How we help companies recruit better.


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Looking to improve the way your company recruits? Recruiting Toolbox is a consulting and training firm that focuses 100% on helping our clients recruit better.

We partner with heads of HR and recruitment - on a project basis - to build and deploy the right recruiting strategies and processes, to select and implement the right recruitment systems and tools, and to design and deliver the right training for recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers.

We say "the right" [strategies, processes, systems, training] because - as practitioners who have worked at all kinds of interesting companies - we know that what may work at one company may not make sense at yours.

We customize our work to your goals, your pain points, your culture, your resource model.

Real world consulting.
Custom build training.
And support to help you drive adoption and get the ROI you need.

We don't recruit.
We help companies recruit better.

Contact us to see if we can be a resource to you today.

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How we help companies recruit better.

  1. 1. Are you an HR,Talent Management orRecruiting Leader…looking to improve yourcompany’s recruitingcapabilities?
  2. 2. You’re not alone.Many organizations are makingbig investments in recruitmentthis year.
  3. 3. If you could hire outside help –maybe a consultant or trainer…wouldn’t you want them to have atrack record of success as acorporate recruiting leader?
  4. 4. Our team has experience buildingand leading successful corporaterecruitment teams at companieslike…Amazon, Expedia, Yahoo, Cisco,Marriott, Starbucks, Google, andHitachi
  5. 5. And, wouldn’t you want a partnerwho has worked inside leadingorganizations…and consulted with companieswho are actually creating andusing best practices in the realworld?
  6. 6. Our team has been helping allkinds of companies recruit bettersince 2002.World Bank. Groupon. PNC Bank. T-Mobile.REI. CH2M Hill. Dolby. Rhapsody. Safeco.Eddie Bauer. Kindercare.Nike. Edward Jones. Philips. Union Bank.Premera Blue Cross. Hotwire. Edmunds.Electronic Arts. Microsoft. Zumiez.
  7. 7. Perhaps we can help…
  8. 8. Recruiting Toolbox is a consultingand training firm that helpscompanies recruit better.
  9. 9. We are not…• A Search Firm• An RPO Firm• A Group of Contract Recruiters• Or sales people, selling you a pre-packaged solution
  10. 10. Instead…• We help companies build and deploy the right recruiting strategies and processes
  11. 11. We help clientsanswer questions like…• Should we create a central sourcing team?• What’s the best recruiting strategy to support this business expansion effort?• How do we accelerate our recruiting process, with an eye on candidate experience?• How do we get our hiring managers to adopt this new process/tool?• How do we make ourselves more attractive to our target candidates?
  12. 12. And…• We help companies improve the productivity of their recruiters
  13. 13. We help clientsanswer questions like…• What training does my team need to transition to a more consultative, strategic role with hiring managers?• What incentives and scorecards should I use to motivate my recruiters to deliver high quality hires?• How can I reduce the admin burden on my recruiters, and get them focused more on proactive recruitment?• How can I justify additional headcount to support these high req loads
  14. 14. And…• We help companies get more from their investments in recruitment systems and tools
  15. 15. We help clientsanswer questions like…• How can I automate some of the more administrative aspects of a recruiter’s job?• How can we better leverage tools to source and screen candidates for these niche or high volume jobs?• How do I get people to actually use this system I’ve invested all of this money in?• What should we be doing to better leverage and coordinate all of these social media efforts?
  16. 16. And…• We help companies improve the effectiveness of their hiring managers and interviewers
  17. 17. We help clientsanswer questions like…• How can I create a common definition of “fit” so that we’re hiring people who will thrive in our culture?• How can I get interviewers and hiring managers the skills and tools they need to interview effectively and legally?• How do I get hiring managers to really own recruitment for their openings, and not just passively wait to be hand fed A- player candidates?
  18. 18. If you’re asking yourself some ofthose questions, maybe weshould, you know, talk.Because we focus 100% onhelping companies recruit better.
  19. 19. So, why do companies hire us?I mean, some companies havehuge teams, or retainer dealswith those super expensivemanagement consulting firms.Why, then, hire us?
  20. 20. We. Get. You.We’re former practitioners. We getthat “looks good on paper” strategiesdon’t cut it in the real world. So, wecustomize our work to your needs.That means you get real-worldsupport as you build and deploy thesenew recruiting strategies, processes,systems, and training.
  21. 21. We. Get. You.And we don’t just dump a big reporton your desk with an invoice whenwe’re “done”. We help you implement,prioritize, make the pitch to getfunding.We deliver what you really need todeliver what your business reallyneeds from you. It’s all about you.
  22. 22. Our Consulting deliverables are…real world and custom built toaddress• your pain points,• work with your resource model,• make sense given your culture.
  23. 23. Our Training programs are…credibly delivered and custombuilt to address your goals anddrive new behaviors and tooladoption.
  24. 24. But don’t take our word for it.Here’s what our happy clientshave said.
  25. 25. This work truly is a game changer for companies Crafted training in our image that served -- and striving to continues to serve -- each department, compete in a providing relevant, actionable techniques.difficult talent Head of People Strategy, Groupon market. VP, HR Rhapsody Smart, strategic, creative, and detail- oriented, bringing an A great partner to me in helping excellent business me continuously transform our perspective to a complex, team to greatness. tiered problem. VP, Talent Acquisition, VP, Marketing Electronic Arts Coldwell Banker Bain
  26. 26. Knows what it means to be a practitioner, was respectful of ourculture, pushed back when needed andprovided coaching to help us when we go to implement these improved Brings credibility processes. from having been Director, Talent Management, REI in the weeds and shares battle tested experiences Would recommend and learnings Recruiting Toolbox to any which are organization looking to delivered with take their talent acquisition authenticity and capabilities to the next humility. level. Recruiting Director Recruiting Director Eddie Bauer
  27. 27. We’ve partnered withsome amazingcompanies.
  28. 28. Please contact us today ifwe can be a resource to youand your organization.John VlastelicaFounder, Managing DirectorRecruiting Toolbox, Inc.888.823.2030 / 425.557.2100john@recruitingtoolbox.comwww.RecruitingToolbox.comWe work with clients around the globe fromour offices in Seattle, Silicon Valley,Washington DC, and Atlanta.