7 ra annual conference presentation


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7 Rivers Alliance Annual Meeting Presentation 2011

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7 ra annual conference presentation

  1. 1. WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Welcome 7 Rivers Alliance Annual Conference “Looking Forward”
  2. 2. Compact Signers Economic Development Partners Government • Allamakee County Economic Development • Town of HollandWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM • Community and Economic Development Associates • Town of Onalaska • La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce • Town of Shelby • La Crosse Area Development Corporation • Town of Washington • La Crosse County Economic Development Fund • Village of Bangor • La Crosse Medical Health Science Consortium • Village of Holmen • Juneau County Economic Development Corp. • Village of Rockland • Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission • Village of Trempealeau • Village of West Salem • City of Onalaska (finalizing) • City of Sparta • City of Tomah Non-Profit Organizations Private Businesses • CouleeCap • Coulee Bank • Family and Children’s Center • Credit Bureau Data, Inc. • Franciscan Skemp Medical Center • Johns, Flaherty and Collins • Gundersen Lutheran • Kwik Trip • La Crosse Area Builder’s Association • New Albin Savings Bank • Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical • Synergy Leadership Group • Riverland Energy Cooperative • Wieser Brothers General Contractor • School District of La Crosse • Xcel Energy • Western Technical College
  3. 3. Regional Conference 80 AttendeesWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Wisconsin 34% Minnesota 66%
  4. 4. Thank You • Event Sponsors • Promotional PartnersWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – AgStar – Allamakee County – Coulee Bank Economic Development – Minnesota State College – – La Crosse Area Southeast Technical Development Corp. – Synergy Leadership Group – UW-La Crosse Small – Western Technical College Business Development Center – Western Wisconsin Workforce Development – Western Wisconsin Board & Workforce Workforce Development Connections Board – Winona State University – Workforce Connections
  5. 5. Thank You • Cornerstone Sponsors • Corporate SponsorsWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – Festival Foods – Franciscan Skemp – Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical – Organic Valley – AT & T • Members
  6. 6. Let’s Celebrate 2010 • Connecting BusinessesWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – 300+ Attendees • Government Contracting • Impact of Globalization Conference • Counties Collaboration Conference – Cluster Development
  7. 7. Let’s Celebrate 2010 • Connecting BusinessesWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM • Strengthening the Region – Federal Application – Economic Development Professionals Meetings – Regional Connections
  8. 8. Let’s Celebrate 2010 • Connecting BusinessesWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM • Strengthening the Region • Inspiring Innovation – I & E Rendezvous – Video – $200,000 Marketing Campaign
  9. 9. WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Marketing
  10. 10. WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Marketing
  11. 11. WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Marketing
  12. 12. Board Honors • Outgoing • NewWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – Dan Braund – Mike Kroening Minnesota State College – Christina Friederichs – Southeast Technical – Jim Johnson – Steve Bowen PlastiComp – Rich Mikrut Mikrut Properties
  13. 13. Other Board Members • Terry Whipple • John McHughWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Juneau County Economic Kwik Trip Development • Joan Mueller • Lee Rasch Franciscan Skemp Western Technical College • Judith Ramaley • Joyce Iverson Winona State University Rushford Institute of Nanotechnology • Brent Smith Johns, Flaherty & Collins • Jerry Arndt Gundersen Lutheran • Teresa Wiemerslage Iowa State University Extension • Gary Evans Hiawatha Broadband • Cecil Wright Communications Organic Valley • Joe Gow • Ron Ziegler UW-La Crosse Community Economic Development Associates
  17. 17. What We Know • What Business Leaders Told UsWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – Grow Within/Emotional Connection – Receptive to partnerships and collaboration – Biggest Impact • B2B Partnership – Leverage Assets • Add jobs • Education Partnerships • Vendors in the Region
  18. 18. What You Told Us • What do you think is our region’s uniqueWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM selling proposition? • Scenic beauty and recreation 45 responses • Strong education system 18 responses • Available and qualified workforce 16 responses • Location of the region 11 responses • High quality of life 11 responses • Friendly people and strong communities 10 responses • Low cost of living 9 responses • Arts and Culture 8 responses • Concentration of the healthcare industry 7 responses • Transportation and infrastructure 4 responses
  19. 19. Cost of Healthcare -WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Lack of funding for capital improvements and/or research - Finding and/or retaining a skilled workforce - Cost of labor and materials- Lack of proximity to a major metro area- Energy cost and policies-
  20. 20. WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Spotlight success stories in the region - Host regional conferences with keynote speakers and a roll-up-your sleeves session- Promote funding resources for start-ups- Attend industry specific trade shows and promote regional assets - Other -
  21. 21. Positioning • Strengths that differentiate:WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – Natural beauty and recreational opportunities – Strong network of higher education – World-class medical and research – Major food processing center – Organic farming – Strong high school graduation rates – Dynamic corporate presence – Commitment to innovation development – Strengths in welding, soldering, brazing occupations – Historically and geographically strong in ag – Advanced manufacturing – Cluster of computer and software engineering – Will support knowledge-based industry clusters
  22. 22. Positioning • WeaknessesWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – Low rate of college grads – Limited venture capital funding – High taxes – Semi-rural setting can impede access to employees and resources
  23. 23. So Who Are We • 7 Rivers Region is a vigorous regionWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM whose people are connected through a shared love of the magnificent landscape, a passion for excellence and a commitment to each other—all of which support a way of living without boundaries.
  24. 24. WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Marketing
  25. 25. Looking Forward 2011: Short Term What We Heard What We’re DoingWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM • Help Companies Get into • Tri-State Exports Conference New Markets • Use Local Vendors • Supply Chain Management Training & Regional Tool • Grow Within • Continued marketing that • Promote Beauty benefits both internally & externally • Innovation • Creative Class Attraction
  26. 26. Looking Forward: Short Term What We Heard What We’re DoingWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM • Government to collaborate, • Eco Devo especially on infrastructure • Regional Council of & remove duplication Government • Sending Message to State Governments to Work Together • Compact Signing – Engaging • Changing the Mindset: Community Presentations
  28. 28. It’s GlobalWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM The world has 20x the population of the U.S. •New markets •High Competition
  29. 29. Situation • Can’t competeWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – on price: Other countries have that “advantage” • Can compete on innovation = Brainpower to create and sustain our competitive advantage over the long run – Focus on high-skill, high-value products
  30. 30. Top Factors to Competitiveness (manufacturing)WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM
  31. 31. Exports: High Skill, High WageWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Exporting Local Sales Companies Companies
  32. 32. WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Our Economy
  33. 33. Regionalism • High-skill, high-wage (high-value products)WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM • Regionalism = – long range use of assets – to enhance global competitiveness. • Porter: Rarely to regions lack assets, rather the ability to think, act & plan regionally.
  34. 34. Path 1 Develop a new approach mindsetWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM 2 Use new tools to create a regional strategy 3 Focus investment priorities that put regional strategies into action quickly
  35. 35. The Mindset • Blur BordersWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM • Think Win-Win • Tasks that do both are key! – Lean Training Example – Kwik Trip-Organic Valley • Builds Trust
  36. 36. Strategic Innovation • Build an Innovation Eco SystemWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM From Silos … … to Collaboration (industries, funding, programming, & “Cooptition”. jurisdictional) Economic and Industry Policy: maintaining a robust economy in which innovative activity thrives and supporting industry development. Education Policy: Regional Policy: identifying skill building shortages and competitive training needs for regions by re-skilling or up- developing skills skilling and and initiatives investing in skill that boost local development economic activity programs. Science and technology policy: supporting collaborative research involving networks with industry and stimulating the commercialization of research.
  37. 37. Effective Regions • Link innovation assets – people, institutions,WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM capital and infrastructure – to generate robust, localized ecosystems that turbo- charge a region’s economy.
  39. 39. Use Tools as Base for Strategies • Industry ClustersWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – Business linked in production, process, similar technology, infrastructure needs & shared labor • Occupational Clusters – Education linkages that make us adaptable • Innovation Index – Measures our capacity to turn our unique knowledge/human capital into innovation. – Ability to exploit new and emerging markets • Regional Strategy & Investment Framework – Use all this information to move leaders forward toward a regional strategy & action – Help prioritize investments aligned with the region’s strategies
  40. 40. The Innovation PlatformWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Input Output • Assets • Innovation • Networks • Productivity • Culture • Prosperity
  41. 41. Output Higher Output per Unit Skill level is not Prosperity Productivity Innovation of Input enough. GoalWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Standard of Value of product Living per labor and • Not High We must be capital employed As to make it Innovative to Research measured develop products lower Rankings by: Determines the wage • Per capita level of wages areas/countries • Not New income cannot yet offer and maintain the Business Creation • Median productivity advantage that • Not Jobs household supports their income higher wage. • Poverty Increase the levels prosperity of the region’s citizens.
  42. 42. How Do We Start?WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM • Identify Assets Input Output • Evaluate our Assets • Assets • Innovation • Networks • Productivity • Act • Culture • Prosperity
  43. 43. 3 Critical Outcomes • Open, Resilient Regional PartnershipWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – Compact • Flexible Strategic Action Plan • Shared Set of Investment Priorities
  44. 44. Create Metrics – What we want to changeWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM – Create a metric – Base decisions on what will change that metric
  45. 45. See the Benefits REGIONALISM OPPORTUNITIES BENEFITSWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Region Locality Increase Expand competitiveness Leverage Broaden recognition in to attract, retain, Workforce critical set of Industries the and expand resources assets marketplace industries Increased productivity Quality jobs and Expanded tax base pipeline of talent
  46. 46. What Can You Do • Sign the compactWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM • Join as a member (+) • People-power • Open doors • Seek out & encourage collaboration
  47. 47. Words to Remember • There’s a reason this region has a lower thanWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM national average unemployment rate. It’s because people are committed to hard work. It’s not about the hours, it’s about results.” Don Weber, owner, Logistics Health
  48. 48. Words of Inspiration • When you live in a northern environment itWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM takes a certain amount of craziness and robustness to live and work here. The ability to work hard and play hard is definitely here. • Kevin Stay, Matthews Bows/NoVoc Solutions
  49. 49. Words of Inspiration • For More than 40 years the Mississippi hasWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM served as an inspiration and helped us develop countless design ideas. We have a passion for creating high performance canoes from high tech materials, and this region supports our values and passion. • Mike Cichanowski, Wenonah Canoe
  50. 50. Words of Inspiration • We feel blessed to live where we live. We sayWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM at Kwik Trip our biggest resource is our people. If we work on training to make them productive, they will do so. We have the lowest turnover in our industry. • Steve Loehr, Kwik Trip
  51. 51. Word of Inspiration • This region attracts people to organic farmingWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM because there is quite a bit of infrastructure here. If you were to move to the area and you were interested in organic agriculture, you absolutely would have support for your business. There are hotbeds of organic opportunities in the 7 Rivers Region. • Louise Hemstead, Organic Valley
  52. 52. Words of Inspiration • The 7 Rivers Region is ahead of the game. YouWWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM have the assets – healthcare, education, skilled workforce. You are asking all the right questions. You are doing this on a regional basis. You have a lock on the future. You see the pathway. You’re moving in the right direction. Richard C. Longworth Author, “Caught in the Middle”
  53. 53. WWW.7RIVERSREGION.COM Pyramid Award