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Would Mr. Spok choose Open Source

Would Mr. Spok choose Open Source



Lessons learned from 8 years of field experience with Open Source for commercial web applications.

Lessons learned from 8 years of field experience with Open Source for commercial web applications.



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    Would Mr. Spok choose Open Source Would Mr. Spok choose Open Source Presentation Transcript

    • Would Mr. Spok choose Open Source? Ing. Jan Vlčinský GIS Ostrava 2009: 28.1.2009 Lessons learned from 8 years of field experience with Open Source platform for commercial web applications ???
    • Jan Vlčinský and Open Source
      • Running own SW development company since 1992
      • Last 8 years
        • Commercial web applications
        • Based on Open Source platform
        • Traffic Information processing
      • Nowadays - single as a freelance analyst
        • Traffic Information IS
        • SW development
    • Your and mine wishes
        • Be expert in new technologies
        • Investigate new posibilities
        • Build "nice-looking" solutions
        • Deliver great functionality
        • Please our clients
        • Complete projects on time and budget
        • Make our living
      • Our wishes are our problem
    • Who are we?
      • Student
      • Researcher
      • SW developer
      • Enterpreneur
      • How are our wishes compatible with our role?
      • Today topic: How to fulfill our real mission
      • Using Open Source, how to:
      • Safely complete the task
      • Take advantages available
      • Prevent distractions
      • Be efficient
      • I will try to answer these questions
    • Now serious topics
      • Overview of
        • Our projects
        • Technologies used
      • Requirements for Commercial web application
        • Technical
        • Business
      • Lessons learned - practical advice
    • Time, projects and technologies
      • PHP+Firebird
        • 2001-2003
      • Java (+Tomcat+JBoss)
        • 2003-2005
      • +GIS (+RichWeb)
        • 2005-2008
    • Application types
      • User interaction
        • Up to 720 users
      • Using digital maps
      • Realtime
      • Import/Export/Distribute
        • import from 3 systems
        • Export to 10 systems
    • Languages and platform
      • PHP + Java
      • Firebird + PostgreSQL+PostGIS
      • Tomcat+Turbine+ JbossAS+JBossESB
      • Business reqs and prefs for Commercial web application
      • Licencing
        • Prefer open source solutions
        • Allow to develop closed source application
        • Strictly follow license agreements
      • Programmer and overall Productivity
        • this is longer story, next page...
    • Programmer and overall Productivity
        • Keep set of technologies minimal and simple .
        • Reliable components
        • Provide enough functional tools
        • Platform must not require too much fine tuning
        • Platform stable in time .
        • Available programmers for given technology
        • Reachable technical support
        • Stick to standards to allow component exchange
    • Technical reqs and prefs Areas
      • General Requirements
      • Environment
      • Map related
      • User friendly interface
      • Performace
      • Manageability
      • Illustrated on - Creating and processing Traffic Information at Czech Police
    • General Technical Requirements
      • Web application
      • Pure web browser (no add-ins)
      • Data persistence
      • simply „commercial web application“
    • Environment Requirements
      • Integrate with client Identity system
      • Run in isolated Intranet
      • Interact with outer systems
      • Run on MS Windows as well as on Linux
    • Map related requirements
      • Show interactive maps.
      • Show custom maps
      • Full text search in maps.
      • Allow updating maps few times a year
    • User friendly interface
      • Provide Rich web UI
        • Nice
        • Responsive (AJAX)
      • Notify user about server events
        • UI automatically changes according to data changed on server: „server push“
    • Performace requirements
      • Handle 50 concurrent users on today HW
      • Failover capability
      • Archive and clean old data
      • Optimize for limited bandwidth
      • Scalability
    • Manageability requirements
      • Easy license management
      • Allow monitoring parameters
      • Provide monitoring system
    • Summary of (quite numerous) Technical requirements
      • General technical
        • Web application
        • No add-ins
        • Data persistence.
      • Environment
        • Integrate with Identity system.
        • Run in isolated Intranet.
        • Interact with outer systems.
        • MS Windows + Linux
      • Map related
        • Interactive maps.
        • Custom maps
        • Full text search
        • Updating maps
      • User friendly interface
        • Provide Rich web UI.
        • Notify user about server events
      • Performace
        • Handle 50 concurrent users on today HW
        • Failover capability.
        • Archive and clean old data
        • Optimize for limited bandwidth.
        • Scalability.
      • Manageability
        • Easy license management.
        • Allow monitoring parameters.
        • Provide monitoring system.
    • Galery of our projects
      • DIZAS and DIS
      • Traffic News v1
      • National Traffic Information Center
      • Prokop (RDS TMC)
      • eRDIS
      • Traffic News v2
      • CDI2 and CDI3
    • DIZAS and DIS
      • Collect, process and distribute traffic information
      • No maps yet.
        • PHP allows building complex solutions, but has limits
        • Firebird  works well to certain scale, with growing number of transactions and records, performance drops
        • Java Applets are tricky
        • Apache web server works betterthen IIS:
        • Linux on server is stable
    • Traffic News v1
      • Show traffic information to end users.
      • No maps yet.
      • PHP + Firebird for “preview simple data” application work nice.
      • Simplicity is nice.
    • (NTIC) National Traffic Information Center
      • Allow entering and viewing traffic information to 250 institutions and 720 users.
      • No maps yet.
      • Java as a language is forcing to code in clean and tidy way. Suitable for longer and bigger projects.
      • Apache Turbine framework was surprisingly very functional.
      • Triactive JDO for object persistence was excellent.
    • Prokop (RDS TMC)
      • Broadcast traffic information for navigation systems using RDS TMC technology.
        • Java and JBoss AS is well suited for real time with messaging.
        • Java and real time works excellently
        • PostgreSQL on MS Windows works
        • JDO pays back in database portability
        • LTS Linux distribution would be better
    • eRDIS
      • Collect, process and distribute traffic information
      • Digital maps used.
        • DWR and AJAX works well.
        • JBoss AS proved suitability for web applications.
        • ActiveMQ and JBossMQ: JMS is worth to trust.
        • Deegree WMS , real performace needs cashed images.
        • Speed of Lucene full text search is astonishing.
        • JGraphT for path finding: very responsive
        • PostgreSQL and PostGIS : Just take it.
    • Traffic News v2
      • Show traffic information to end users.
      • Using digital maps.
      • Adopting EJB3 too early.
      • Apache XMLBeans have simplified many tasks for XML (XML structures, data population, serialization, validation)
    • CDI2 and CDI3
      • Collect, export, distribute, import and utilize traffic information at Czech police.
        • JPA (EJB3 Persistency) already works.
        • JBossESB : works and very promissing. Allows splitting architectire.
        • Smooks : framework for transforming streams of data to various formats. Very prommising, but too early in JBossESB (nowadays probably ok).
        • Quartz is excellent schedulling component.
    • Featured Open Source projects
      • There are too many, see conference proceedings
      • Operating system, Programming Language, Database Systems, Object-relational mapping (ORM), Application Server, Messaging (JMS), Messaging (ESB), AJAX, OGC WMS - Web Map Server, Web map client, Templating, Fulltext, Scheduler, Geo and topo calculations, Monitoring
      • God bless all the originators and authors.
      • Thank you!!!
    • Lessons Learned
      • Real meaning of Open Source
      • Balancing offerings and needs
      • Anticipating future
      • Consider less upgrades
      • Use advantages of Open Source
      • Develop personal discipline
      • Preventing unnecessary troubles
    • Real meaning of Open Source
      • Open Source platform works
        • Gallery of our projects is a proof
      • Choose commercial friendly licence
        • GNU LGPL, Apache 2.0 License, and BSD License.
        • GNU GPL with Linking exception might be used
        • Standalone systems (Nagios, Linux) can go GNU GPL
    • Balancing Offerings and needs
      • There are many open source components available
        • See references.
      • Use complete, but minimal set of technologies
        • Going too wide and wild fails in future.
        • Do not behave as an expert, but as an enterpreneur.
      • Adopting too early is expensive
        • Evaluate carefully and ask others.
        • It might happen sometime.
    • Anticipating the future
      • Expect your solutions to grow
        • Example Firebird
        • Example Scaling JBoss
      • Try to be OS independent
        • Windows is sometime required.
        • Use portable technologies.
    • Consider less upgrades
      • Preffer creating solution for client over being at the bleeding edge with technology.
      • Sometime you are forced to upgrade.
      • Just upgrade conciously .
    • Lessons Learned: Summary
      • Open Source works
      • Be business-like regardles of Open/Closed source platform.
      • Top 3 recommendations
        • Choose complete, but minimal number of technologies
        • Consider less upgrades
        • Do not adopt new technologies too early
      • What would Mr. Spok answer?
    • Would Mr. Spok choose Open Source? Better question: How would Mr. Spok adopt Open Source platform? YES!
    • What to do next?
      • See my paper in conference proceedings
        • 26 pages
        • 58 references
        • 54 terms and abbreviations explained
        • 15 recommendations
      • What can I do for you?
        • As a freelance analyst I offer you my advice, products or partnership.
    • Throw here your Questions
    • Thank you
      • Ing. Jan Vlčinský
      • www.cad-programs.com
      • [email_address]
      • [email_address]