2012 OSHA Law & Best Practices Series: What You Should Know and What to Expect


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During this webinar you will learn:
- Review of the 2012 Budget Proposal and Congress’ Approval and What it Tells Us About What’s to Come
- Global Harmonization under Hazard Communication and Other New Standards
- Potential Changes to Injury and Illness Reporting and Recordkeeping
- OSHA’s Push for an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan
-Top 10 Hazards from 2011

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  • HOST SCRIPT: Good morning everyone! And welcome to today’s Vivid Learning Systems first webcast of our 2012 OSHA Law and Best Practices series. This webcast is titled: What You Should Know and What to Expect.We here at Vivid Learning Systems provide you with this webcast as one of the many special programs we offer to the health & safety community. We invite you to participate in this ongoing series of free webinars to help you drive the greatest return on your compliance investments.
  • HOST SCRIPT: My name is Chris Manaro, and I will be your host today. <BIO: talk about yourself>
  • HOST SCRIPT: And before we get started I’d like to ahead and cover a couple of house-keeping items, this session is being recorded. The recording of this presentation will be made available via email along with a link to a PDF slide of the presentation. If you have any technical or content related questions during today’s webcast, please feel free to submit them using the cat box located at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. And if you’d like to continue this conversation on Twitter, please do so using the hash tag #VLSchat.
  • HOST SCRIPT: Vivid Learning Systems offers best-in-class learning solutions and technologies designed to save time, money and impact human performance. Since its inception in 1995, Vivid has helped pioneer technology based compliance training by delivering off-the-shelf and customized online learning programs designed to assist with achieving compliance, optimizing operational efficiencies and improving business performance. <next slide>
  • HOST SCRIPT: With that I’d like to go ahead and introduce today’s presenter: Tiffani Hiudt Casey, Associate with Fisher & Phillips LLP.Tiffany Hiudt Casey is an Associate devoted to workplace risk management preventing OSHA citations, injuries and fatalities.Tiffani assists employers in analyzing and responding to citations and representing the employer in litigation if the matter is not otherwise resolved. She has presented on numerous safety and employment topics such as Terminating Unsafe Employees and OSHA Recordkeeping in addition to writing numerous safety and health articles. Tiffani is currently working towards her Industrial Safety and Health Certificate through Georgia Tech's OSHA Training Institute. She also prepares employee handbooks and policies, conducts manager and employee training, and provides counsel on federal and state laws and regulations affecting employment. Since joining Fisher & Phillips she has worked with employers ranging from daycares to foundries and marinas. Tiffani was previously selected for inclusion in Georgia Super Lawyers - Rising Stars.So, with that, is my pleasure to turn it over to Tiffani.
  • PRESENTER SCRIPT:At this point, Chris will be asking some of the questions that come from the audience, I do want to remind you to send in questions not only through the chat but you can ask questions via twitter using hash tag #VLSchat. And with that, Chris, I’m going to turn it over to you and let you open it up for Q&A.HOST SCRIPT: Thank you so much, Tiffani. We’ve some time to answer some of this questions that have been coming in through the chat, and the first question comes from NAME and she/he wants to know (read QUESTION)
  • HOST SCRIPT: Today’s Presentation was brought to you by Vivid Learning Systems, the leader in on-demand safety training and employee engagement. If you are interested in learning more about Vivid Learning Systems, please visit www.learnatvivid.com  Tiffani, I’d like to thank you for a great presentation today and for answering questions for our audience. I’d like to remind everyone that a recording of this presentation will be available via email. If you’d like to access the recording at any time please visit www.learnatvivid.com/oshabestpractices Last but not least, I’d like to thank everyone for attending today, and want to remind you to join us for the rest of the webinar episodes of this series. Thank you everyone!
  • 2012 OSHA Law & Best Practices Series: What You Should Know and What to Expect

    1. 1. 2012 OSHA Webinar Series:What You Should Knowand What to ExpectFebruary 29, 2012 | 11:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM PSTChris Manaro Tiffani Hiudt CaseyVivid Learning Systems Fisher & Phillips LLPHost Guest Speaker
    2. 2. Host Chris Manaro Sr. Account Executive Vivid Learning Systems Over 17 years experience in corporate learning and development, including content, SaaS and client hosted Learning Management SystemsOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    3. 3. Housekeeping Items  Recording A recording of this presentation will be made available via email.  Presentation A link to a PDF of the slide presentation will be made available via email.  Twitter Please reference the hash tag, #VLSchat, when tweeting about this webinar.OSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    4. 4. 300+ Compliance Learning Program Course Library Development & Management Course Branding Learning & Tailoring Strategy & Evaluation Custom Course Professional Development Services Brand Development Employer BrandingOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    5. 5. Guest Speaker Tiffani Hiudt Casey Associate Tiffani advises employers in OSHA recordkeeping, hazard assessment and self-audits, corporate-wide safety compliance, maintaining effective safety training and safety management programs, disciplining unsafe employees, inspection preparedness, workplace violence prevention, and health and wellness initiatives.OSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    6. 6. Money Talks Budget Requests vs. Approval  Additional employees  More Enforcement  Severe Violators Emphasis  New Emphasis Programs  State Reviews  IP2P Specific Prohibitions – no MSDS columnOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    7. 7. OSHA Unified Agendas Spring 2011 Agenda  I2P2  Silica  PELs  GHS Fall 2011 Agenda  Combustible dust – “Long-Term Actions”  MSDS – “Long-Term Actions”OSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    8. 8. Hazard Communication - GHS Global Harmonization System  MSDA – new name, format, more requirements  Change in hazard severity identification  Labeling changesOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    9. 9. Proposed Changes to Illness/Injury Report  On June 22, 2011 OSHA proposed to update Appendix A to Subpart B of its Injury and Illness Recording and Reporting regulation. See 76 FR 36414.  The National Automobile Dealers Association requested this extension to provide them more time to evaluate the Bureau of Labor Statistics injury and illness data used for the proposed industry exemption analysisOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    10. 10. Proposed Changes to Illness/Injury Report Proposes to replace list of SIC (Standard Industry Codes) with more updated NAICS (North American Industry Classification System  Based on more recent statistics of injury  Some industries come off the list  Some industries added to the listOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    11. 11. Proposed Changes to Illness/Injury Report Industries that include establishments that would be newly required to keep records  Automobile dealers (23,251)  Specialty Food Stores (7,339)  Beer, Wine and Liquor Stores (6,109)  Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions (1,610)  Other Amusements and Recreations (2,912)  Consumer Goods Rentals (14,186)  Special Food Services (22,379)  Building Materials and Supplies Dealers (21,310)OSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    12. 12. Proposed Changes to Illness/Injury Report Industries that include establishments that would be newly partially exempt from keeping records  Electronics and Appliances Stores  Sound Recording Industries  Advertising and Related Services  Rooming and Boarding Houses  Death Care ServicesOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    13. 13. Proposed Changes to Illness/Injury Report Proposes to change self-reporting requirements  Current Requirements: Report within 8 hours all fatality or catastrophe (3 or more in-patient hospitalizations)  Proposed Requirements: Report within 8 hours all fatalities and all in-patient hospitalizations AND within 24 hours all amputations.OSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    14. 14. Proposed Changes to Illness/Injury Report Proposes an updated and modernized reporting system  To enable a more efficient and timely collection of data  Electronic format  Increase public ability to access dataOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    15. 15. Whistleblower Updates Significant Changes:  Internal Restructuring  Training  Updated Policies and Procedures – Whistleblower Investigation Manual  Data Collection System ImprovementsOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    16. 16. Whistleblower UpdatesKey changes to the manual include: A requirement that investigators make every attempt to interview the complainant in all cases. Clarification that whistleblower complaints under any statute may be filed orally or in writing, and in any language, and that OSHA will be accepting electronically-filed complaints Additional clarifications of the investigative process including method and recording of interviews, and processing of dually- filed 11(c) complaints in state plan states. New chapters for processing complaints filed under acts other than OSHA Expanded guidance on dealing with uncooperative respondents and issuing administrative subpoenas during whistleblower investigations.OSHA 2012
    17. 17. Injury and Illness Prevention Programs  P3 Initiative  Would require planning, implementing, evaluating and improving processes and activities Find and Fix Hazards  Would build on voluntary safety and health management program guidelines currently in existenceOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    18. 18. 2011 Top Ten Citations 1. Fall protection  7,139 violations. "Falls continue to be the leading cause of fatalities in construction” 2. Scaffolding  7,069 violations. In 2010, 37 workers died from scaffolding- related incidents. 3. Hazard communication  6,538 violations. 4. Respiratory protection  3,944 violations. 5. Lockout/tagout  3,639 violationsOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    19. 19. 2011 Top Ten Citations - Continued 6. Electrical (wiring methods)  3,584 violations 7. Powered industrial trucks  3,432 violations 8. Ladders  3,244 violations. 9. Electrical (general requirements)  2,863 violations. According to 2009 BLS data, 1,600 nonfatal injuries were attributed to electrical shock. 10. Machine guarding  2,728 violations, in 2010, 90 workers were killed in machinery. In 2009, 5,930 occupational amputations were reported.OSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    20. 20. Action Plan  Be cognizant of OSHA’s agenda  Watch out for more updates  Be prepared for changes – who will be responsible, how will you train  Learn how to find and fix – audit and inspect  Strengthen employee relations to avoid complaintsOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    21. 21. Resources  OSHA Fall 2011 Agenda http://tinyurl.com/73y2z3w  OSHA Global Harmonization System http://www.osha.gov/dsg/hazcom/global.html  GHS Guide http://www.osha.gov/dsg/hazcom/ghs.html  OSHA Newsletter – Quick Takes http://www.osha.gov/as/opa/quicktakes/index.html  OSHA News Alerts http://www.osha.gov/newsrelease.html  Fisher & Phillips legal alerts. If you wish to receive our Legal Alerts via email, contact fp@laborlawyers.com. Go to www.laborlawyers.com for more information.  Sample Safety Alerts:  January 19, 2012 2011 OSHA Recordkeeping Annual Summary Must Be Posted By February 1, 2012  January 17, 2012 OSHA Announces New Focus Areas  December 16, 2011 DOT Restricts Mobile Phone Use Effective January 2012OSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    22. 22. Questions & Answers How to submit questions:  Submit questions using the chat box located on the bottom right-hand side of you screen  Submit questions via Twitter by referencing the hash tag: #VLSchat, when tweeting about this webinar  Additional questions for Tiffani can be submitted after the webinar by contacting Chris Manaro at: cmanaro@learnatvivid.comOSHA 2012: What You Should Know and What to Expect
    23. 23. Thank you for yourparticipation! Additional Questions? Contact Chris Manaro cmanaro@learnatvivid.com Vivid Learning Systems 1-800-956-0333