Elements of a 90/90/90 School

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  • 1. The New High School @ Audenried… … Where High Performance is Expected and Achieved
  • 2. What is a 90/90/90 School?
    • 90% of school students are eligible for free or reduced lunches.
    • 90% of students are ethnic minorities.
    • 90% of students achieved high academic standards according to high stakes testing standards.
    A school where….
  • 3. What Do YOU Think?
    • If you walked into a 90/90/90 school what would you expect to see?
            • What are teachers doing?
            • What are students doing?
            • What is leadership doing?
      • (List ALL answers that come to mind)
    What makes a 90/90/90 school successful?
  • 4.
    • A strong focus on student achievement with an intense focus on student data. Data is visible in many places and an emphasis is placed on improvement
    • Clear curriculum choices
    • Frequent assessment of student progress & multiple opportunities for improvement
    • An emphasis on non-fiction writing in ALL subject areas
    • Collaborative scoring of student work, with explicit guidelines on what is considered proficient
  • 5. What the research says…
    • High correlation between student achievement and classroom strategies.
    • There is no “silver bullet” or program fix.
    • The key to success is collaboration.
    • Teacher quality & effective leadership are the key to student success.
    • Student demographics are not a dominant factor in student success.
  • 6.
    • 1.Time is devoted to teacher collaboration that focuses on student student work & proficiency.
    • 2.Teachers provide significantly more frequent feedback than a typical report card.
    • 3.Schools made dramatic changes in their schedules to meet the needs of students.
    9 Teacher & Leadership Goals For High Student Achievement
  • 7.
    • 4. Teachers engage in action research & mid-course corrections.
    • 5. Principals made decisive moves in teacher assignments.
    • 6. Schools included an intensive focus on student data from multiple sources, and teachers compared students to themselves rather other groups of students.
  • 8. 7. Consistent use of common assessments (as opposed to tests). 8. Schools employ the resources of EVERY adult in the school (NTA’s, Security, lunchroom etc.) and provide PD around student achievement & discipline. 9. Cross-disciplinary curriculum is stressed and teaching subjects in isolation is usually down played.
  • 9.
    • Now that we know the basic elements of high achieving schools, how do we create it here?
    • The next steps are up to all of us.
  • 10. As We Build The Audenried Plan for Student Success Remember… We are the experts. They put faith in us to help them to be successful.