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VME Precast technology advantages

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Do you know?

  2. 2. Advantages ofPrecastTechnology
  3. 3. Moulding the future
  4. 4. Future has arrived Future is Precast technology Environment friendly High strength High longevity makes future serene, safe andsatisfying
  5. 5. What’s PrecastTechnologyPrecast technology is a processthrough which various elementsof a building includingcolumns, beams, wall panels androof slabs is precast by pouringconcrete into a reusablemold, cured and quality checkedin a factory and then transportedto the construction site and liftedinto place as opposed to standardconcrete which is poured on-siteinto specific forms
  6. 6.  VME Precast has set upIndia’s first state-of –the-artPrecast plant inOragadam, one of the fastestgrowing industrial centers inChennai VME Group is a company that has been doing largeinfrastructure projects like building bridges, flyovers for thepast 20 years and has successfully completed over 20 majorand minor bridges for Highways and Railways using PrecastTechnologyAbout VMEPrecast
  7. 7.  To extend the same technology andimprove the quality of construction inResidential, Commercial, andIndustrial buildings VME Group hasstarted ventured into VME Precast VME Precast takes up turn-keyprojects from the structuraldesign, production, logistics to theerection of Precast elementsCont…
  8. 8. Quality Control In a precast plant concreteproduced is immediately cast in themoulds thereby ensuring high gradeof concrete strength It is properly cured and closelymonitored by professionals Common post constructionissues likecracks, leakage, dampness areavoided in precast construction
  9. 9. Environment Friendliness 30 to 40% savings in energy Reduce energy consumption Minimal dust, waste, less debris areleft behind the process Recycled precast concrete can also beused as aggregate in new structures Fewer trucks, less manpower, less timemakes environment friendly choice
  10. 10. Strength High grade concrete mixproportions are casted Due to high strength of the concretegrade the size of columns, beams, wallpanels can be reduced Also it ensures substantial savings inthe foundation cost for any high risebuildings as the dead loads of thestructures are considerably reduceddue to smaller sections
  11. 11. Weather Independence Precast concrete increases efficiencybecause weather will not delayproduction Weather will not affect the job site dueto less time to install precast Precast concrete can be easily installedon demand and immediately backfilled
  12. 12. Weather Resistance Precast concrete gets actually strongerif the un-hydrated cement particles in itreact with water Can withstand climatic changes Precast concrete is appropriate for allweather conditions
  13. 13. Durability Precast concrete elements improvesconstruction quality and thus extendsthe life cycle span of buildings Service life is more than 100 years Precast concrete buildings can befurther extended by using additionaldesign options as well
  14. 14. Chemical Resistance Precast concrete products can bedesigned to withstand most commoncorrosive agents Since high grade concrete are used it ishighly resistance to corrosion Thus it is no wonder precast productsare most preferred for highly corrosivezones
  15. 15. Fire Resistance Precast concrete is one of the few non-combustible building materials Also concrete does not lose itsstructural capacity nearly as quickly assteel Performs very well even in elevatedtemperatures
  16. 16. Water Tightness Products are produced in qualitycontrolled environment coated withhigh quality sealants Precast concrete has proven to be farsuperior to conventional buildingmaterials Standard watertight sealants arespecially formulated to adhere toprecast concrete
  17. 17. Insulation Precast sandwich panels have aninsulated membrane between twoconcrete layers which reduces hugeheat transmission Precast concrete has excellentinsulation properties, which can beenhanced with embedded sandwichpanels Reduces power consumption to cool orheat the interiors
  18. 18. Earthquake Resistance Connection techniques ensure thatbuildings aren’t structurally damagedby an earthquake, allowing them toreopen quickly after a fairly highmagnitude earthquake Precast concrete can meet any seismiczone’s requirements Precast systems allow the building toflex with earthquake force and then pullit back to its original position
  19. 19. High Aesthetics It is incredibly responsive to thedesigner’s needs as it can be shaped ina cost effective manner The only limits are imagination andcreativity Design flexibility is possible in both colorand texture
  20. 20. Efficiency Precast concrete arrive at the jobsiteready to install No need to order raw materials Since products are done at factorywastages are reduced considerably up-to 50%
  21. 21. Low Maintenance Since the products are made understringent control with preciseinstallations maintenance cost is less This ensures a considerable savings onmaintenance costs making it ideal forboth commercial and residentialprojects This proves maintenance cost is less
  22. 22.