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  • 1. Questionnaire Results. Market Research.
  • 2. This is a PowerPoint presentation showing the results from the questionnaire I created for market research. I gave the questionnaire out to males and females aged 16-19 years as this is the target audience of my music magazine. Therefore the results are relevant to my research.
  • 3. Indie, Rock and Pop are the main types of music preferred and this will be useful to consider when creating the genre of music in magazine.
  • 4. My results show that a magazine is only usually bought occasionally or never. However monthly is the next result and this may be the basis of my magazine.
  • 5. The main age that filled out my questionnaire were 16 and 17 year olds. This has to be considered when making my magazine as to what their preferences are and if this relates to the whole of my target audience.
  • 6. The average spending amount on a magazine is £1-£2. This means that to appeal to my audience I will have to take this into consideration.
  • 7. The main articles that my target audience are interested in are celebrity interviews and horoscopes. To fully appeal to my audience I must interpret these into my magazine.
  • 8. From my results I can see that the cover star influences a purchase most and therefore I must make the cover star on my magazine appealing.
  • 9. To specify my results I asked my target audience what they prefer in a magazine and my results show that a magazine with many interesting articles is preferred followed by a magazine that covers more than just music.
  • 10. I tried to go in depth as to what certain features are liked most in a magazine and my results showed that embarrassing moments and competitions are favoured.
  • 11. I created a few names and asked which were preferred. Star Struckk came back as the most popular, however I must find a name that is relevant to my genre of music.
  • 12. To create a successful magazine I must take all feedback into consideration to make sure it meets demands and is overall appealing to my target audience.