Wholesale prices without compromising


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Book Your Mardi Gras Carnival Travel Deals & Save
Compare and Book Your New York City Travel Deals.

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Wholesale prices without compromising

  1. 1. ==== ====Valentines Day Travel Deals,http://tinyurl.com/735la2k==== ====Oh sure! A vacation? In this economy? How can you afford to just go gallivanting off into thesunset, spending every penny of your precious stockpile of money? After all, you dont know whatthe future brings, and you dont want to be caught between jobs and also having no money in thebank because you spent it all on a vacation!The truth is that vacationing has just gotten smarter and cheaper! Thats right; you can now affordthat dream trip youve always wanted. Im sure that you never imagined you could ever get to NewOrleans, San Antonio or Montana, much less Africa, Ireland or Central Europe! Well, now is thetime to cash in on some great savings on vacations and not break your bank.You dont have to go through a travel agency, and you dont need to know anyone on the insider totap into super savings. What you do need to do is join a travel club. Theyve found a way to pullresources together and purchase vacation packages and service in bulk! They have turned thataround and are now offering these cost savings back to you. Thats right, just like youd go to yourwholesale warehouse to buy bulk groceries, you can now do the same thing but with vacations! Idid a simple cost comparison looking just at flights.What I did was put in the same dates, same amount of travelers and same departure and arrivalpoints. I then went to the four options you have to book travel online. You have membership sites,Aggregator sites, and traditional sites such as Orbitz and then you always have the airline sites.While I imagined that there would be a difference in price, I wasnt prepared for the drasticdifference. The membership site airline flight, which would be the wholesale price was $260. TheAggregator sites offered the same flight for $300 - $600. The reason for the difference in price withthe Aggregator site is because those sites go and pull from a number of sites offering that flight.The traditional site, which I used Orbitz offered the same flight for $301. Finally the airline, lookingat the same airline I picked on the other sites offered the flight for $401.So you save anywhere from $40 - $340 per flight. If you have a family of four that saves you $160- $1360, this makes a family vacation even more plausible even in touchy economic times. Nowyou can take that Safari Trip you never imagined you could take. You can go on week-end cruisesat ridiculously cheap prices, and most dream trips within the United States are simply too cheap toeven list. You really have to see some of the prices to believe them.A vacation is no longer just a luxury, it is a necessity. You need it for your sanity and health. Youand your family need a vacation to reconnect and bond again. Forget the staycation, go on avacation, and go for less then what you thought.
  2. 2. Jennifer Shakeel is an independent travel consultant and professional writer. She has turned hertwo passions into lucrative professions that allow her and her family to enjoy life. Now she wantsto help you achieve your dreams, professionally and personally. Contact her at[http://www.realclassytrips.com]Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jennifer_A_Shakeel==== ====Valentines Day Travel Deals,http://tinyurl.com/735la2k==== ====