Magazine Analysis Kerrang


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Magazine Analysis Kerrang

  1. 1. Victoria McColl’s AS Media Work 1177 Masthead The title of the magazine is KERRANG! This symbolises a loud noise from possibly a guitar. This represents that magazine is based on rock music. This is proven further with the tag line which reads ‘life is loud’. Cover-star(s) The cover-star(s) used is a popular band called Panic at the Disco. Panic at the Disco is a band that is popular in the world of rock. KERRANG! means a loud noise from a guitar symbolises the ‘loud’ lives of rock stars, such as Panic at the Disco. The article is called ‘Living it up in Sin City’ verifying the rock star life style they lead. Costume The band is dressed in contrasting colours of black and white. This could be due to the contrasting black and white colours in the mast- head. The members of the band have a serious look on their face, making them look intense. This is also reflected in their outfits as they wear plain clothes making them seem stern as there are no logos. Cover-lines The magazine cover advertises a number of bands along the bottom of the magazine. This shows they are featured in the magazine with the word ‘PLUS!’ in large red font grabbing the reader’s attention. Audience The target audience for the magazine is aimed at both males and females aged 16-25. The audience appeals to these people with both the band article and other bands featured in the magazine, written along the bottom of the magazine. Freebies There is a promotional offer of free magazines for more than one artist. This attracts the audience to buy the magazine against other top selling rock music magazines. The offer is in red, contrasting to black and white colour scheme to make the offer eye- catching. Splashes The main splashes included on the front cover of the magazine advertise the contents of the magazine. These include the advertisement of free posters and article about the bands for example The Stone Age and Madina Lake. Representation The magazine represents the rock and roll lifestyle lived by the many artists featured in the magazine. There is a hierarchy shown in the band, in the way in which they are positioned, however they all show power as they are looking down at the camera. This also represents the males as being dominant as they are a male band and also many artists featured are males. Ideology
  2. 2. Males are dominating the magazine cover in this article with only one female represented. There is a feature about a male band and more males are covered in splashes than females giving the males domination that is suggested in everyday life.