Vlerick consortium programme  intro

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  • 2. WHAT IS VLERICK’S CMMP PROGRAMME ABOUT? Vlerick’s Consortium Middle Management Programme (CMMP) reflects a structural partnership between a limited number of companies, on the development of their Middle Management Teams. Collaboration between a limited number of companies on middle management development. Focused at enabling Middle Management Teams for flawless strategy execution. (Partners are request to send at minimum 3 managers per CMMP edition). Focus on the development of cross-functional capabilities and skillset, with direct application to the work environment through an in-company project. Offering partners the possibility to commonly finetune the programme design & content with Vlerick, in line with specific organisational needs. Offering participating managers to learn by reflecting & doing, by collaborating with colleagues, and to develop through exchnage of views with peers from other organisations. Long term collaboration of the company is desired, but not obliged. “Leadership development of Middle Management is still “The most effective way to realise the largest single area of L&D spending, change is to have a team of leaders needing both the hard side (strategic equipped with the skills, knowledgethinking, innovation, sales excellence, etc.) and the soft and vision to drive results.” side (leadership skills).” © Vlerick Business School
  • 3. WHICH COMPANIES SHOULD BE INTERESTED?Vlerick welcomes new CMMP partners, that evenly believe in the strategic value ofmiddle management development, and consciously opt for learning formats that comewith a proven ROI.For companies: That recognise the strategic importance of a strong and performant middle management. That are attracted by a cost efficient way to develop their full Middle Management Team. That believe in the value of collaborative learning, within the company and with external parties. That are looking for a recognised Business • Building organisational capabilities School, with years of succesful experience in ROI? • Equip talents with a cross-functional management development. toolbox to be successful Appreciate working in close partnership with an • Stronger internal open, pragmatic and vital L&D Partner. networks • Achieving a specific Both SME and MNE, across industries. business goal (project) • Directing change in corporate culture • Retaining talent © Vlerick Business School
  • 4. WHAT MAY PARTICIPATING MANAGERS EXPECT? (1/2)OVERVIEW OF THE PROGRAMMECMMP is a cross-functional programme, spread over 5 modules and taking 15 days intotal. The programme includes a balanced mix of theory, experimental learning andpractice. All faculty have a proven international track record and engage actively withparticipants. MODULE TOPICS ADDRESSED SPEAKER # DAYS SCHEDULE Kick – off Evening March 2013 The big picture: World competitiveness today Hans Geeroms 1 Essentials of strategy Hamish Scott 3 days April 2013 Creating a strategy focused organisation Werner Bruggeman Strategic marketing management Steve Muylle 2 Service strategies Deva Rangarajan 3 days May 2013 The entrepreneurial manager Miguel Meuleman Finance for executives Wouter De Maeseneire 3 Cultivating creativity Erik op ten Berg 3 days June 2013 Innovation management Walter Van Dyck People performance Koen Dewettinck 4 Leadership & Change management Peter De Prins 3 days September 2013 Diversity management Smaranda Boros Operations & Supply Chain Management Ann Vereecke 5 3 days October 2013 Integration Business Game Frank Caron Final Projects Presentations Afternoon January 2014 © Vlerick Business School
  • 5. WHAT MAY PARTICIPATING MANAGERS EXPECT? (2/2)PROJECT WORK - APPROACHTo ensure the immediate application of learning to the work environment, each team ofparticipants works on a relevant, real-world project. Projects result in practicalrecommendations and concrete implementation plans for real action. Project work ensures an immediate application of learning to the own work environment and company. Projects are selected in alignment with HR and/or business representatives. Project work takes place in between modules. Progress is monitored by a Vlerick Learning Expert and regularly reported back to the organisations’ Internal Sponsors and/or HR Representatives. Project results are presented by the team of participants, at the end of the programme to a mixed jury, consisting of corporate and Vlerick representatives. Some examples: © Vlerick Business School
  • 6. WHAT MAKES VLERICK’S OFFERING UNIQUE (1/2)?20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE LEAVES ITS MARKOver the last 20 years, Vlerick has delivered 30 successful editions of CMMP. Companiesfrom diverse industries, and their managers, have consistently rated the programme asbeneficial and impactful. Alumni of the programme confirm they drive results in theirorganisation. VLERICK’S HISTORY WITH CMMP:  30 successful editions  > 20 companies partnered already, 7 still do today  > 600 managers have gone through the programme  Financial Times ranks Vlerick among the top schools in EUSNAPSHOT OF PARTNERS: WHAT PARTICIPANTS SAY: “The CMMP gave me the opportunity to reflect on several aspects of my management job together with 4 of my colleagues and colleagues from other organisations. It challenged me to think about our organisation through the concepts offered in the courses, applied on our daily work. I believe I grew personally and professionally. Leen Govaerts, VITO Programme Manager © Vlerick Business School
  • 7. WHAT MAKES VLERICK’S OFFERING UNIQUE (2/2)?LEARNING WITH IMPACT, BY BLENDING DIDACTICSVlerick offers results oriented learning, in an open atmosphere, where all participantsare expected to actively contribute and leverage each others knowledge, experiencesand best practices. BLENDED LEARNING – A MIX OF THEORY & PRACTICE!  Ensures translation of learnings to own work reality 1  Requires active contribution throughout whole programme  Learning process professionally supported by Vlerick professionals WE-LEARNING - IN THE PROGRAMME AND VIRTUALLY!  We-learning and peer coaching high on the agenda! 2  Contributes to sharing of experiences & best practices  Supported by a virtual learning platform TIME TO NETWORK – SHARING & RECEIVING! 3  Evening activities as part of the programme  Access to Vlerick Alumni network (+/- 16,000 members)  Invitations to the events related to the programme (e.g. CMMP Celebration Event, etc. ) © Vlerick Business School
  • 8. INVESTMENTWith CMMP, Vlerick offers an A-to-Z middle management development solution tocompanies. CMMP is recognised by the market to be strong in terms of value for money.On top of that, Vlerick offers a reduction as from any 6th participant. INVESTMENT/ ITEM INCLUDES PARTICIPANT* - 15 programme days spread over a 10 month development track - Organisation kick-off & project defense PROGRAMME - Facilitation by Vlerick professionals 8,150 € FEE - Documentation & readings - Access to the online learning platform - If requested: Support for selection of participants - Accommodation expenses ACCOMMODATION - Catering during the programme 1,380 € FEE - Evening & networking activities - (Excludes: Hotel accommodation!) 9,530 € TOTAL PER PARTICIPANT /Participant * Indicated prices exclude 21% VAT As from the 6th participant, CMMP Partners receive 15% reduction on the programme fee! © Vlerick Business School
  • 9. INTERESTED TO PARTICIPATE? Happy to answer any further questions you might have!Please contact Ilse Cocquyt, L&D Consultant Ilse Cocquyt Vlerick Business School L&D Consultant Ilse.cocquyt@vlerick.com +32/473 302758Vlerick Ghent Campus Vlerick Brussels Campus Vlerick Leuven CampusReep 1 Bolwerklaan 21 Vlamingenstraat 83BE - 9000 Gent Manhattan Office Tower, 3rd floor BE - 3000 Leuven BE - 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Noode © Vlerick Business School
  • 10. APPENDIX
  • 11. VLERICK BUSINESS SCHOOLA NEW BRAND FOR A TOP INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOLVlerick is a recognised business school with a strong international footprint. Businesspartners consider Vlerick to be unique, because of the open, pragmatic and vital approach.The school in a nutshell: 4 brand drivers: 60 years of experience • Our international business Associated with 2 top universities partners, students & alumni (Ghent & Leuven, BE) • Our international faculty & 5 campuses: Ghent, Leuven, programmes Brussels, St Petersburg & Beijing > 200 Faculty & professional staff • Our collaborative culture Offering includes: • Our dynamism - Customised executive programmes • Our openness to the world - Open programmes - MBA & Master programmes Population: • Our pragmatic research, thinking & teaching - +/- 7,000 executives / year methods - +/- 500 MBA students • Our pragmatic results and - +/- 250 Master students impact - +/- 16,000 alumni worldwide • Our energy • Quality of life • How enjoyable it is • Why we’re a joy to work with11 © Vlerick Business School