Как заставить Нью-Йорк работать на тебя (c) DJ Edgerton , Zemoga. DMC 2011


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Как заставить Нью-Йорк работать на тебя (c) DJ Edgerton , Zemoga. DMC 2011

  1. 1. DJ Edgerton CEO- co-founder dj@zemoga.com @wiltonboundDM c20111102cMD facebook.com/djedgertonLeveraging a digitally fueled cultural renaissance...
  2. 2. Quicks Z facts • Private - Founded in 2003 • One of the largest independent digital firms in LatAm. • 90% of our clients are US based • 4 offices in US and Colombia • Over 120 staff across multiple disciplines • Service Media & Entertainment, Automotive, Healthcare, CPG and eRetail • Strategy-Creative-Production-Marketing-Analytics • Pure digital
  3. 3. Leveraging a digitally fueled cultural renaissance...Since the 1970‘sColombians had some serious baggage.
  4. 4. Leveraging a digitally fueled cultural renaissance...A major self-esteem issue continued into the 1990’s • The”troubled times” left scars on the youth just coming out of college • They internalized their anger towards other countries opinions of Colombia • Colombians were “hyper local” in their interactions • There was ZERO trust in society • Brands suffered the same “funk” with regards to marketing and outreach • Service firms were treated as second class citizens with no respect from the clients who hired them • No reason to care since they felt they were powerless to “change”
  5. 5. Then the geeks changed everything... With the hyper access of digital and mobile in LatAm, coupled with an aggressive reduction of narco-terror & political corruption... a light went off. • The influx of DFI exploded in 2000, removing the haze of isolation • US and Europe conglomerates began to inject their brands & aesthetic • Consumers began to communicate outside “their circle of trust” • Colombian brands began to see the influence that digital strategies delivered • A new “Colombiano” was born out of this empowerment • They became proud again ... void of National arrogance • They let their work, their creativity and there passion prove others wrong.
  6. 6. But the old guard was threatened... Digital entrepreneurs who were active consumers in this space began popping up to service this non-traditional way of communicating, that the hyper local uber-tactical traditional fat cats knew NOTHING about, but controlled the (shitty) relationship with the customer. Does this sound familiar in Russia?
  7. 7. But the old guard was threatened... The natural behavior was to white label these small firms into submission and absorb their digIQ That rarely works without open collaboration And the brands took notice Are the brands taking notice here?
  8. 8. So the freaks and geeks started a movement... • Educated the industry to the mediums and technologies that were emerging • Created inclusive events that brought creative thinkers and brave brand managers together to talk about trends and share case studies • Collected and shared the data to make their digital case to the naysayers • Approached with strategy driven solutions, not tactical spit and glue • Proved that the consumption model was changing from push to engagement • Trust and adoption surge as technologies proven elsewhere prove true
  9. 9. And the world is taking notice...
  10. 10. DJ Edgerton CEO- co-founder dj@zemoga.com @wiltonboundDM c20111102cMD facebook.com/djedgertonThank you!