Aiesec in bangalore history


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Aiesec in bangalore history

  1. 1. AIESEC in BangaloreHistory
  2. 2. Let me take you throughthe history of our localcommittee.
  3. 3. 2006-Present
  4. 4. Excited?
  5. 5. LCP- Aditi BhatKey Portfolios: F, oGCDP, iGCDP.First time Green Valley is used forConferences 2006
  6. 6. LCP- Ujjwala BallalKey EB Members: iGIP, BDAIESEC in Bangalore hosts NSC 20072007
  7. 7. LCP- Avinash BidaiaKey EB members: oGCDP, iGIP,Communications, Expansions2008
  8. 8. Number of Exchanges:82Key Highlights of the year:1. Highest OGX exchanges so far.2. No growth in GIPi exchanges.3. AIESEC in Manipal University is set up.4. Awards: Best initiative5. International Conference in Bangalore.6. BoA – ( Mr Ram Jalan, Mr Pradeep Kar, MrBhaskar Bhat, Mr Bunty Peerbhoy, MrLakshminarayan)
  9. 9. LCP: Nivi S MurthyKey Portfolios: iGIP, oGCDP, TM2009
  10. 10. Number of Exchanges:133 (Highest so far in AIESEC inBangalore)Key Highlights of the Year:1. Highest number of exchanges so far.2. BoA – ( Mr Ram Jalan, Mr PradeepKar, Mr Bhaskar Bhat, Mr BuntyPeerbhoy, Mr Lakshminarayan)3. Highest OGX exchanges so far.
  11. 11. LCP- Ankit ChowdharyKey Portfolios: iGIP, BD, TM2010
  12. 12. Number of Exchanges:97Key Highlights of the year:1. Most Progressive Business Development (23L)in AIESEC India2. Best Transition Award3. AIESEC in Bangalore organizes “India Night”at International Congress 2010 in Hyderabad.4. Initiation of AIESEC Hubli.5. Two events in the year.
  13. 13. Failures of the year:1. Negative Growth.2. Bad investments.3. Quality Issues – GIPi, GCDPi.4. Non Sustainable Partnerships.5. Functional Portfolios not contributing.
  14. 14. - Member Culture- National Contribution- Definition of success
  15. 15. LCP- Shravan ThampiKey Portfolios- iGIP, iGCDP, F, oGCDP2011
  16. 16. Number of Exchanges:187Key Highlights of the year:1. Highest Number of exchanges so far.2. Most Progressive LC of AIESEC India3. More than 100% Growth in two portfolios.4. Financial Stability
  17. 17. Failures of the year:1. Un sustainable oGCDP which lead to bad brandin the student market.2. Lack of events/outreach during the year.3. CIM, BD, TM not contributing to performance.4. Un sustainable partners in iGIP.5. iGCDP Quality issues.6. ET did not contributing to performance.
  18. 18. - Member Culture- National Contribution- Definition of success- Post JNC Performance
  19. 19. LCP- Abhishek KalsurKey Portfolios- F, iGCDP, TM2012
  20. 20. Number of Exchanges:188Key Highlights of the year:1. Talent Management processes was initiated.2. 44% growth in iGCDP.3. OS Evolution4. Transition was uniform throughoutprograms/functions.
  21. 21. Failures of the year:1. Negative growth in iGIP, oGCDP2. Marketing, IM, BD not contributing toperformance.3. Lack of events/outreach during the year.4. Loss in iGCDP as a program. No iGCDPperformance after JNC.5. Loss of full membership status.
  22. 22. - Member Culture- National Contribution- Definition of success- Growth path of AIESEC in Bangalore
  23. 23. 0501001502002009 2010 2011 2012 2013RealizationsRealizationsAIESEC in BangaloreGrowth Path