Social Alchemy - How to grow a community from 5 to 5,000


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Vinnie Lauria shares his early experiences and advice on how he grew his 4,800 member community from just 5 people over the past 4 years. In addition to organizing the Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup, Vinnie is the co-founder of Forum Hosting.

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  • Vinnie's SV New Tech Meetup is a fantastic community - the biggest high-tech meetup in the world's biggest high-tech city.
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Social Alchemy - How to grow a community from 5 to 5,000

  1. 1. Social Alchemy How to grow a community from 5 to 5,000 Vinnie Lauria Organizer of the Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup Co-Founder of Forum Hosting January 9, 2010
  2. 2. Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup (#svnewtech) Started 5 people at a cafe 4,713 members 4 years 200+ startups Photo Credit: KaiEos
  3. 3. What I’ll cover How to Start How to Promote How to Run Return Value CC photo:
  4. 4. Starting - Be Passionate CC photo:
  5. 5. Look Around Anybody already doing this? Is there larger interest? Search, craigslist, google, etc. CC photo:
  6. 6. promotes
  7. 7. Pick a good day Tue / Wed for business Thur for social Sat / Sun for activities CC photo:
  8. 8. Promoting - Tell everybody Post on all your profiles Print event business cards Goto other events CC photo:
  9. 9. Promoting - Don’ts ! CC photo:
  10. 10. Promote Online Twitter Join online groups Post on event websites CC photo:
  11. 11. Running - Free pizza & beer CC photos:
  12. 12. On & Off the line Newsletters Promotional Give-aways LinkedIn Groups, Twitter
  13. 13. to the Rescue RSVPs Email Reminders Member Profiles Reviews & Ratings
  14. 14. Build Momentum More important early on Press for higher RSVPs
  15. 15. Don’t stress Things WILL go wrong Run with it Have fun CC photo:
  16. 16. Real Costs Be free or not be free? It’s an investment Future Sponsors? CC photo:
  17. 17. It’s a Personal Investment Like paying for schooling Network, knowledge, and experience CC photo:
  18. 18. Return Value Subject Matter Expert Iconic Figure CC photo:
  19. 19. Return Value - Social Capital Become a connector VIP access to high profile people CC photo:
  20. 20. Thank You Vinnie Lauria (@vlauria) Questions? Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License