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Why write

  1. 1. W hy Write? Vocational High Tomas C. Ongay Mr. Soto Language Arts
  2. 2. Why Write? To succeed in school Or in the work place you have to be a. Writer Reader Speaker Listener Thinker
  3. 3. Why Write? Learning to write, read, speak and listen is something that no one can do for you.
  4. 4. Why Write? Language Arts can help you learn about: Process of writing: prewrite to proofread Elements of writing: style, sentence, paragraphs, essays. Forms of writing: personal, subject, academic, persuasive.
  5. 5. Why Write? Rules of Punctuation: grammar, mechanics and application of those rules. Research Paper: finding information, writing and documentation of sources Speaking Process: giving speeches and listening to others.
  6. 6. Why Write? In other classes it will help you to: Write essays Do Reports Think clearly and logically Finding, understanding and using information Using maps, charts, graphs
  7. 7. Why Write? Writing: Is a process in action. If you think you have figured everything out and once you start writing. You start to suffer from a paralysis called writers block.
  8. 8. Why Write? Do not feel bad. This happens to everyone. So what should we do to avoid to this from happening?
  9. 9. Why Write? We should use the following techniques: Plan Brainstorm Free write Clustering Write your thoughts down Work step by step
  10. 10. Why Write? Writing Process: Prewrite: Find interesting ideas to write about Learn as much about the subject Find a topic or the topic is given Look for a plan
  11. 11. Why Write? Write the first draft: Write the draft as the ideas are fresh in your mind. Use your plan or outline Write until a natural stopping point
  12. 12. Why Write?
  13. 13. Beginning ? r i te Middle WyWh End Graphic Organizer
  14. 14. Why Write? Revising: Review your draft A) add B) cut C) reword D) rearrange words as necessary
  15. 15. Why Write? Editing and proofreading: Reread your final draft aloud to test to sense and sound. Check for errors( grammar, spelling etc) Revise your writing for the last time and prepare the final copy.
  16. 16. Why Write?
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