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Valuation Management Group Brochure
Valuation Management Group Brochure
Valuation Management Group Brochure
Valuation Management Group Brochure
Valuation Management Group Brochure
Valuation Management Group Brochure
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Valuation Management Group Brochure


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Valuation Management Group’s primarymission is to institute an environment where true appraiser independence and quality commercial and residential appraisals can be obtained.

Valuation Management Group’s primarymission is to institute an environment where true appraiser independence and quality commercial and residential appraisals can be obtained.

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  • 1. Ta Apkin fro p g tto m rA he ex or is Tr din Al Ao Ar pro r y c di es nA s ry
  • 2. Valuation Management Group’sprimary mission is to institute an environmentwhere true appraiser independence andquality commercial and residentialappraisals can be obtained.
  • 3. Build confidence With people you TrustValuation Management Group (VMG) was established in2006 to offer outsourcing opportunities for appraisalindependence. As an appraisal management company,VMG offers a turnkey approach to the appraisalprocess from inception to final completion.Valuation Management Group is Are you struggling with the numerouscommitted to providing a process appraisal changes and national appraiserthrough which clients receive an independence being enforced by the Dodd Frankappraised value determined by Wall Street Reform And Consumer Protection Act?trained professionals who (H.R. 1473) Allow Valuation Management Group to be your solution.utilize independentjudgment. “The Mortgage Reform Act” (H.R. 1473) has many appraisal related laws. VMG stays on the forefront of changes to ensure compliance for our clients. We adhere to all Appraisal Laws, Regulatory Guidelines, Truth in Lending, FIRREA, USPAP, Interagency Evaluation and Appraisal Guidelines and have adopted the “Standards of Good Practice in Appraisal Management” as provided by TAVMA* guidance. Valuation Management Group handles the entire appraisal process: approving the appraisers, managing the appraiser panel, the bid process on commercial and complex assignments, engaging the appraisers, accounting and payment of appraisers, and performing a robust technical review. *Title/Appraisal Vendor Management Association “We have embraced appraiser independence since the inception of New Penn Financial. We were not happy with the service that we received from many AMCs until we found Valuation Management Group. They are not only our primary resource for appraisal management services now, but they are good business partners. VMG cares about our business as much as we do. The service and quality that we get from VMG is unmatched. “ Jerry Schiano, CEO New Penn Financial Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
  • 4. Advantages of Valuation Management Group• comply with interagency Appraisal and evaluation • one point of contact Guidelines, Appraiser independence laws, The Mortgage Dedicated Client Specialist and Reviewers - VMG handles the reform Act (2010),Truth in lending, UspAp, FirreA, Gse entire appraisal process. Guidelines VMG keeps its staff up to date on pending legislation and • preferred Appraiser panel laws regarding the appraisal process. Accomplish smooth Valuation Management Group has a nationwide network of examinations and exceed regulatory agency expectations by appraisers which gives banks, mortgage lenders and credit unions utilizing VMG’s services. the opportunity to maintain relationships that they have spent years cultivating through the Preferred Appraiser Panel. The• Achieve True Appraiser independence Preferred Panel is a personalized group of experienced lender- VMG, as your business partner, ensures that appraisers are not referred appraisers. When lenders order an appraisal, VMG will influenced. Be confident in knowing that the appraisal process engage one of the appraisers from that lender’s Preferred Panel, is compliant. offering competitive reasonable and customary fees. In addition, VMG has appraisers outside of your market area. Contact VMG• robust review today to establish your organization’s Preferred Panel. Each report receives a technical review by a licensed/certified appraiser. Our Reviewers have decades of experience. Review of • commercial properties appraisals can be customized to your underwriting guidelines. VMG offers a bid process for a competitive fee and turn time on commercial properties and EPA Inspections. VMG handles• simplified Billing the engagement of the appraiser or engineer (EPAs) and Semi-monthly statement for all appraisal assignments. the technical review of appraisals by a certified commercial Appraisers are paid by VMG. appraiser.• Appraiser competence • VMG is the industry expert in reo and loss share VMG handles the appraiser’s application process, updated Appraisals. license and E&O for you. Residential / Commercial / REO or Portfolio Valuations / FHA / Loss Share / EPA Reports / Buy Back Resolutions /• outsource the expense to reduce overhead costs Forensic Reviews / Automated Valuation Models Improve employee productivity and/or reduce employee expense. No upfront setup charges or monthly fees. • real-time Updates VMG’s secure, user friendly internet based website gives you access to real time updates when you need them. “Our partnership with VMG relieves the pressure of managing the appraisal process and other compliance- related concerns. This allows us to focus on our number one priority- member service.” Ashley Minshew, Mortgage Lending Manager Robins Federal Credit Union, Georgia “VMG has really streamlined our appraisal process. Placing an order is fast and easy. Being able to track your order through the process is great. Your appraisal is reviewed by an actual appraiser which adds a level of expertise that banks typically do not possess. Also, bank examiners like the independent transparency between the bank and the appraiser that VMG provides.” James H. Nunley, Vice President, Cornerstone Community Bank, Tennessee
  • 5. “Being one of the largest Retail and Wholesale mortgage lenders in our area we realizedthe need to contract with an AMC that would enable us to be fully compliant with NationalAppraiser Independence Laws and FHA guidelines, maintain our quality standards and continueto offer superior service. Valuation Management Group has met or exceeded our expectationsin all areas. Their professional staff and excellent technology has allowed us to offer betterservice and their thorough review process has increased the quality of our appraisals.”Thomas M. Bird, Executive Vice PresidentFirst Bank Mortgage, Georgia“I am very glad that I chose to form a relationship with your company because it providesa completely arms-length process in keeping with National Appraiser Independence Lawsrequirements. Not only are our turn times good, we no longer have the burden of following upon appraisals because the VMG staff performs this task for us.”Bernadette Phillips, Operations Manager, Community Financial Corporation, Oregon“Brand Banking Company has utilized the services of Valuation Management Group for morethan four years. We have found their service and quality to be extraordinary. If appraisalconcerns arise, the staff is quick to respond and resolve the concern. I highly recommend VMGto anyone wanting to ensure compliance with the National Appraiser Independence Laws andquality appraisals. We are relieved of the maintenance of the approved appraiser list, updatinglicenses and E&O. Obtaining a consolidated monthly bill saves time and work for us. With VMGour staff is freed up to make loans and not be tied up with all the operations of the appraisalprocess.”Greg Shumate, PresidentBrand Mortgage Group, Georgia
  • 6. Valuation Management Group (VMG) is a nationwide appraisal management company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Business Chronicle ranked VMG 11th out the top 50 leading-edge companies honored with the Pacesetter’s Award. Cobb County Chamber of Commerce recognized VMG as a Top 25 Small Business of the Year in 2010. Founder Vicky Thompson was selected as a “Woman of Achievement” by The Northwest Georgia YWCA in 2005.Based upon my positive experience with Valuation Management Group at my former company Brand Banking Company, I recommended that State Bank utilize the services of VMG for the high volume of new appraisals needed by the Special AssetDivision. After only a few months our President and Chief Credit Officer was so pleased with their service that he expanded the VMG agreement to cover all loans made in the entire bank. - William J. Abernathy, Jr., Chief Risk Management Officer State Bank & Trust1640 Powers Ferry Road • Building 15 • Marietta, Georgia 30067(678) 483-4420 [o] • (866) 799-7488 [tf] • (678) 370-9577 [f]Appraiser Independence Hotline 1 (877) 836-7163 Become a Facebook Fan Get Connected on Linked In