==== ====READY TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES?http://099fbfp-01po1o9-uw2cx5sehv.hop.clickbank.net/==== ====In recent mon...
the "Key Debt Relief Evaluation Criteria" or KDREC, the review team scored and ranked 12 debtrelief companies from across ...
and greater hardship which often force them to file bankruptcy, when, in fact, their purpose forgoing for the debt settlem...
accomplish this, all you have to do - you must do - is do the proper and thorough research."He concluded: "Weve tried in t...
==== ====READY TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES?http://099fbfp-01po1o9-uw2cx5sehv.hop.clickbank.net/==== ====
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Over $100,000 In Debt -- Now Debt Free Without Claiming Bankruptcy
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  1. 1. ==== ====READY TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES?http://099fbfp-01po1o9-uw2cx5sehv.hop.clickbank.net/==== ====In recent months, weve seen many regulators and legal authorities in jurisdictions across thecountry signify official concern that an increasing number of companies which operate in the debtcures business today, are essentially debt relief scam operations that are out to cheat and dupean overburdened debt-ridden population in a bad national economy. The most recent amongthose, is Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in New York, whose office had subpoenaed some 14debt relief operations and one law firm in May 2009 from across the nation for investigations intotheir debt settlement operations.Recent Major Debt Relief Scam Investigation by Online Review OrganizationQuite coincidentally, that subject is, in fact, actually the subject matter of a recent full scale majorindependent investigation of the industry conducted by one reputable, independent online revieworganization that investigates online products and services or companies, especially in the debtcures business field, for their quality and authenticity. The results of that investigation is startling,showing that some 82.5% of the test sample group of website-based debt relief operations used(165 out of 200), were basically debt relief SCAMS. And that only 17.5 of them were of anylegitimacy. There are some 12 companies nationally which the evaluations showed were of greatquality, and one company that is of exceptional quality and rank exceptionally superior as the mosttrustworthy, and Number #1 debt relief company in America.In its report of the findings of its investigations team just released in New York in mid May 2009,the Research division Director of the online research organization (see the link provided below atend of this article), stated that the review was prompted by the fact that,"Consumers seem more and more today to be turning to debt relief operations for ways to pay offdebts in response to the current American economic recession... most of those companies arecompeting to out do each other in their claims that they have the best debt relief programs. Inconstant advertisements on the Internet, radio and TV, they purport to provide excellence and thebest services to customers on ways to pay off debts... Consequently, finding a truly good debtsettlement company by a consumer under such circumstances, is not at all an easy task."The report adds, "With so many companies out there, they all soon start looking and soundingalike after a while, as are their TV, radio, and newspaper ads. So, how in the world can theaverage person tell what are good debt relief companies from the bad ones or the debt reliefscams?"The Major Findings of the InvestigationBasically, using the rigorous evaluation and ranking system devised by its review experts, called
  2. 2. the "Key Debt Relief Evaluation Criteria" or KDREC, the review team scored and ranked 12 debtrelief companies from across the country as ranking as the TOP DOZEN Online debt reliefcompanies in the industry having the highest levels of professionalism, reliability and credibility inthe critical criteria areas of evaluation for the industry -- accreditation by the Bureau of BetterBusiness and by recognized certification institution for the debt relief industry, professionalreputation, charges and cost of service to consumer, results of company background checks onexpertise, quality of personnel, personnel education and training, length of time in the industry,past record in the business and in delivery of the services, customer satisfaction, etc.What are good debt relief companies? And are there many debt relief scam companies in theonline settlement industry?Well, some of the detailed findings made by the comprehensive investigation conducted by theexpert team of researchers commissioned by the organization, were quite startling.Among the major findings, are the following:"SUMMARY:==Over four-fifths (some 82.5%) of the test sample group of website-based debt relief operationsused (165 out of 200), were basically what youd call debt relief SCAMS or fraud operations -- thatis, they were merely worthless website operations that have no business at all on the Internetpeddling any debt cures business to consumers, and at best bordering on fraud, with no value-added and absolutely the kind of sites that should be a complete no-no for any and all wiseconsumers to shop in.==Just 17.50% of the 200 company websites reviewed in our test sample (35 of the 200) arelegitimate debt relief operations that are seemingly responsible business operations and fairlyreliable, although the detailed extent of the quality of their services was variable in degree fromone company to another.==Some 12 companies in the sample group emerged, using certain defined additional evaluationcriteria (such as the service affordability for the average person, security of website, evidence oflarge amount of savings to clients or whether company has successfully reduced millions of dollarsof consumer and small business debt, customer satisfaction response times, flexibility of theprogram based on what a customer may have available on a monthly basis, etc), to additionallyassess them, as the best debt relief programs, the very TOP DOZEN online debt relief companiesin the whole country,==Across the entire country, there is one company, located in San Diego, California, that standsway out over and above the shoulders of any others in the nations industry as the Number #1ranked debt relief company and program, the most reputable, competent and reliable one of itskind in the entire industry.==From the research data from the field, when the option of debt settlement has been exercisedfor debtors through the hands of a debt settlement or debt consolidation company who isincompetent, or of staff that is inexperienced, consumers involved in those debts have often lostmoney, while some actually cause people to deteriorate further down to a worse financial condition
  3. 3. and greater hardship which often force them to file bankruptcy, when, in fact, their purpose forgoing for the debt settlement option, in the first place, had been to avoid filing for bankruptcy.Thus, according to this report, this is the quintessential kind of customer who needs the most toavoid being a debt relief scam victim.The Critical Finding and Lesson from this Review...Reached in an interview, the research director of the organization stated that "Probably the singlemost significant, in deed, eye opening, piece of finding that emerged from this investigative work isthis. That,... trying to settle your credit card debt through using a debt settlement or consolidationcompany could be a viable and fruitful option for you by which you may frequently be able tosignificantly reduce credit card debt, or even totally eliminate it. In fact, debt settlement is often avery good idea for individuals who are having difficulties with keeping up with outstandingoverwhelming credit card debts that never do seem to go away, and who would prefer to make anegotiated arrangement with the creditor for easier and more manageable repayments, but do notwish to experience bankruptcy filing because they probably conceive it as something that wouldhave a drastic negative impact on ones future credit."He continued: "However, results of the HDRR research investigations confirmed one startling fact.That, in large measure, whether this positive effect that we should expect to come from employinga debt settlement company actually results, in reality, for a particular debtor in a particular case,completely depends! If, for example, you choose the wrong or fraudulent debt settlement companyto handle your relief plan and action, you may, in stead, find yourself in worse shape than youwere before. Making sure to sort out, right before hand, scammy debt relief companies, is not onlythe easiest and simplest way to avoid being a debt relief scam victim. But, even more important,the surest way for debtors to reap tremendous savings and easier and cheaper payments onoutstanding debts by them. Hence, it is critically important that you choose the right company, theones with the proven best debt relief programs. Like any other industry, there are goodcompanies, and there are bad companies."The central point for the consumer, any consumer at all, to understand who is in need of makingthe vital decision about employing the services of one of the online debt settlement companies, isthis. The most critical task and challenge for you, is being able to sort out and find the proper debtrelief company that does, in deed, have the essential experience, the history and record, and theskilled debt settlement counselors and negotiators, as to make that company reputable, reliableand trustworthy. And, in order for you to be able to do so and fruitfully accomplish this, there is justone basic essential PRECONDITION youve got to meet -- do a great deal of investigation andresearch on the companies which operate in the industry on the various criteria for evaluationmentioned above."Given the mandate of this investigative review and research," says the online revieworganizations research director, "the task for the serious consumer or debtor to follow, is reallysimple and uncomplicated. It says simply that if you want to secure terms for repaying your debtsat levels which could be quite considerably lower and more favorable for you or even tremendous,at times, and you wish to do so using a debt settlement or consolidation company, and to do sowhile avoiding falling victim to a great number of debt relief relief companies which abound, youmust FIRST and FOREMOST be certain that you proactively search for and pick a right andreliable one. In deed, most preferably, the very best debt relief agencies there is. And to
  4. 4. accomplish this, all you have to do - you must do - is do the proper and thorough research."He concluded: "Weve tried in this HDRR review endeavor to make the resulting work product asthorough a study as possible. And comprehensive too, so that it would apply to and be usable invirtually any location in the entire United States. And, I believe we largely succeeded in that basicobjective. Now, it would be up to consumers themselves hopefully to help themselves. They neednot be victims of debt relief scamming. Rather, armed with the right knowledge, they can be - andshould be - the victors in getting better debt settlement deals and terms, and better overall debtcures."For more on the report of this comprehensive debt relief industry investigation by the Honest DebtRelief Reviews firm, or a listing of the HDRR Top Dozen Best Online Debt Relief Companies,including the supreme Number #1 Debt Relief company in the nation, visit: INVESTIGATIONShttp://www.HonestDebtReliefReviews.OrgBenjamin Anosike, Ph.D., has been dubbed by experts and reviewers of his many books, manualsand body of work, which dwell largely on self-help law issues, as "the man who almost literallywrote the book on the use of self-help law methods" by Americas consumers in doing their ownroutine legal chores - in uncontested divorce, will-making, simple probate, settlement of a deadpersons estate, simple no-asset bankruptcy, etc.A pioneer and intellectual and moral leader of the 1970s-based "you do your own law" movementand a lifelong vehement advocate and veteran of historical battles for the right of the Americanconsumers to perform their own tasks in the area of routine legal matters, Anosike was one of thepioneers who fought and survived (along with many others of courage) the lawyers and organizedbars stiff war of the 1970s and 80s against American consumers and entrepreneurs who merelysought, then, to use, write, distribute or sell law-related self-help books and kits for non-lawyers todo their own law, upon the lawyers claim then of such being purportedly "unauthorized practice oflaw" or "practicing law without a license." Anosike holds graduate degrees in labor economics andmanagement and a Ph.D. in jurisprudence.Once characterized by a review of the American Library Associations Booklist Journal as"probably the most prolific author in the field of legal self-help today," Dr Anosike is the author ofover 26 books and manuals (and countless number of articles) on various topics of American law,including 4 volumes on personal and business bankruptcy filing, in a lifetime of dedication. Formore on the subject matter discussed in this article, or on how to get a low-cost, affordablebankruptcy filing, or the authors other books and manuals, visit this site: [http://www.Afford-Bankruptcy.Com]Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Benjamin_Anosike,_PhD
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