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  1. 1. FeedJournal Basic 7/6/2010 at 8:57:32 PM - 7/7/2010 at 11:20:15 AM feedjournal.com The ‘trick’ of Camp David | Rachel Shabi by Rachel Shabi (Hija del Zion those talks created a political vacuum, the creation of an aid economy in the resisting and fighting for our rights.” para Israel - Daughter of Zion clearing a space for extremism on occupied Palestinian territories. He says talks should be premised on for Israel) both sides. Developments after Camp Palestinians, who place no less the Israeli acceptance of basic tenets, David read like a chronicle of misery: emphasis on education, economy and upheld by UN resolutions and Submitted at 7/7/2010 1:36:22 AM the violent second Palestinian intifada good business than do their Israeli international law: “When Israel is Palestinians feel they were deceived followed by Israel’s brutal military neighbours, are now ashamed to point ready to accept our rights, we are by a PR exercise. Now aid carries reoccupation of the West Bank; the out that they are among the most aid- ready to negotiate on how to disruptive caveats and the peace continued expansion of Jewish dependent societies. implement that decision.” process is just a circus settlements and infrastructure in the There is no good reason for this: it is • Comments on this article are set to If there are Palestinian textbooks on West Bank, along with the increase in absolutely a decision made by the remain open for 24 hours from the the failure of the Camp David talks stifling roadblocks and checkpoints international community, to allay time of publication but may be closed with Israel in 2000, they ought to and the construction of Israeli’s some of the more devastating overnight carry diagrams illustrating the use of choking separation barrier; the consequences of Israel’s occupation • Israel smoke-and-mirrors tactics. In this devastating split between Palestinian while refusing to push for a political • Middle East case, the confusing burst of smoke parties Fatah and Hamas, and Israel’s agreement. Now the aid carries its • Palestinian territories used by the Israeli side to such deadly, three-week pounding of the own disruptive caveats: for instance, • Hamas spectacular effect was the “generous Gaza strip in late 2008. USAID feeds funds into swathes of offer” made by then Israeli prime Ghassan Khatib, media director for the Palestinian NGO sector, but only Rachel Shabi minster, Ehud Barak – a now the Palestinian Authority, says: on condition that documents are guardian.co.uk© Guardian News & mythically impressive peace proposal “Much of the deterioration witnessed signed to assure that the organisations Media Limited 2010 | Use of this which Palestinian president Yasser in the decade that followed can be to be funded are Hamas-free. content is subject to our Terms & Arafat, it is claimed, both stubbornly attributed to the miscalculation that Observers say that civil society Conditions| More Feeds and stupidly refused. led to Camp David.” In common with organisations and grassroots groups, Hija del Zion para Israel Support By this narration, the deal was other analysts he says that pre-Oslo, were far better able to take Israel intended to give back almost all of Palestinians were strong-armed into care of Palestinians than the • Settlements are a blockade to peace the 22% of historic Palestine that the “all or nothing” negotiations at mushrooming, internationally | Seth Freedman No Israeli words can Palestinians have already agreed to Camp David, despite repeatedly dependent and politically speak as loudly as the action of a accept as their state. And this advising US mediators that the compromised NGO economy that large-scale pull-out from illegal West airbrushed account has held sway situation was not ripe for such talks. currently powers Palestine. Bank settlementsThere are plenty of ever since; although patiently taken As a consequence, there is now little And despite Israeli and international thorns in the side of the peace apart many times, it is still treated as faith in the international community efforts to thwart Hamas, the party’s process, but none as sharp and rigid fact within Israel and among its as independent arbitrators. position on negotiations has traction intrac... rightist supporters. Lack of trust is compounded by the in the decade-long shadows of the • Camp David 10 years on | Petra A decade on, this spin factor has fact that, since Camp David, collapsed Camp David summit. Marquardt-Bigman The failure of the endowed a key Camp David legacy: international intervention in the Mahmoud Ramahi, senior Hamas Middle East peace summit in 2000 the perception among Palestinians Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been representative and the general discredited Israel's peace camp but it that talks undertaken by them in good focused on the journey – getting talks secretary of the Palestinian legislative is still the blueprint for agreementThe faith are primarily designed to make to resume – rather than the council, says that the Palestinian deep disappointment I felt when the them look bad. Ask Palestinians in destination. This endless talks circuit, Authority’s position – financially news came that the talks at Camp ... the West Bank about the disastrous the status of which shifts from blackmailed by the international • Diaspora homecomings can summit and the words “trap”, “trick” moribund to resuscitated and limping, community into appearing at endless, backfire | Khaled Diab A return to an and “public relations exercise for is viewed as a distracting sideshow, a futile negotiating tables with Israel – ancestral homeland is a dream that's Israel” keep coming up. According to profiteering circus. As the is proof of how Camp David long inspired diasporas – often with this view, the rejection of Barak’s independent Palestinian MP Mustafa “infected policy” within the troubling resultsThe Zionist vision of manifestly unacceptable offer was Barghouti puts it: “The peace process Palestinian frame. a "return" to the promised land has deployed by Israel as both proof that became a business and a substitute for “We accept ‘67 borders,” he says. been both a dream come true and a there is “no one to talk to” and peace.” “But when we saw this proposal at ni... justification for a subsequent hardline A toxic, humiliating consequence of Camp David, the people understood approach. those peace process years that began that Israel doesn’t want to give us Original post source Analysts observe that the failure of with the 1993 Oslo accords has been anything and that we have to keep Moroccan Lemon Vegetable Salad by About.com Kosher Food your meals all week long. for their membership and vi... (Hija del Zion para Israel - Photo © 2010 Giora Shimoni, • Rebranding and Renaming iSrael Daughter of Zion for Israel) licensed to About.com, Inc Rebranding and Renaming iSrael Hija del Zion para Israel Support The Knesset approved a bill changing Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:12:50 PM Israel the name of the Jewish state from This Moroccan Lemon Vegetable • Penn and Teller get scared, show Israel to iSrael, effective Salad is tasty, healthy and easy to that terrorism works Penn and Teller immediately. "We learned from the prepare. Just cut up cabbage, carrots, get scared, show that terrorism works iPad, iPhone and iTouch that the ... bell peppers, and celery. Dress with ... lots of lemon juice and a bit of oil, • Recovering and Living With Original post source salt and pepper. If you make this at Holocaust Years Posted By Ann Eilati) Many times, Jewish the beginning of the week, you’ll RabinowitzShalom Kaplan aka Genealogical Societies (JGS) provide have a low-fat, low-carb side dish for Shalom Eilati (Courtesy of Shalom important and rewarding programs
  2. 2. 2 FeedJournal Basic Objectiveless in Iraq and Afghanistan by Daniel Greenfield @ the unworkable in reality without turning Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion into a vast multi-generational colonial para Israel - Daughter of Zion project on the British model. And for Israel) such a project would change us, as much as it would change them. And Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:18:00 PM that is the twist in the hook. Because The dominant question on the war we are fighting has already everyone’s mind is when are we changed us. It has imported Islamic going to get out. Out of Iraq and out and Middle Eastern culture in a way of Afghanistan. Liberals who voted that we are mostly not aware of. That for Obama with the certainty that is the flip side of all such efforts, that both wars were the product of some they change the conquerors almost as evil plot hatched by Cheney in the much as the conquered. White House subbasement are Colonialism is not an American confused and frustrated as to why the project. On the other hand destroying US hasn’t just pulled out. Of course the ability of our enemies to harm us, those are the same people who were is. And a strategy that hinges on never troubled by Taliban atrocities keeping the Islamists out by or Saddam’s rape rooms, and aren’t reconstructing their countries plays to going to be too bothered when the their strengths, while exposing our Iranian puppet Mahdi Army and the infrastructure and winning the hearts of it is fixable. weaknesses. We don’t need multi- Taliban come back in for a bloody and minds of the population. In 1939, For one thing our goals are generational nation building projects takeover. And if they do, George the conventional wisdom was that if completely detached from reality. to stop them. We had the Taliban on Galloway or Robert Fisk will be by only an isolationist America had Creating stable working governments the run in the first wave of attacks, shortly to explain to them that it’s just agreed to stay on in Europe, the is a long and painful process. Even in and we removed Saddam with very the oppressors getting exactly what whole mess of WW2 would have the United States, it took a long time few casualties. Our mistake was they deserve. never happened. But while that to get to the Constitution, and we had trying to step in and take over their The Obama Administration has no conventional wisdom might not be to discard a previous system as jobs. Our strength is not running commitment to either war. Much of wrong, it ignores the fact that we unworkable. And that was in a backward third world countries, it’s the Administration from the top on don’t know what would have country which had a tradition of making it clear that if they pose a down, shares Jeremiah Wright’s happened if the US had made the working local governments. While threat to us, we will destroy enough assessment of the last ten years, as a kind of investment that Wilson we’re dealing with regions where the of them to end that threat. It’s hard to case of the chickens coming home to wanted. Or the kind of investment we only form of power is either tribal or build WMD’s or invade your roost. But it’s also concerned enough did make after WW2, maintaining tyrannical, usually some combination neighbors when you lack basic about its popularity to underwrite a bases for generations, and become the of both. Despite all the horrors of post infrastructure. And tribal leaders who year or two of bloody battles between permanent guarantors of European WW2 Europe, we were still dealing support the Taliban should know that Allied forces and the Islamic security. History would probably with countries that had been we will bomb them without regard for insurgents in both countries, just in have turned out differently, but reasonably functional and understood the collateral damage. It’s crude. It’s order to time a Mission there’s no way of knowing exactly how democratic systems of blunt. And it creates a stalemate that Accomplished pullout before the next how. government worked, and were our favors us. Presidential election. This brand of In 1948 the conventional wisdom equals in most areas. That is again not Beyond that our real war was not in amoral cynicism is in some ways certainly said that we had to save the case in Iraq and Afghanistan, Afghanistan, which was a staging worse than that of a Galloway or a Western Europe by rebuilding it in where we are not rebuilding, so much ground for the Islamist proxies of oil Buchanan, since unlike the Bush order to keep the Commies out as trying to recreate them into shapes rich Middle Eastern states and the Administration, Barry, Biden and Jim (except for the conventional wisdom that we find acceptable. And without Pakistani intelligence service. We’ve Jones are not fighting a war they coming from the left, which an extensive colonial project, that is been suckered into fighting a proxy believe in. They’re sending troops demanded that we get our imperialist simply not going to happen. war, while the emissaries of the real into battle for a cause they don’t asses out and let the “people’s But none of that even matters enemy in Saudi Arabia take meetings believe in, to boost a reelection parties” who had resisted the fascist anymore. As a former resident of the at the White House, and advise us on campaign. beast claim their right to rule). And so Muslim world, Obama understands how we can lose. The enemy is being And so what started out as two we did just that. We saved Western these things himself already. He’s armed and funded with our money. straightforward wars to rout a brutal Europe from the Commies– only to simply pandering to the Americans The money that we send overseas in Islamist gang, capture Al Queda hand it over to the Islamists, who don’t, and throwing away the exchange for oil that was ours to terrorists, and remove a tyrant, rampaging into the senescent lives of American soldiers, in order to begin with, before a bunch of morphed into nation building remnants of what had once been great withdraw on a high note. Obama burnoosed thugs seized it and used it exercises in the Bush era, and have nations, who had forgotten how to doesn’t expect to break the Taliban, to fund their own terror armies. For now become completely detached stand up for themselves. But is it only to demonstrate enough resolve every billion that we spend, all they from any strategic goal, but that of typical enough of the FDR- so they’ll cut a deal that will avoid have to do is spend a few thousand to “Re-Elect Obama-Biden in 2012. It’s Eisenhower era that the people in any mobs chasing after departing keep us on the ropes. straightforward enough to see that the charge could never comprehend that a embassy helicopters. He’s deluded on The same thing goes for the Shiite more the real goals drift away from nanny state turns men and women that note, because where the Taliban side of the equation, where Jimmy that of defeating the enemy, the into children. And that protecting might have cut such a deal with Carter’s support for the Ayatollah has harder it will be to achieve it. The others too much weakens them so that McCain, they won’t with Obama, culminated in the ascension of the military is essentially a blunt tool. It they are unable to protect themselves. who is just too weak to be taken Revolutionary Guard to the de facto is best used for blunt objectives. You What implications does this have for seriously. Obama’s outreach to the rulers of Iran, with an Allah sent can only apply so much finesse with a Iraq and Afghanistan? Once again we Taliban turned Karzai into a loose mission to expand and confront the hammer, until you either break what repeated the same mistake we made cannon, further destabilizing the Great Satan. The bulk of our troubles you’re trying to fix, or render the in Vietnam, cultivating tame useless network of tribal alliances, and in Iraq come from Tehran. Our hammer unusable. But for the last 7 armies of soldiers who won’t stand making it even more impossible to passivity in that regard has years we’ve been trying to use a and fight, because they know get the job done. emboldened Iran to push on into hammer with finesse, and the body Americans will do the real fighting But what is the job anyway? As a Afghanistan. Iran is now regularly count has climbed horrifically as a for them. We’ve schizophrenically blunt tool, the military was never a carrying out ambushes in Iraq, result. tried to set up or back governments good choice for winning the hearts whether of US troops, American The problem is that we’ve never whose only real agenda is stashing and minds of the population. Nor backpackers or Kurdish guerrillas. gotten over WW2 and its nation away the dollars we’ve injected into should that have been the goal in the And treating this as a problem that we building aftermath as a victory their economy with our nation first place. The leftover ideas from can solve with more Iraqi condition. And so we shifted from building efforts. And we have no idea WW2 about nation building might winning wars, to rebuilding how to fix any of that, because none seem fine in theory, but are virtually OBJECTIVELESS page 6
  3. 3. FeedJournal Basic 3 Soldier indicted for killing ‘Palestinian’ in Operation Cast Lead by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del killed the Hajiji women, while the Zion para Israel - Daughter of IDF investigation showed no tank fire Zion for Israel) in the vicinity. However, the investigation did uncover a Givati Submitted at 7/7/2010 12:28:00 AM soldier who admitted firing at a Soldier indicted for killing woman who he feared endangered his ‘Palestinian’ in Operation Cast Lead life. While the military police cannot The IDF’s Military Advocate General identify the specific woman that the took a number of disciplinary actions soldier allegedly shot and killed, the against IDF soldiers on Tuesday for MAG decided nevertheless to press incidents that occurred during manslaughter charges against the Operation Cast Lead. In one of them, soldier. an IDF soldier has been indicted for A senior IDF officer said Tuesday killing a ‘Palestinian’ woman. that the Israeli penal code allows for The Military Advocate General has charging a suspect with decided to indict a number of officers manslaughter, without a specific body and soldiers for their conduct during being accounted for. the operation. In one case, an IDF And the fact that the IDF released officer at the rank of Lieutenant this news two hours before Prime Colonel was summoned to a Minister Netanyahu’s meeting with disciplinary hearing for having President Obama? I’m sure that was deviated from military directives all a coincidence…. pertaining to the prohibition on the posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 10:28 use of civilians for operational AM activity. In a second case, the Military Hija del Zion para Israel Support Advocate General indicted an IDF Israel Staff Sergeant for manslaughter. In a • Israel reserves right to stop third case, the Military Advocate Nations fact finding mission on the At a certain point, one of the IDF Lebanon-Gaza flotilla by wallyg General ordered a criminal Gaza conflict (i.e. the “Goldstone soldiers from the Givati Brigade Israel reserves right to stop Lebanon- investigation following his review of Report”) was published in September opened fire at a woman who was Gaza flotilla Israeli Ambassador to a field investigation in order to clarify 2009, presenting 30 specific incidents marching together with the group. A the United Nations Gabriela Shalev the circumstances of a specific related to the IDF, most of which mother and daughter – 35-year-old addresses a United Nations Security incident. In a fourth case, disciplinary were already familiar to the IDF and Majda Abu Hajiji and her 64-year-old Council meeting in New York, action was taken against an IDF were in various stages of examination mother Salama were killed in the January 6, 20... Captain for his failed professional prior to the report’s publication. incident, although it is not clear • Turkish filmmaker takes aim at judgment in authorizing an attack Read the whole thing. which of them died from the Givati U.S. and Israel Turkish filmmaker against a terror operative. JPost adds: soldier’s fire. The incident was later takes aim at U.S. and Israel Israel … IDF Military Advocate General Maj. thoroughly investigated by B’Tselem may not like it, but a popular Turkish Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi ordered an -Gen. Avichai Mandelblit decided and mentioned in the Goldstone television and film franchise which examination of IDF conduct, and the Tuesday to charge a soldier with Report. once depicted a Jewish doctor ethical aspects thereof, in full manslaughter for allegedly shooting During a military probe shortly stealing organs from Muslim confidence of the moral justness of and killing a Palestinian woman following the incident, one soldier prisoners ... the IDF, its officers and soldiers, as during Operation Cast Lead in the was picked out as responsible for • Helen Thomas, Israel and the well as of the IDF’s ability to Gaza Strip last year. opening fire at the group of civilians. Palestinians – latimes.com Helen examine any incident, to draw the The incident took place on January 4 The IDF said on Tuesday that dozens Thomas, Israel and the Palestinians necessary conclusions, and to take in Juhar a-Dik, near Gaza City, when of Palestinians, soldiers and IDF The veteran journalist was pilloried legal action as necessary. More than a group of about 30 Palestinian officers were interrogated and that for her remark about Israel, but 150 incidents have been examined civilians, including women and “gaps were discovered between the where's the uproar over such and nearly 50 investigations have children, approached an Israeli description provided by the comments directed a... ... been launched by the Military Police military position. The group, Palestinians to the soldiers’ Criminal Investigations Division according to several eyewitness testimonies.” According to Original post source since the operation’s conclusion. accounts, was waving white flags. Palestinian testimonies, tank fire Furthermore, the report of the United The 1967 borders are not defensible by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del needed to retain in order to have retain the Jordan Valley and the high Gorenberg? Prof. Stanley Fish has a Zion para Israel - Daughter of defensible borders. The study was ground of Judea and Samaria. regular online column in the New Zion for Israel) completed within a few weeks after In any event, going back to the 1949 York Times on education society. His the war. I am reproducing part of the armistice lines (the 1967 border) is latest post is intended as a critique of Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:15:00 PM map that accompanied that report suicidal. Even if the result of not right-wing efforts to treat universities The 1967 borders are not defensible below (I wasn’t able to include the going back to the 1967 border is that as b... Rick Richman was hoping that parts of Sinai that the report any ‘Palestinian state’ looks like • Nationwide alert issued for 17 President Obama would be asked recommended that Israel maintain in Swiss cheese. Afghan military men AWOL from about the Bush letter on Tuesday. the screen shot, but there’s a link posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 9:15 Texas Air Force Base Nationwide Unfortunately, that did not happen, at below that includes the full map). As AM alert issued for 17 Afghan military least in public. you can see, it does not leave a whole Hija del Zion para Israel Support men AWOL from Texas Air Force As is widely known, after the Six lot of room for a ‘Palestinian state,’ Israel B a s e Day War, President Johnson which is fine because there was no • Siouxsie and the Banshees – israel . . . commissioned a study of the Joint such thing as ‘Palestinians’ then (the live 1983 Siouxsie and the Banshees Chiefs of Staff to determine on a PLO was founded in 1964 and did not with Robert Smith - israel live 1983 Original post source military basis only what territory that have significant support). royal albert hall... Israel liberated during that war it Note that the video calls for Israel to • A C- for Prof. Fish Gershom
  4. 4. 4 FeedJournal Basic EU: Seeking to combat homegrown terrorism by Esther (Hija del Zion para countries they attack, where they After the London attacks, European terrorism that ultimately violate Israel - Daughter of Zion for grew up and went to school. Most Union member states decided to join human rights, in the long run, feed Israel) come from secular immigrant forces on the issue; Spain with its the grievances and the sense of families and are brought up without large Moroccan population is, for injustice that can fuel radicalization.” Submitted at 7/7/2010 2:12:00 AM religious zeal. example, to devise a model on how ( more) EU: Seeking to combat homegrown They seem well integrated into such training can best be done. Source: DW-World terrorism society – until they come into contact “The Spaniards have the Hija del Zion para Israel Support Five years after the London with Islamist extremists. Some of responsibility for expertise on the Israel bombings, in which 52 people died, these homegrown terrorists do not training of imams and passing it • Denmark: European children homegrown terror remains a concern even have a Muslim background and along to the other countries,” said fighting for PKK, claims former ROJ across Europe. More dialogue and a only convert to Islam when they Magnus Ranstorp of the Swedish TV chief Denmark: European coordinated strategy is how EU become adults. Defense College in Stockholm. children fighting for PKK, claims countries hope to tackle the problem. Some argue that the crucial lesson In Britain, the authorities are also former ROJ TV chiefDanish Homegrown terrorism is a relatively learned in the wake of the London working together with mosques and newspaper Berlingske Tidende new term – and a new phenomenon. and Madrid attacks was that efforts to Muslim communities to prevent the continues to publish more But Europe has learned through foster closer cooperation with radicalization of young men. The information about ROJ TV and the experience that it is a danger from Muslims in European countries need British government has initiated a PKK. Their most recent report rev... within that cannot be ignored. to be stepped up. program with more than 260 publicly • EU: Terrorism financing ring Five years ago, on July 7, 2005, four “It’s essential that we work with funded projects aimed at reaching out arrested EU: Terrorism financing ring bomb attacks on the London transport those parts of society where trends to the Muslim population. Mentoring arrested On 11 May, five alleged system left 56 dead and countless toward radicalization can occur,” says schemes are one aspect. key organisers were arrested as a wounded. One year earlier, the Ole Schroeder, a parliamentary state (…) result of judicial investigations and Madrid attacks claimed the lives of secretary in the German Interior Some argue that if a person is not police operations. The investigation 191 people. Ministry. “For instance we have to susceptible to extremist ideologies, he started in 2007 in Italy in... This article was prepared by the directly work with mosques or with or she won’t turn to terrorism. • EU: Benefits restriction on terror Islam in Europe blog – groups close to radical Islamists.” Among those who subscribe to this suspects’ wives ruled illegal EU: islamineurope.blogspot.com The best protection, Schroeder says, line of thought is Judith Sunderland Benefits restriction on terror suspects' In Germany, the so-called Sauerland is to ensure that Muslim communities of Human Rights Watch. wives ruled illegalRestrictions on the terror cell had devised attacks on in European countries are not Her group says that banning minarets payment of welfare benefits to wives airports that were only prevented susceptible to extremist tendencies. or the burqa only leads to further of terror suspects imposed by Ed because the group’s plans were The German government has tried to radicalization. Terror suspects, they Balls when he was a Treasury uncovered shortly before they take a step in this direction by say, must never be treated with minister have bee... intended to carry them out. founding a forum on Islam aimed at disrespect to the rule of law – as has Homegrown terrorism is different creating a dialogue with Germany’s been the case in several western Original post source from attacks like those in the United Muslim population on shared societal counties. States on September 11, 2001. The values. (…) perpetrators come from the very (…) “Measures that are taken to counter Probiotics by Chana Rubin, RD (Hija del (species) DN-114 001(strain), a Considering their possible benefits, Zion para Israel - Daughter of probiotic that may help support the probiotics are a low-risk intervention. Zion for Israel) immune system. They’re worth a try as long as you do Another yogurt product contains your homework and find the right Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:00:00 PM Bifidobacterium (genus) animalis product (and the correct dose) for They’re added to yogurt, snack bars, (species) DN-173-010 (strain), a what ails you. water, baby food and pizza crust. probiotic that may help relieve For additional information about You’ll find them in chewing gum, constipation. probiotics, try these websites: fruit juice, lozenges and toothpaste. What’s it supposed to do? http://www.gastro.org/patient-center/ They’re even in dog food. Different strains of probiotics diet-medications/probiotics Are probiotics just another “health provide different benefits. Targets for http://isapp.net food” gimmick? What are they and probiotic influence include digestive http://www.usprobiotics.org what do they do? Should you add function (traveler’s and antibiotic Hija del Zion para Israel Support them to your diet? related diarrhea, irritable bowel Israel adequate amount of probiotic for Although they don’t have a legal syndrome, lactose digestion, colic), • Salt II Most of the salt we eat therapeutic benefit. The minimum definition in the US, the World oral health, allergies, eczema, vaginal comes from processed food liked dose must be the dose shown to have Health Organization defines and respiratory infections, and even canned and "instant" soup, sauces and a health benefit in controlled studies. probiotics as “Live microorganisms, brain function. salad dressing, canned fish, frozen Are probiotics for everyone? which when administered in adequate Is there scientific research to back up foods, noodle and macaroni mixes Check with your physician before amounts, confer a health the claims? and the all-time kosher kitchen giving probiotics to infants, the benefit on the host.” The most important question to ask favor... elderly and anyone with a seriously “Live organisms” can also be is whether the claim made for the • Salt I Once again, New York City compromised immune system. described as “friendly or beneficial product is true. Has it been tested on is making nutrition news. First it was Terminally ill cancer patients and bacteria”. They’ve been around for humans and shown to have a benefit? a city-wide ban on trans fat. Now people whose conditions have the thousands of years in fermented foods Search the web or call the company they're trying to get us to eat less salt. potential for leaky bowels (including like yogurt and kefir. But because the for details that may not be on the New York's "National Salt Reduction acute pancreatitis) should not take science of probiotics is just emerging, package. Check for articles published Initiative" aims to r... probiotics. there are still a lot of unknowns. In in scientific journals. Some products • Too Much of a Good Thing Can In Israel, there are a number of typical fashion, the marketplace is have their own website with links to you eat too many vegetables? kosher yogurt products containing often ahead of the science. Products clinical studies. Apparently so. I've written about probiotics. In the US, similar containing probiotics are all the rage. How much probiotic is in a serving orthorexia nervosa – a condition products may or may not be kosher. But not all of them are effective or size or a dose? What is the expiration where a person sets severe rules about Many yogurts in the US contain non- worth your money. date of the product? food and restricts his or her eating to kosher gelatin, so check the labels. I Here’s what you should know: It doesn’t matter if a probiotic is the point of becomi... found one probiotic supplement in the The full name of the probiotic, added to food or if it’s in supplement US with kosher certification, though including genus, species and strain form. What’s important is whether Original post source most seemed to be non-kosher, due to For instance, a popular yogurt drink reliable research substantiates the their gelatin-based capsules. contains Lactobacillus (genus) casei health claim and whether there’s an
  5. 5. FeedJournal Basic 5 Hamas top dog: "This is our plan for this stage – to liberate the West Bank and Gaza, without recognizing Israel’s right to a single inch of land, and without giving up the Right of Return for a single Palestinian refugee" by Robert (Hija del Zion para on a single inch of land. presence in Gaza, we must finish off Israel - Daughter of Zion for This is our plan for this stage – to the remnants of that occupation, and Israel) liberate the West Bank and Gaza, move on to the West Bank. without recognizing Israel’s right to a Posted by Robert on July 6, 2010 Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:57:32 PM single inch of land, and without 8:57 PM Hamas top dog: “This is our plan for giving up the Right of Return for a | No Comments this stage – to liberate the West Bank single Palestinian refugee. Print this entry and Gaza, without recognizing [...] | Email this entry Israel’s right to a single inch of land, Our plan for this stage is to liberate | Digg this and without giving up the Right of any inch of Palestinian land, and to | del.icio.us Return for a single Palestinian refugee” But deep down, they really, establish a state on it. Our ultimate plan is [to have] Palestine in its | Hija del Zion para Israel Support Le Chaim really, want peace! “Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: Our Plan Is to entirety. I say this loud and clear so that nobody will accuse me of Israel • Israel’s Latest Violation Every time Menorah Judaica Establish a Palestinian State Without Recognizing Israel and Without employing political tactics. We will not recognize the Israeli enemy. Israel's right-wing government engages in yet another outrageous – judaica Giving Up the Right of Return,” from As for the issue of a referendum – violation of international legal norms, by paraisrael (Hija del Zion MEMRITV, June 15: [the Palestinian Authority] is ready to it is easy to think, "No way are they para Israel - Daughter of Zion Following are excerpts from an impose its position on people by going ... ... for Israel) interview with Hamas leader force. Whoever wants to hold a • Shir Lamaalot por BenYâHmín en Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, which aired on referendum, and believes that he can Tu Bishvat Zamerando (cantando) la Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:05:36 PM Future News TV on June 15, 2010: get all of Palestine for the Tehil·láh 121 en el Arvít del 15 de Le Chaim Menorah Judaica Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: We have Palestinians, can hold a referendum, Shevát del 5769.... liberated Gaza, but have we but will not give up the platform of • Resolution 194 To give an idea of • Le Chaim Menorah Judaica recognized Israel? Have we given up resistance, and the plan to liberate how Efraim Karsh uses real facts to our lands occupied in 1948? We Palestine in its entirety. This is turn Arab propaganda that has Menorah: Le Chaim demand the liberation of the West unequivocal. become conventional wisdom on its This Hanukkah has extraordinary Bank, and the establishment of a state [...] head in his book Palestine Betrayed, details, it puts the Festive in Festival in the West Bank and Gaza, with If we could liberate the Negev now, here is what he writes about UN of Lights. Toast the holiday with this Jerusalem as its capital – but without we would continue [our military Genera... fun Menorah. recognizing [Israel]. This is the key – activity], but our capabilities dictate Made of heavy aluminum and without recognizing the Israeli enemy that after we got rid of the Israeli Original post source measures 11L x 6.5H x 1.5D Hanukkah, referred to as the You don’t say: Hezbullah Rating:(out of reviews) List Price: Price: $ 44.00 operatives on US – Mexico border Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Rounded Menorah, Polished Resin by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del guilty in 2005 for supplying by Judaica, Chanukah – judaica Zion para Israel - Daughter of information to the terror organization Zion for Israel) Rounded Menorah, Polished Resin by after he was smuggled in the US Judaica, Chanukah Rounded through Mexico, and lived in Submitted at 7/7/2010 1:20:00 AM Menorah, Polished Resin by Judaica, Dearborne, Michigan. Chanukah Rounded Menorah made You don’t say: Hezbullah operatives I’ve discussed this problem several out of Polished ResinEach piece of on US – Mexico border times before going back as far as this menorah can be moved around Representative Sue Myrick (R-NC) 2006, also here and here. s... has demanded an investigation into a Just think: If all the illegal aliens in • Menorah: Dove Blue/White by Fox News report that a Hezbullah the US are granted amnesty, any Judaica by Heather Goldminc – terror cell is operating among drug administrator for intelligence at the Hezbullah operative who are already judaica Menorah: Dove Blue/White smugglers on the border between the Drug Enforcement Administration, in the US would automatically have by Judaica by Heather Goldminc United States and Mexico. testifying at a House Oversight and the legal right to stay. What could go Menorah: Dove Blue/White by The Republican representative Government Reform subcommittee in wrong? Judaica by Heather Goldminc Blue / referenced several incidents that show March this year, that some drug posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 11:20 White Star of David Menorah evidence of Hizbullah’s efforts to smugglers in the US-Mexico region AM Designed by Heather Goldminc A infiltrate the US region with the aid have had relationships with Hizbullah Hija del Zion para Israel Support simple menorah w... of Mexican drug cartel gangs. between the 1980s and 1990s. Israel • Judaica Gift – Glass Menorah with “It is vital we know what is “There are numerous reports of • Iran to Israel Sign up for a FREE Blessing – judaica Judaica Gift - happening on our border, especially cocaine proceeds entering the coffers t r i p t o I s r a e l a t Glass Menorah with Blessing as crime and violence continue to rise of Islamic Radical Groups such as www.birthrightisrael.com An Rating: (out of reviews) List there and as terrorist plots and threats Hezbollah and Hamas,” Fox News unexpected applicant shows up at the Price: Price: $ 45.00 Hanukkah are increasing inside the US,” quoted quoted Placido when he testified to Taglit-Birthright Israel office. Snack Plate, Happy Hanukkah the Fox News report. the subcommittee. Placido labeled Cartoon by http... Judaica Hanukkah Snack Plate, ... Myrick cited the warming the proceeds as “easy revenue” that • Imam misunderstands Islam, pleads relationship between Iran and could potentially be used to fund guilty in New York bomb plot Imam Venzuela as proof that Hizbullah terrorism. misunderstands Islam, pleads guilty members may be collaborating with Fox News also cited a 2006 House in New York bomb plot Latin American drug cartels, who Homeland Security Committee report ... may be utilizing Hizbullah’s ability to which details incidents of Hizbullah • Jewish Civilization: Art and dig underground tunnels for drug operatives who were apprehended Architecture Jewish Art and smuggling and in turn, providing when trying to access the US through Architecture pictures... funding, document forging and false Mexico. The report mentions identities. Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, a Original post source The Fox News report referenced Hizbullah member who pleaded Anthony Placido, assistant
  6. 6. 6 FeedJournal Basic OBJECTIVELESS Koch: ‘They’re nuts if continued from page 2 they think that she’s reconstruction is exactly the wrong in the Middle East. • Holocaust – 1/59"Holocaust" thing to do. The same Kuwaitis who enlisted (1978) mini-series. Directed by dumb; she’s very smart’ The terrorists are the sharp end of an American PR firms to sell us on Gulf Marvin Chomsky. With James by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del oil spear being plunged into our War #1, enlisted more PR experts to Woods, Meryl Streep and Michael Zion para Israel - Daughter of bellies. And we’re choosing to replay portray Guantanamo Bay as a gulag Moriarty. Holocaust follows the Zion for Israel) the same Cold War strategy we used and force the release of the Kuwaiti tragedy and triumph of the Weiss ... against the USSR, that required us to 12. The Saudis whom we protected in • Part 1: The Book of Zohar – Submitted at 7/7/2010 2:30:00 AM fight a long global cold war for two that same war, went on funding Jihadi Selections, chapter "Chayei Sarah", Koch: ‘They’re nuts if they think that generations, and several botched hot mosques and just plain Jihadis. item 81, lesson 3 Lecturer: Rav she’s dumb; she’s very smart’ I read wars against Communist proxies. Beyond the Middle East, the Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-03- all the time that Sarah Palin is a dumb And in the process we’re selling out Pakistani ISI service which we used 09Text: ENG 0.28MB... hick who could never win an election. our real allies and putting our faith in to fund the Afghan resistance, helped • Castro’s lash against Israel a Not according to former New York Muslim dictatorships, including the build the Taliban, and it’s still calculated move BY MYRIAM Mayor Ed Koch, who by the way same ones funding the terror playing a complicated double game, MARQUEZ ``The hatred felt by the gives President Obama a grade that’s networks, to see us through. It’s bad complicated further by internal state of Israel against the Palestinians a bit below a ’solid B+.’ strategy as we pay in blood, cash and rivalries in both countries. Trying to is such that they would not hesitate to Let’s go to the videotape (Hat Tip: oil, while they just pay in cash. sort through this mess, just tangles us send the one-and-a-half million Jammie Wearing Fool). Instead of thinking of innovative new in it even further. The only way is to men,... ... Koch says he wouldn’t vote for ways to dress up the same old nation decisively cut the Gordian Knot, to Palin. But what if she were running building hearts and minds strategies, end the games and make it clear how Original post source against Obama? Hmmm. it’s time to confront the real source of we will respond to terrorism. Unless posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 12:30 the problem. Bluntly and forcefully. we do that, we’ll continue to be stuck PM For too long our Muslim allies have in the same objectiveless limbo, Hija del Zion para Israel Support been playing both sides, soliciting our fighting hosts of ghosts and shadows, Israel protection, while they nurture and rather than striking at the real enemy. • Israel Transfers Fatah Refugees to feed the terrorists who are killing us. Hija del Zion para Israel Support West Bank Fatah refugees in Israel This double game is business as usual Israel are being transferred to Jericho in Erez crossing on Monday August 4, Why Israel cannot make peace with 2008. The Defense Ministry and the Palestinian Authority decided late Monday morning to tr... the ‘Palestinian Authority’ • PA mourns death of Neturei Karta leader Ma'an Arabic says that the PA sent a high-level delegation to the by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del knows just the opposite. funeral of Moshe Hirsch, the Neturei Zion para Israel - Daughter of Read the whole thing. Karta leader who did everything he Zion for Israel) posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 8:15 could to destroy Israel while claiming AM that the Torah demands ... Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:15:00 PM Hija del Zion para Israel Support • Jewish Games Kosherland Board Why Israel cannot make peace with Israel Game A great beginner's game. 2 or the ‘Palestinian Authority’ Barry • did Bibi agree to more Jerusalem more players, ages 4-7. Product Rubin explains thy it’s not likely that Freezes?'Moderate' 'Palestinian' DescriptionBased on the popular Israel will make peace with the ‘ President Mahmoud Abbas Abu CandyLand board game, KosherLand Palestinian Authority’ anytime soon. Mazen has a lot to smile about these is a first board game for a Jewish So what if the PA failed? Would days. Here are some more details of child. Travel through KosherTown - conventional wisdom in Washington what was in that letter that apparently ... switch to saying that Israel had no went from President Obama to Abu ... real alternative for peace and thus US • Video: Fox News interviews Mike Original post source policy should back Israel or would Pence on Gaza Video: Fox News the PA merely find some new interviews Mike Pence on Gaza gimmick? Even if it succeeded in Here's a Fox News interview with creating a marvelous stable, Congressman Mike Pence (R-Ind) Why should Israel give up territory prosperous, democratic (does that regarding the possibility of the US... and security to the PA merely mean elections that Hamas might • Children: When we die as martyrs because it prosecutes corrupt leaders win?) entity, would that mean it was Palestinian children sing about their (don’t hold your breath) and is more ready to make a real and lasting peace future: "When we get martyred we prosperous? What it needs to know is with Israel? Not necessarily. Because will go to Paradise" and "I am willing that the conflict won’t continue, that the issue is not whether there is more to sacrifice my blood for my there won’t be cross-border raids, that money or less corruption but whether country."This martyrdom Hamas won’t take over and that there is a Palestinian readiness to end indoctrination song with its catchy Palestine won’t invite in Syrian or the conflict, teach their people to give m... Iranian military forces, to cite some up their dream of getting all of Israel, examples. provide security guarantees and be Original post source And of course, Israel doesn’t ‘know’ willing to resettle refugees in the state any of those things. If anything, it of Palestine. Video: Netanyahu – Obama ‘press availability’ by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del House. be standardized Austria: Muslim TTV. www.myspace.com Zion para Israel - Daughter of You can find a summary here. Let’s prison chaplains to be standardized www.erhz.it... Zion for Israel) go to the videotape (a little more than Following an agreement reached • Telefon Tel Aviv – Sound In a 22 minutes) (Hat Tip: Lance K). between the justice minister, Claudia Dark Room soft & sexy... Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:43:00 PM posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 7:43 Bandion-Ortner and the president of Video: Netanyahu – Obama ‘press AM the Islamic Religious Community, Original post source availability’ Here’s video of the Hija del Zion para Israel Support Anas Scha... Netanyahu – Obama ‘press Israel • The Birds • Telefon Tel Aviv Good availability’ on Tuesday at the White • Austria: Muslim prison chaplains to flight Charles! thanks for inspirations
  7. 7. FeedJournal Basic 7 14Kt Yellow Gold 7.5 mm X 7 mm Judaica Star of David Pendant by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Pink Sapphire Star of David Judaica para Israel - Daughter of Zion Pendant CandyGem 925 Sterling for Israel) Silver Lab Created Round Pink Sapphire Star Shape PendantGem Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:35:10 PM Type: Pink Sapphire Gem ... 14Kt Yellow Gold 7.5 mm X 7 mm Judaica Star of David Pendant • CandyGem 925 Sterling Silver Lab Created Round Opal Star of David Magen David Judaica Pendant Refreshing • The classic is made in 14Kt. yellow gold Jewish star, symbolizing Gods rule over the universe in all six CandyGem 925 Sterling Silver Lab Created Round Opal Star of David Magen David Judaica Pendant Israeli directions. • A Judaica Star of David pendant is a sentimental journey you can hold in Approx Wgt 0.38gms. Size 7.5mm X 7mm Finish Satin Availability In CandyGem 925 Sterling Silver Genuine Round Opal Star Shape Pendant Gem Type: Opal Gem Salads by About.com Kosher Food your hand. Stock Shipping Usually in 24 to 72 Shape: Round C... (Hija del Zion para Israel - • This pendant is 7.5 mm X 7 mm in hours. Free Standard Shipping!. • Spiritual Jewelry- Judaica Jewelry Daughter of Zion for Israel) size. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!. 30- – Star of David – Oxidized, Pendant Day Return Policy Sku # TLR16970 with CZs, Silver Spiritual Jewelry- Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:23:46 PM 14Kt. Yellow Gold. Judaica Star of Rating:(out of reviews) Judaica Jewelry - Star of David - My family eats Israeli Salad almost David Pendant. A Judaica Star of List Price: $ 149.00 Oxidized, Pendant with CZs, Silver every day in the summer as it is easy David pendant is a sentimental Price: $ 49.00 Star of David Oxidized with Cubic to prepare, inexpensive, healthy, journey you can hold in your hand, to Hija del Zion para Israel Support Zirconis - Sterling Silver Rating: tasty, and complements a variety of relive precious memories, for a Israel (out of reviews) ... main dishes. Classic Israeli Salad lifetime. The classic is made in 14Kt. • CandyGem 925 Sterling Silver consists of finely diced tomatoes, yellow gold Jewish star, symbolizing Created Round Pink Sapphire Star of Gods rule over the universe in all six David Judaica Pendant CandyGem REFRESHING page 8 directions. Gold Yellow 14Kt. 925 Sterling Silver Created Round Obama warms to Israel Cheese Borekas by paraisrael (Hija del Zion by About.com Kosher Food para Israel - Daughter of Zion (Hija del Zion para Israel - for Israel) Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:15:16 PM Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:34:07 PM by Amir Farshad Ebrahimi Want to entice your kids to turn off Obama warms to Israel the screens this summer? Try giving US President Barack Obama says he them dinner duty. They can make is hoping for direct Middle East peace these easy Cheese Borekas, as well as talks to start before the end of Israeli Salad, for a nice summer September, and denied a rift with Obama visited the Holocaust History family dinner. Just stock your home Israel. Museum in Yad Vashem .... with frozen puff pastry and shredded Read more on Brisbane Times • Israel News by Amir Farshad mozzarella cheese, and then step Israel army not amused as troops Ebrahimi Obama, Israel's Netanyahu aside and let the kids get to work. hold fence-mending talks President May 21, 2010LOUISE HALL/ dance on patrol This is a win-win situation as the Barack Obama hosted Israeli Prime SMHMuslim females desecrating the JERUSALEM (AFP) – A bunch of children will feel proud and you will Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the flag: For and against: Female bored Israeli troops may have to face enjoy a night off. White House on Tuesday, seeking to subjugation or ignoring the rights of the music over a YouTube clip … show th... women? Rev... showing them doing a flash mob- Read Full Post • Travel Ancient Egypt & Israel On • Journalistic bias, Islam’s death style dance in full combat gear while Hija del Zion para Israel Support An Unforgettable Adventure | about penalty for apostasy, Hamas-linked on patrol in the West Bank city of Israel israel travel www.pillaicenter.com CAIR, and the freedom of speech Hebron. • Oh, good: Pakistan stages show of Please Subscribe: youtube.com Join Journalistic bias, Islam's death Read more on AFP via Yahoo! force with nuclear-capable missiles an unforgettable Egypt & Israel Trip: penalty for apostasy, Hamas-linked Canada News Oh, good: Pakistan stages show of Walk in the Footsteps of Gods, Kings CAIR, and the freedom of speech Hija del Zion para Israel Support force with nuclear-capable missiles & Christ in the Holy Land of Egypt & ... Israel ... • Barack Obama at Yad Vashem, Israe... • Nile vows to continue fight against Original post source Israel On July 23rd, 2008 Barack the burqa Nile vows to continue fight against the burqaby sheikyermami on Part 2: The Book of Zohar – Selections, chapter "Vayetze", item 331, lesson 19 by Bnei-Baruch (Hija del Zion Hija del Zion para Israel Support oil spill... ... • Wind of Change In Israel, tens of para Israel - Daughter of Zion Israel • From Slavery to Freedom by Mark thousands of Arab Bedouin fear that for Israel) • Israel will stop boat from reaching PelavinAssociate Director, the Israeli government wants to seize Gaza: minister | Reuters UPDATE 2- RAC(Originally published on land they say belongs to them and to Submitted at 7/7/2010 12:24:11 AM BP's cap funneling oil to the surface- RACblog)Three very interesting - and put an end to their traditional Lecturer: Rav Michael Laitman Coast Guard McDonald's recalls 13.3 very different - stories in my inbox nomadic lifestyle. The ... Date: 2010-07-07 million "Shrek" drinking glasses this morning remind me of the power Text: ENG 0.33MB UPDATE 1-BP aims to stop 90 pct of of the story of...... Original post source
  8. 8. 8 FeedJournal Basic REFRESHING Maccabi Tel Aviv FC continued from page 7 cucumbers, and bell peppers topped • The Correct Picture – Kabbalah Home Replica Soccer with olive oil, lemon juice and salt. Festive Israeli Salad includes additional treats such as scallions, Moments – May 23, 2010 Tweet This Post Delicious Facebook Stumble It... Jersey 09/10 carrots, cabbage and even avocado if desired. Photo © 2010 Giora Shimoni, • EU: Muslims go to mosque less often EU: Muslims go to mosque less oftenThe call to prayer reverberates by paraisrael (Hija del Zion licensed to About.com, Inc off the walls in the Islamic Cultural para Israel - Daughter of Zion Hija del Zion para Israel Support Center in Madrid, Spain's largest for Israel) Israel mosque. The sun sparkles on the • Gonzo Judaism: A Bold Path for white marble. On the roof... Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:20:07 PM Renewing an Ancient Faith ISBN13: Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Home Replica 9781590307687Condition: Original post source Soccer Jersey 09/10 NEWNotes: Brand New from Maccabi is the most decorated club Publisher. No Remainder Mark. in the history of Israeli football. Product DescriptionGonzo Judaism is Embroidered club crest and brand both a clarion call for a new Jewish name. Screened Kappa logos on the agenda and a blueprint for an shoulder. 95/5 polyamide/lycra. I adventu... Rating:(out of reviews) List Price: Price: Image by N i c o_ ... Gaudi Tel Aviv • Carlos Arroyo Maccabi Tel Aviv Image by austinevan Mix – Shit hits the Fan Sorry about PRESENTATION DE TEL AVIV the Song... I had to replace it cause of CITY %¿!@$& Youtube ***Watch in Related Tel Aviv Products HD*** uk.youtube.com Here is my Hija del Zion para Israel Support new Mix!! Its about Carlos Arroyo... Israel Short simple mix, n... • Tel Aviv Beach Soccer – Make • Maccabi Tel Aviv Pin Image taken Love Not Terror | about israel travel I on 2008-06-19 13:30:09 by wish Israelis and Palestians did this zeevveez.... instead of warring endlessly with one another like in the Gaza flotilla convoy fiasco. Coming soon... Israel Ja1/4dische Aspekte Jung-Wiens Im Kulturkontext Des Afin de Sia]clea (Conditio Judaica) (v. 52) by paraisrael (Hija del Zion of reviews) List Price: $ 91.00 para Israel - Daughter of Zion Price: $ 146.99 ... for Israel) • Georg Hermann: Deutsch-Ja1/ 4discher Schriftsteller Und Journalist, Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:10:13 PM 1871–1943 (Conditio Judaica) Georg Ja1/4dische Aspekte Jung-Wiens Im Hermann: Deutsch-Ja1/4discher Kulturkontext Des Afin de Sia]clea Schriftsteller Und Journalist, 1871-- (Conditio Judaica) (v. 52) 1943 (Conditio Judaica) Rating: Rating:(out of reviews) (out of reviews) List Price: $ List Price: $ 63.00 99.00 Price: $ 153.99 Philo-Se... Price: $ 98.98 • 14Kt Yellow Gold 7.5 mm X 7 mm Hija del Zion para Israel Support Judaica Star of David Pendant 14Kt Israel Yellow Gold 7.5 mm X 7 mm Judaica • Wahrnehmung – Konstruktion – Star of David Pendant The classic is Text: Bilder Des Wirklichen Im Werk made in 14Kt. yellow gold Jewish Georg Forsters (Conditio Judaica,) star, symbolizing Gods rule over the Reviews Wahrnehmung - universe in all six directions.A Konstruktion - Text: Bilder Des Judaica Star of Da... Wirklichen Im Werk Georg Forsters (Conditio Judaica,) Rating: (out