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Grape Digital Trends Newsletter #3 English Version

  1. 1. GRAPE Digital Trends Newsletter #3
  2. 2. Dear and colleagues, were are happy to present the third digest of our newsletter. The pilot issue of our digest was very successful and starting from this issue we are planning to enrich the informational contents of our digest with analysis. We shall present an express analysis of recent events, we shall share our observations and expectations from the digital market in “the Trends” column. While preparing our newsletter our editors find so much interesting information which does not fit into the frames of our monthly subscription digest. To make sure it does not disappear on the shelves, we decided to launch the HOT-DIGITAL.RU site, which will enable you to learn about fresh and new events which take place in the modern world of interactive media and technologies. Nevertheless, the best cases and analytical notes will come to your email in the format of our newsletter. With respect and love.
  3. 3. с4 best practices с9 online marketing с17 web 2.0 с21 mobile marketing с24 interactive media с26 communications 3.0 с30 sensational marketing с33 innovations in media с35 digital life style с41 innovations in web с43 statistics and analytics с47 trends
  4. 4. Best practices
  5. 5. SAS Globe of Fortune CPB Europe and Scandinavian Airline SAS launched a promo web site, which is connected to Facebook and which enables its users to travel up hill and down dale with their friends from the contact list. It is based on the mechanics of the “Wheel of Fortune”, which is aimed only for travelers and has a certain social coloring. First you randomly choose where you would like to fly (from all the available SAS flights) and when you turn the globe second time it is defined which of your Facebook contacts will fly with you. To guarantee that you will not find yourself with granny Sveta in Urupinsk, you have 10 attempts to win a surprise journey.
  6. 6. Dress your avatar Fashionable and modern outfits from Adidas, Quiksilver, Roxylabel and other labels appeared in XBOX online shop. Brands began to think about not only dressing up real people but also their virtual mini-selves. avatar/catalog.aspx?d=24
  7. 7. Monopoly City Streets Hasbro jointly with Tribal DDB London and Google brought the concept of the Monopoly game into the real world: now it is possible to buy the streets you like and thus to earn money. Players owning up to $3 million of virtual cash gamers can buy and construct 3D buildings at every street of the world with Google Maps and to watch their creation from a bird’s – eye view in Google Earth. Users earn money by leasing the real estate if they visit their project daily. They can increase their potential income by developing the infrastructure of the area, building school, wind power plants etc. With the help of the “Chance” card the gamers can sabotage their opponents: throw them in jail, cause breakages at disposal plants, destruct the infrastructure. Everyone who manages to earn their first billiard will take part in the World Championship. City Streets - is a part of Hasbro marketing strategy which is aimed to launch a new version of the Monopoly City Edition game. The online game officially starts in October will last 4 months and will be finished in January 2010
  8. 8. Help Enrike Diesel has been enthusiastic about virus stories and many of you must believe the   Safe for work porn video. Recently Diesel Lifestyle department has launched a video which is aimed to promote helmets. The story about a headless man in a helmet is rather funny and must cause a wave of discussions about ethics in the blogosphere. The video takes you to the web site which enables you to watch “document materials” about the main character, to download a picture, and to become a “body donor” as well as to add Enrike as a Facebook friend etc. Soon they promise to add a programme for iPhones – a Tongue Trainer Software. v=geYaJzca7TM&feature=player_embedded
  9. 9. Online marketing
  10. 10. Find yourself in a horror film A new experiment from Doritos aimed to promote two new flavours from Black Pepper Jack and Smoking Cheddar BBQ chips. The website is open from 6pm to 6 am. A user wakes up on an operating table at the moment of lobotomy which will result in an instant access to the brain which will make it possible to extract memories. The user is involved in a strange story of experiments on himself which takes place in an abandoned shelter in Sweden. A web camera and instruments of socialization (the website requests access to Twitter and Facebook accounts) make the show very realistic: all of a sudden you see your own reflection in water, your memories are re-translated on mad scientists’ monitors and you see your friends, their pictures and their names. All you have to do is to choose who is next… The product is implemented into the story through an augmented reality marker at the package which is a key to the story itself.
  11. 11. Rexona X Race Supermarket turbo carts races which integrate Rexona brand product. The emphasis is put on the performance and the gaming process. The graphics, sound and dynamics are answer the requirements of best racing actions in game consoles (which is achieved with a special module which can be downloaded). Thus the demonstration of the quality and excellence takes place.
  12. 12. Nation of Go Americans are a real nation of go. Every citizen of the country at least once in their lifetime crosses endless prairies and deserts, forests and steppes, whether that be by bus, by car, in a trailer or hitch-hiking. For those who like such trips The BF Goodrich brand and The Martin Agency created a Nation of Go online community and i-Phone application. The application uses GPS and geo tagging and allows users to put down their favourite routes in real time and mark interesting or necessary stopping points. Drivers can also develop their own drives manually, the project cursor uses Google Maps. All socialization instruments are realized in the project: users can share their drives, receive updates about races and events which have to do with driving. A 20 day tour which was meant to support the country took place all around the country. In the process of the tour the participants published their pictures, video, developed a blog in communities, on Twitter and on Youtube.
  13. 13. Sony Altus World brands are still eaten up by Philips “Carousel” case in which Ambilight product and technology are visually demonstrated to viewers. A website presenting Sony Altus musical wireless equipment tells in detail about the essence of the product, demonstrates consumers’ experience through video and offering to learn the details at the immediate moment of usage.
  14. 14. A deal from FWA The Laudi Vidni project is created with an objective to help girls acquire their own individuality. It takes some time to acquire a unique bag, to customize it in accordance with your taste. But it is even more interesting that when the web site received a prestigious Site of the day award fromFavorite Website Awards, it announced about a 25% discount which was supposed to last a week long and to celebrate this victory. This demonstrates 3.0 web economy.
  15. 15. Saab – change perspective This is a simple and beautiful promo site which suggests we not only learn about Saab technologies, but also to develop with the brand just by clicking the mouse: to move from the past to the present. And to get registered to a test drive :)
  16. 16. Profiler This is an unusual promo project from Belgacom . It is an alternative events and account navigator in your Facebook. Using Papervision technology, the user can surf your friends’ profiles in 3D. To attract more attention and to promote, it is offered to place your 3D portrait of your avatar from your user’s content on your page.
  17. 17. Web 2.0
  18. 18. Earn money from your and your friends’ pictures! Udorse is a project which is aimed to use Facebook photo content to promote brands through users. A user authorizes via Facebook Connect and imports the whole Udorse photo archive into Udorse, in which it is possible to tag objects from photos and thus to motivate both friends and random visitors to purchase this object, a certain garment, drink, a brand of cigarettes etc. You may get paid for the amount of reviews and for useful actions/ sales. leverages-facebook-photos-for-social-product-endorsements/
  19. 19. Passive Candidate Sourcing Engine TalentSeekr™ is a convenient recruiting instrument through targeted online advertising. No matter what type of candidate you're searching for, TalentSeekr can advertise your opening on industry- leading websites where candidates spend their time. TalentSeekr's powerful targeting system helps ensure that your money is spent getting in front of the right people.
  20. 20. IKEA Spacemaker As a new academic year starts, lots of American students need to buy new furniture. For them and for everyone who lives in a small apartment or room, IKEA launched a Space Maker project. The programme is very simple: you just have to choose a room type, to place the furniture, to print out your project and run to the nearest IKEA. No lines and no headache. index.html
  21. 21. Mobile marketing
  22. 22. Lifecasting for your friends in Facebook from Ovi and Nokia With Ovi your share where you are with your Facebook friends, tell them what you do or going to do. All you have to do is add Ovi Lifecasting widget on the on your Nokia N97 desktop. You can be the first one to test a beta version. Download Ovi widget. Your Nokia N97 defines your real life location with GPS/A-GPS or according to network location. Your can share your address, interesting sightseeing places which can be found nearby and save your favourite place at yourOvi MapsBeta. And if you want to make the impression unforgettable, you can use the camera and attach a picture to your post.
  23. 23. Yelp dragged augmented reality into в iPhone Augmented Reality has officially appeared on iPhone platform. An easter egg in mobile application from Yelp portal. To open the function one should start the application on iPhone 3GS and shake the phone really well. Once a user has activated the camera, they can see city streets through the camera and can read information about the nearest objects and their evaluation over the pictures.
  24. 24. Interactive media
  25. 25. Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens? Andre Norton, a science fiction writer described soldiers of the future in his novel “Star Rangers”: an atom reactor and a massive costume which increases the might of a human body in thousand times. Day by day we are approaching the era when people will voluntary turn into cyber-type robots. The first step has been made. An exosceleton which costs $2300 is on sale. The second step has been made by Babak A. Parviz, a professor of the Washington University, published an article in IEEE Spectrum, which tells about the work of his team on an electronic contact lens which can constantly detects and monitors glucose. It uses AR technology and there is potential in its development. http:// http:// watch? biomedical/bionics/ v=B_k30yeCk4c augmented-reality-in-a- contact-lens/0
  26. 26. Communications 3.0
  27. 27. Kidrobot QR codes On September, 10 Kidrobot, a limited edition toys and outfit brand and WeArePlus started a 5-day game hunt to promote their new Dunny 2009 collection. Kidrobot brand fans were offered to download a programme which can read QR codes for their smart phones and then search for codes on promo displays in secret locations in New York and online. With these codes the gamers daily assembled virtual Dunnies and they were liable to receive various prizes including the main prize – a complete collection of Dunny 2009 toys.
  28. 28. Conducting music with gestures Minivegas studio team has developed an exciting virtual museum in which digital sculptures renders respond to music and users’ gestures. mp3 album cover is reflected on the walls of the gallery and 3D sculpture grows and changes its shape as the melody develops. Visitors can change the movement of the sculpture with their web camera.
  29. 29. Discuss in Twitter what you see in the Internet now. This is a free application to Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers which makes it possible to discuss any open webpage while surfing at web sites with all twitter users and anyone who is on the same webpage now, or visited it recently.
  30. 30. Sensational marketing
  31. 31. Zulu Alpha Kilo's Agency in a Box Last autumn Zak Mroueh, the founder of Zulu Alpha Kilo agency and former creative director of Taxi agency decided to test the quality and the speed of creative solutions made by the team of his studio. He placed the employees into a huge white box in the center of Dundas Square in the center of Toronto and they spent there 9 hours. Promoters invited citizens of Toronto to look inside the white box and to find a solution to any problem. Eight creative managers with invited independent architects, photographers, designers and directors were looking for best solutions and offered best scenarios. And then Zulu Alpha Kilo agency collected all the material of this project, documented the, and uploaded on Thinking Inside the Box project website.
  32. 32. Virtual Football in a window shop for ESPN ESPN and W+K/N.Y. together with Monster Media agency created a touch screen billboard which reacts to passersby's’ movements. Billboards which offered to become quarter backs in virtual American football were placed in New York, Boston and Chicago on a shop window street. The game started on September, 14 and it is too early to speak about results but the agency expects 40 games an hour.
  33. 33. Innovations in media
  34. 34. Mixed Reality from Nokia Mixed Reality is a conceptual platform which makes it possible to connect digital information and real world in the same time and space. Nokia believes that borders between digital and real world get blurred more and more with development of geolocation instruments, photo sharing, convergence of various media channels and due to the Internet growth, virtual world interactivity development with actions in reality. Mixed Reality in its daily format consists of two components: augmented reality and augmented virtuality. The first technology is getting more spread now though it has been used for quiet a while (for example in war planes pilot helmet. The second technology makes it possible to link any amount of relevant information to any physical object.
  35. 35. Digital lifestyle
  36. 36. MAPTOR – you cannot get lost now This is an instrument which combines three components: Google maps, GPS and a projector. Now if you find yourself in any spot of this planet and feel that you are going in a wrong direction or if you find Maptor, project the map on the wall and learn how to find the right way.
  37. 37. Conceptual Playstation 4 New Play station concept was inspired by the popularity of previous versions but this time the emphasis is set on functionality. The first special feature is cold shades in its design and transparent solution of both joysticks and of the main block. The transparent part of the station is used to show menu elements to the user. The play station is controlled by touching the icons.
  38. 38. DEEP GREEN plays pool Many of us heard about merciless Deep Blue, an IBM computer who outplayed Gary Kasparov in chess ten years ago. And now a new page in the development of a robot technology genius is open. Meet Deep Green, a robot who plays pool. And if you believe the demo video, he cannot lose. Deep Green is a project of the Queen’s University robot technology and computer vision lab.
  39. 39. Courier: first details about a Microsoft secret gadget Everyone expects tablets from the Apple, but, perhaps Microsoft will be the first one and will overtake the competitor. Courier is a real gadget, and, according to the latest rumors, it is under the last phase of prototyping. And it is not a tablet but a booklet. A double 7-inch multitouch screen is made for writing, drawing and leafing with a stylos or fingers.
  40. 40. Google Sky Map – mobile application for Android platform Google Sky Map is an attempt made by Google to enter augmented reality technology. But in real time data output is severely delayed. At the same time... It is possible to get rid of the desire to buy a telescope and to find constellations easily while looking at your mobile phone screen and the starry sky.
  41. 41. Innovations in web
  42. 42. Leave your mark TalkTalk mobile provider will promote its services with an unusual video card which you can create with your mobile phone. All you need is an access to the website, a web cam, switched off light, a screen of a switched on mobile phone and good mood. The camera catches the neon phone trail which repeats the owners’ arms movements. Do you want to send a video smile to your girlfriend? Come on! It is funny!
  43. 43. Statistics and analytics
  44. 44. Facebook popularity growth in Russia This year the amount of Russian citizens registered on Facebook grew 600% and exceeded 0.5 million people. It is characteristic that the auditorium which actively uses the Facebook is represented by trend setters. Russian Facebook of late 2000 is equivalent to the Cyrillic in the beginning of the decade in terms of the auditorium and its activity.
  45. 45. Brand managers mastering social media Some marketers were planning on adding social media activities over the next year, including 15% of respondents in businesses with fewer than 50 employees and 24% of those whose companies had at least 500 workers. But most brand marketers interested in social media were already using it. Respondents reported many common barriers to social media adoption. Among brand marketers, 37% did not know enough about social media to begin, and another 37% said there was no good way to measure its effectiveness. Agency marketers reiterated those concerns, and were also likely to say that social media was not proven or tested as a marketing strategy (31%). Funding was also a problem for about one-quarter of brand and agency respondents.
  46. 46. Cost per Lead in the USA As we can see, cost-per-lead pricing varies by Advertisers in the travel and nonprofit industries saw the industry, and also by the amount of data highest average costs per lead for basic fields, at $1.40 consumers are willing to provide about and $1.33, respectively. But the highest costs for premium themselves. “Basic fields” include such information fields were in the technology, health and entertainment as first and last names, e-mail addresses and postal industries. addresses. “Premium” information, such as Twitter usernames and phone numbers, commands higher prices.
  47. 47. Trends
  48. 48. Tagging all around us. Technologies make it possible to describe the surrounding world much better. We change everything not only in our behavior – we start every morning with a twitter post, we make our work more interesting, share things we did not notice before. For example – that shopping malls toilet cleaners never raise their heads. They spend their whole life looking at the marble floor.
  49. 49. Stop counting, start buying! Smart clients have always said that we count internet companies efficiency. There were different ways to count. In ten years accountants have made a way from reviews and clicking to useful actions and sales. We count sales. What can be cooler? It is a new trend. Couple weeks ago we heard a serious client say that we don’t buy reviews and clicks anymore. Only users’ certain actions, which they will carry out on our web site. Advertising grounds are to face the challenge! Not all of them but the moment a key player starts ready working, this model will reflect a year to come. We give own year!
  50. 50. Public indulgence From now on all collective actions should be carried out by their users in accordance with their, let’s say, religious beliefs. All these should be realized via Twitter. For example, it is possible to apologize to every friend on a certain day a religion appointed. Why call and text everyone if you can do that once and with everyone. And you can forgive everyone in one click as well. It is even easier than making a or mailing list – there you need click on everyone and here – you just post 140 characters and that is it. Those who saw the post, forgave you.
  51. 51. Growth in game popularity in social networks More people play games in social networks. Game applications hit popularity records (for example “A happy Farmer” has 6 million participants in Kontakt and 2 million unique users). Last week twitter witnessed a wave of invitations to join the Mobster World game, resetting points in a popular game caused a wave of resentment and the administration faced real threats. It is characteristic that this epidemic crush touched a wide circle of users. Even top- managers of Russian internet companies and mass media fight in social networks and are as happy as kids to rich new levels and to acquire new artifacts. 
  52. 52. Competing to retain users Large social media witness a new trend of retaining the auditorium and copying competitors’ technologies instead of developing own innovations. Having accumulated a large auditorium, global servers do their best to enrich their instruments with other comparable competitors in order to retain the clients. Facebook, to keep pace with twitter, directs users with @, re-makes the home page to turn it into an active page a-la Twitter, develops, to be as light as Twitter and wants to launch its version of Skype. Youtube introduces trends. Worpress “speeds up” RSS by launching RSS-Cloud.
  53. 53. Sources
  54. 54. The last drop
  55. 55. Trend Blend 2009+ Severe water shortages Global supply Severe heatwaves chain disruption People taking trend maps too seriously Nano-solar Alternative energy bubble Eco-Cynics Wind power a map of time and tide Electricity Vertical agriculture Clean coal Return of SARS shortages Rehiring of retirees Bio-fuel backlash Networked risk Declining water quality Space weather Asset price uncertainty Peak landfill Income inequality Major earthquake in Negawatts economic centre Increased regulation Iran Energy dashboards Pakistan Skills shortages Skimming Nuclear power Facebook fatigue Oil /gas price spikes Resource shortages Short formats Influenza pandemic Green cities Flight to quality Collapse of nuclear Low cost competition Online video non-proliferation treaty Urbanisation Seriousness Green taxes Storytelling Outsourcing backlash e-books Virtual protests Protectionism Too much Transparency information Digital privacy Immigration backlash Fantasy & escape Web 2.0 campaigning CSR Climate change Micro-boredom Energy insecurity crisis Fall of US Empire Digitalisation Digital diets Search for We not me Globalisation in retreat control Collapse of US dollar Sustainability Global Pensions funding Growth of autocracy Connectivity Anxiety Old skool Merchantilism Rising protectionism Prediction markets Slowdown in growth Enoughism Volatility Uncertainty Religious and Shorter product lifecycles Industry consolidation Power Shift ethnic tension Eastwards Utility Re-regulation De-leveraging Debt Authenticity Deflation Obesity GRIN tech Ageing Trust Sovereign wealth funds Islands of Tranquility Food shortages Web 2.0 Debt stress 2-speed economies Green IT Inflation Allowable luxuries Virtualisation Increased societal Simplicity appetite for risk Data security Single person households Credit default swaps Energy storage IMBYs LEGEND Telepresence Major Device convergence internet failure Extended financial families Cloud computing Robotics Renting things Critical Global Risk Society Politics infrastructure Gesture based computing attack Home cooked meals Dangerous currents Technology Business Rapid growth of transnational crime Mobile computing Economy Family Unplugging EMF radiation Possible red herring Geo-fencing Middle class unrest Environment Media Back to basics Gated communities * Size of circle denotes likely impact of trend (hey, it’s just an educated guess). Nicole Kidman wins another Oscar This map is published under a Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike License. Map by Richard Watson with help from Ben. More at
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