes contracting with the United States a very structured and restricted process.
    30. 30. Doing business with the Government • Contracting 101 – Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP), Invitation for Bid (IFB) – You must be registered in appropriate systems and/or know the following information: • Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) code is a five- character ID number that identifies government contractors obtained through the Department of Defense’s Central Contractor Registration (CCR) – required for award of DoD contracts . (Note: You must have a DUNS number before you apply for a CAGE code.) • Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) - Dun & Bradstreet’s nine-digit number is required for government contractors of many federal government agencies • Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) - A federal tax identification number (also know as an employer identification number or EIN), is a number assigned solely to your business by the IRS. – Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) – electronic posting site of government’s requirement, $25K >
    31. 31. Central Contractor Registration
    32. 32. Dunn and Bradstreet Number (DUNS)
    33. 33. Dunn and Bradstreet Number (DUNS)
    34. 34. Tax Identification Number (TIN) • A Tax Identification Number or TIN is an identifying number used for tax purposes in the United States. It may be assigned by the Social Security Administration or by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service.) • A TIN may be: •a Social Security number (SSN) •an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) •an Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number). • SSNs are used by individuals, other than aliens who do not have the right to work in the US. • EINs are used by employers, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, non-profit associations, trusts, estates of decedents, government agencies, certain individuals, and other business entities. "
    35. 35. North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
    36. 36. FedBizOpps
    37. 37. Other information you should know… • Government Purchase Card (GPC) – Credit card used by government organizations to purchase goods/services up to the micro purchase threshold: • Construction up to $2,000 • Services up to $2,500 • Supplies up to $3,000 • Acquisition timelines: • “Commercial” – can be on the street for < 30 days • Most solicitations (Invitation for Bid, Request for Proposal) - on the street for 30 days • BRAC – Per the ABW BRAC office – all WPAFB BRAC contracts have been awarded • VPP – Information pamphlets were distributed. – See VPP Memo dated 6 Apr 09
    38. 38. Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Memo dated 6 Apr 09
    39. 39. Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
    40. 40. Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
    41. 41. Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
    42. 42. Additional weblinks – On Line Reps and Certs You must be registered in ORCA if the solicitation you are responding to requires that you have an active registration in CCR. login.aspx
    43. 43. Additional weblinks – Federal Acquisition Regulations & Supplements