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How to use November learning blogs in the classroom.

How to use November learning blogs in the classroom.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Blogging Integrating Technology Into 21 st Century Classroom
  • 2. What is a Blog?
    • A blog is an online personal journal or diary.
    • It is a place to express yourself to the world.
    • A place to share your thoughts and your passions.
    • A blog is your own website that you are going to update on an ongoing basis.
    • Blog is a short form for weblog.The two words are used interchangeably.
  • 3. Blogs In The Classroom
    • Blogs for Discussions
    • Blogs for Classroom Management
    • Blogs for Student Portfolios
    • Blogs for Writing
    • Blogs as Journals
    • Blogs for Collaboration
  • 4. Preparing Students for Blogging
    • Acceptable Usage Policy
    • Parental Permission
    • Review safe and acceptable online behavior
    • Set clear expectations and consequences
  • 5. Getting Started
    • Step 1– Register
    • Step 2-Read the Terms and Conditions and Click Accept
    • Step 3-You will be provided with a Security Key. Click Create User.
    • Step 4-Create a Folder Name
    • Step 5-Enter Title. This title appears across the top but can be changed at any time.
    • Step 6-Select a group for your site.
    • Click Next Step
    • Step 7-Choose a Theme
  • 6. Community Administration
    • Manage Posts
    • Moderate Comments
    • Manage Categories
    • Manage Articles
    • Add Links
    • Change Theme
    • Advanced Settings
    • My Gallery
  • 7. Create a Category
    • Create New Categories that will appear on the right side of your Blog.
    • Select Categories relevant to your class.
  • 8. Creating a Post
    • Once logged in click Manage Posts under Community Administration.
  • 9. Click on New Post
  • 10. Add Title and Body Write in the Body and Submit .
  • 11. Advanced Post Settings Click Advanced Post Settings
  • 12. Global Settings
    • No matter what your global settings are
    • -you can override them at anytime with any individual post.
  • 13. Moderate Comments Select comment Approve selected
  • 14. Add An Image To Your Blog
    • First add a picture to my gallery on the blog.
    • Then add the picture to a post.
  • 15. Add a picture to your gallery Click on My Gallery. Click on add a picture.
  • 16. Upload New Image From File
  • 17. Upload New Image To Gallery Name the image. Click on Browse and then upload.
  • 18. Add Image to the Blog 3. Click on Content Selector. 2. Give image a title. 1 Create a new Post.
  • 19. Select Content 2.Select image. 3.Select size. 4.Click OK. 1.Click on the +/- next to your name Gallery.
  • 20. New Post with Image Click Submit.