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Brochure Product management

  1. 1. Launch new products and services successfully on the marketProduct ManagementMuch is expected of a Product Manager. For whom?You need to successfully position and introduce new • You are responsible for launching new products andproducts and services; maintain a balance between Sales services on the market.and R&D; manage the product lines of existing products • You are working in Product Management, Brandand innovations; and turn new products into a competitive Management, Marketing or Strategic Planning.advantage. You don’t have any training in marketing yet? If so,Product Managers must be real product champions, capable we suggest you attend ‘Introduction to Marketingof wooing customers, and the internal organisation, with Management’.their enthusiasm. Need-for-speed product life cycles,online communication, innovative distribution options, Added value for you and your companyglobalisation and cut-throat competition, all this forces youto constantly review your strategy. • You will acquire the latest concepts and practices in product management.While educating the market, you must stimulate demand • Not only will you predict the market, you will alsoif you want your product to break through. For every conquer it with the help of strategic positioninginnovator, in fact, that market breakthrough remains the techniques, product line management and a sophisticatedultimate challenge. communication mix. • You will pitch innovations in a sublime yet subtle way. Your expert technique is based on what you learnt through your own project work, coaching and the other participants’ feedback.Enriching" This programme gave me a frame of reference allowingme to market our innovation with more confidence andvision. The interaction with the fellow participants wasenriching, which was another bonus! “Jean Vermeersch - Sales & Marketing Coordinator, NUBY.COM
  2. 2. Programme design Meet your facultyYou will be amazed by our keenness for practice. Departing from theoretical • Prof Marion Debruyne, specialises inconcepts and insights as regards the launch of new products and services, we market strategy and innovation.convert these into concrete examples, using an interactive approach. • Reggy Mortier is Head of Market Directors at Barco.The lecturers involved in this programme are top level, a mix of professors • Prof Kurt Verweire is an expert inand expert practitioners. We offer a valuable practical dimension with real-life competitive market strategies.examples and case discussions of local and international companies. With theaid of the tools, checklists and templates provided in this module, you’ll sharpen PRACTICAL INFOand further develop your product management competencies. Furthermore,during work groups and interactive sessions, you’ll develop the necessary Dates and venuesinsights to fully apply your knowledge to your competitive advantage in the 4 daysmarket. Ghent Campus: 4, 14, 21, 28 May 2013Module 1: Strategic Product Management Language Dutch• How to discover and meet real consumer needs. Creating a balance between All Dutch programmes are available consumer needs and expectations of product development and R&D. as a customised programme. More• Discover the opportunities of co-creation information on page 16.• Mapping your own context: be prepared when you launch new products and services. Fee• Product life cycle and portfolio management. € 3,095 (excl. 21% VAT)Module 2: Creating a Successful Value Proposition• 7 key questions when developing a value proposition.• How should you implement your value proposition?• Developing the right message.Module 3: Speed to Market or Speed up the Market?• What is driving market acceptance in the case of new products and services?• Predicting the market: when does the big breakthrough happen?• The emergence of new categories and obstacles to customer adoption.• Is it important to be first? Or better?• Is the first on the market also the first to fail?• How do you determine when is the right time to market a new product?Module 4: Product line management• Strategic timing and pricing of your product launch• ‘Eat or be eaten’: the role of cannibalisation• The strategic role of market segmentation• The influence of pricing as a marketing toolModule 5: The Product Manager as an Interface• How can you become a real project/product champion?• The product manager as a link between R&D and sales during product development.• How do you win the internal organisation over?Module 6: The Big Picture: Competitive Market Strategies• The product manager as a strategist: positions new products strategically on the market.• Fully leveraging your competitive advantage in the market. Apply now! Please see Practical Info on the following page, or visit:
  3. 3. PRACTICAL INFORegistration Online registration: quick & easy!Action! Register online.Questions? Please contact:Ghita GreefGroup Product ManagerT: + 32 9 210 98 94F: + 32 9 210 97 28ghita.greef@vlerick.comReep 19000 Ghent, BelgiumYour certificateIf you take part in one of our programmes, you are Register online via:entitled to a certificate from Vlerick Business School. you successfully complete an Executive Master Class, marketingprogrammesyou can join the Vlerick Alumni Network, a worldwidenetwork of over 16,000 alumni in 100 countries.Cancellation Financial benefits for you?Consult our cancellation conditions at: • 10% discount for paying members of Vlerick • SME portfolio: subsidies for Flemish SMEs. • Vlerick Social Profit Grants for organisations active inOur team is here for you the social profit sector. You’ll find more info at: Ghita Greef Group Product Manager T: + 32 9 210 98 94 Further improve your retail expertise: • Vlerick Retail Platform 4 afternoons for and by retailers Rian De Bruycker Programme Advisor T: + 32 9 210 98 84 • Vlerick Conversation Management Platform Become a successful Conversation Manager: 4 afternoons filled with interesting conceptual frameworks and practice-based examples.
  4. 4. Application formMarketing & Sales EXECUTIVE EDUCATION AND RESEARCH IN 2012-2013 MARKETING & SALES Yes, I wish to apply for the following programme(s): Introduction to Marketing Management Product Management Retail & Trade Marketing Strategic B2B Marketing Brand Management & Communication Executive Master Class in B2B Marketing & Sales In addition, I wish to receive more information on the management programmes of ENGLISH Vlerick Business School that I have ticked on the reverse side of this form.Name First name M FFunctionCompanyCompany address N° busPostal code CityCountryTelephone FaxE-mail Yes, I would like to stay up-to-date about the activities of Vlerick Business School via e-mail. No, I do not want to receive information about the activities of Vlerick Business School via e-mail.Home address N° busPostal code CityCountryHome telephoneInvoice to be addressed to:Name First name M F(Only fill the section below if different from company address above)Address N° busPostal code CityCountryVAT n° I am paying member of Vlerick Alumni and enjoy a 10% reduction on this programmeDate - - SignaturePlease return this form BY FAX OR POST to:Vlerick Business School, attn. Ghita Greef, Your contact details will be stored in a database of Vlerick Business School forReep 1, 9000 Ghent, Belgium, fax + 32 9 210 97 28 the purpose of keeping you updated on our activities. Pursuant to the Law on privacy (Wet tot bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer ten opzichte van de verwerking van persoonsgegevens) of 8 December 1992 youYou can also apply online at are entitled to inspection and correction of data related to you as kept Vlerick Business School.
  5. 5. THE Programmes ofvlerick BUSINESS schoolI would like to receive information on the following programmes (please tick).Please return your contacting details to us by fax, e-mail or post.General Management Operations & Supply Chain Management Advanced Management Programme E Project Management D International Management Programme E Purchasing Management E Middle Management Programme D Operational Excellence E Young Management Programme D & E Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management EAccounting & Financial Management Entrepreneurship Understanding Annual Reports D & E KMO Challenge D Mastering Costs and Budgets D & E KMO Excellence D Fundamentals of Financial Management D & E Entrepreneurship for Managers D Strategic Cost Management E Valuation of Companies E People Management & Leadership Executive Master Class in Controllership E The People Manager D Executive Master Class in Corporate Finance E Executive Decision Making D Executive Master Class in Financial Analysis How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence D and Asset Management E Inspiring for Change D Negotiating to Create Value D & EHuman Resource Management Self-mastery D HRM with Impact D Bestsellers read for you D Compensation & Benefits D Executive Master Class in Human Resource Management D Strategy Strategy in Action EICT & Business Process Management ICT-Management D Executive Master Classes Business Process Management Workshop D & E Executive Master Class in B-to-B Marketing and Sales E Excellence in Business Process Improvement E Executive Master Class in Business Process Management E Executive Master Class in Business Process Management E Executive Master Class in Controllership E Business Intelligence Workshop E Executive Master Class in Corporate Finance E Executive Master Class in Financial AnalysisInnovation Management and Asset Management E Strategising for Innovation E Executive Master Class in Human Resource Management D Entrepreneurial Innovation E Executive Master Class in Innovation & Entrepreneurship E Corporate Innovation Management E Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management E Executive Master Class in Innovation & Entrepreneurship E MBAsMarketing & Sales Full-time MBA E Introduction to Marketing Management D Executive MBA E Retail & Trade Marketing D Executive MBA in Financial Services & Insurance E Brand Management & Communication D Product Management D Masters Strategic Business-to-Business Marketing D Masters in Financial Management E Executive Master Class in B2B Marketing and Sales E Masters in General Management E Masters in Marketing Management ED Programme in Dutch E Programme in EnglishMore information on