Brief intro to SCRUM
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Brief intro to SCRUM



A short description to developing software projects using Scrum agile methodology.

A short description to developing software projects using Scrum agile methodology.



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Brief intro to SCRUM Brief intro to SCRUM Presentation Transcript

  • SCRUM or a meal at “Ham and Eggs” by Vladimir Vassilev
  • What will you learn?
    • Product backlog
    • Sprint backlog
    • Product burndown chart
    • Sprint burndown chart
    • Product owner
    • SCRUM master
    • SCRUM team
    • Sprint planning meeting
    • Sprint review meeting
    • Scrum (stand-up) meeting
    • Time-boxing
  • Process description Used under
  • Pig roles
    • SCRUM master
      • responsible for the SCRUM process
      • leads the SCRUM meeting.
      • organizes the sprint backlog.
      • major actor in sprint planning and preview meetings.
    • SCRUM team
      • responsible for the development process (developers, designers, analysts)
    • Product owner
      • the voice of the customer.
      • sets up the Product backlog.
      • major actor in the Sprint planning meeting.
  • Chicken roles
    • Users
    • Stakeholders
      • People directly interested in the development of the product
    • Consulting experts
    • … and others not taking part in the development process.
  • Documents
    • Product backlog
      • broad descriptions of all required features, by the Product owner.
      • priorities by the Product owner.
      • time estimation for each feature.
    • Sprint backlog
      • broken down features into tasks by the SCRUM master.
      • SCRUM members select and estimate tasks.
      • Every day each member estimates the effort left for finishing the tasks that are distributed to them.
    • Product burndown chart
    • shows the progress and effort left for the development of the product through the defined Sprints (Iterations).
    • Sprint burndown chart
    • the remaining effort till the end of the Sprint (Iteration)
  • Sprint meetings
    • Sprint planning meeting
    • at the beginning of a Sprint.
    • Participants are the Pigs (Product owner, SCRUM master, the entire SCRUM team).
    • The Product owner selects the highest priority features.
    • The SCRUM master brakes each feature into tasks.
    • The SCRUM team distributes the tasks among the members.
    • The Master and the Team discuss and estimate the time needed for each task.
    • Sprint review meeting
    • at the end of a Sprint.
    • Participants are the Pigs + management, customers, and engineers from other projects.
    • takes the form of a demo of the new features.
    • intentionally kept very informal (not to become a distraction for the development process)
    • no presentations allowed
    • a natural end of the sprint
  • Stand-up meeting
    • Stand-up meetings
      • intended to be quick, not consuming time
      • … but giving information for the current state of the Sprint and changes in Sprint end date
      • answer the questions:
        • What have you done since yesterday?
        • What are you planning to do by tomorrow?
        • Do you have any problems preventing you from accomplishing your goal?
      • time-boxing is vital for the effective stand-up meeting – each member of the SCRUM team has strictly limited time for answering the three questions
  • Process description (once again!) Used under
  • What was that about the pigs and chicken?!
    • There was the story of a chicken and a pig walking down the street…
    • The Chicken said:
    • - Why don’t we open a restaurant?
    • - Why not? – agreed the Chicken.
    • - But how should we call it?
    • - “Ham and Eggs” sounds nice to me! – answered the Chicken.
    • … SCRUM is that restaurant. Pigs are those, committed to the project, whereas Chicken are only involved. Only Pigs have the right to speak at the Stand-up meeting.
  • Thanks for staying awake!
    • Author:
    • Vladimir Vassilev
    • Contacts:
    • [email_address]
    • (+359)885 44 84 75
    • 286-711-630
    • Position:
    • init Lab's captain
    • init Lab @ StartUP
    • [email_address]
    • (+359) 885 44 84 75