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I dont wish you a nice future, but do wish & pray for your great 'present' moment. Know why present is called a present.

I dont wish you a nice future, but do wish & pray for your great 'present' moment. Know why present is called a present.



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Timeless Greetings Timeless Greetings Presentation Transcript

  • As we enter the New Year here is a ‘Priceless Present Prayer’ just for you
  • Well! I do not wish a happy future for you but do pray for your great, fulfilling & eternal Present
  • I do not wish your fulfillment to be somewhere far off beyond the horizon but pray it to be right ‘Here & Now'
  • I do not wish your fulfillment to be an illusion but something which truly is
  • Future is yet to come and will come one day as a present Past is dead & gone it was one day a present Present alone is
  • Awareness of 'past or future' is to be in the realm of Time To live fully in the present is to be in the Timeless
  • Time is when the goal is far off Time stops and timeless alone is when you revel in contentment in yourself
  • Time is an effect, its first unit is thus called a 'second' Timeless is the cause, it is obviously the 'first'
  • To wish for future is to live in an endless dream world To pray for reveling in the eternal present is to awake to the timeless truth
  • Time is a product of our minds Timeless is even when the mind is asleep or transcended
  • Ultimately Time is not there Timeless alone is
  • May you always revel in the expanse of timeless in that which alone is in that which is really You
  • and discover why is Present called a Present
  • To prompt a person to keep his/her eyes on the future is basically a thoughtless act It merely amounts to wishing a person to remain eternally on a trip No wonder such people have to keep wishing such things endlessly year after year, after year
  • If you truly wish to give someone a Priceless Present then motivate the person to wake to the Timeless Present
  • Send this ‘Priceless Present Prayer’ to all thoughtful people you truly love Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu Ma kashchit dukhabhag bhaveta
  • Thy own joyous ever-present timeless Self Swami Atmananda Saraswati (www.vmission.org ) Om Tat Sat