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Para Israel 14072010

  1. 1. FeedJournal Basic 7/13/2010 at 7:28:00 PM - 7/14/2010 at 11:23:21 AM feedjournal.com PA hushes up attempted rape of American "peace activist" by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion fellow activists. The woman escaped, other women in a strange house. They expatriate women in Rafah as “nasty para Israel - Daughter of Zion later accusing the popular protest man misinterpret it.” foreign bitches” whom “our for Israel) of the attempt. One villager who had So now we have liberal Westerners Palestinian young men are following encountered the American following agreeing to hush up stories of sexual around.” It was a sobering reminder Submitted at 7/14/2010 2:36:00 AM the incident said she had been in a abuse – tacitly supporting a that outsiders — even international From Ha’aretz:, a story dripping with state of shock. repressive, patriarchal society. do-gooders — were untrustworthy in irony: Aladdin then refused to apologize for Notice also how easily these female the eyes of some Palestinians. The Palestinian Authority, as well as the incident, when news of it reached Western activists agreed to shield a That morning, the ISM team tried to the leaders of the Palestinian popular the village’s popular committee, the man who said he was wanted by devise a strategy to counteract the protests in villages such as Bil’in, popular protests’ governing body, Israeli authorities. This sounds a lot letter’s effects.“We all had a feeling Na’alim, Umm Salmuna, have been allegedly saying that the incident had like when the ISM shielded a that our role was too passive. We trying to keep the following story been marginal and normal. The Palestinian Jihad terrorist: talked about how to engage the Israeli away from both public knowledge American activist then asked the In March 2003, Israeli troops raided military,” Richard “Fuzz” Purssell and the media’s eye: One of the more committee to notify authorities of the ISM’s West Bank offices in Jenin and told me by phone from Great Britain. prominent Umm Salmuna activists – attempted rape, a request which captured a suspected member of the …That morning, team members made a village south of Bethlehem, long resulted in the man being arrested by terrorist organization Islamic Jihad. a number of proposals that seemed entrenched in a battle against the security forces in Bethlehem. After The Israeli army identified Shadi designed only to aggravate the West Bank separation fence – is agreeing to apologize for the incident, Suqiyeh, who was hiding in the ISM problem. Purssell, for instance, suspected of the attempted rape of an Aladdin was released from custody office, as a senior member of Islamic suggested marching on a checkpoint American peace activist who had by the PA police. Jihad who had planned a number of that had been the site of several been residing in the village as part of The U.S. citizen was then convinced foiled attacks on Israelis. A statement suicide attacks. “ The idea was to her support of the local protest. to retract her complaint, as to avoid released by ISM soon after the more directly challenge the Israeli Omar Aladdin, who had been tainting the image of the popular incident explained that Suqiyeh was military dominance using our arrested three months ago over protest, which had attracted praise brought into the apartment by an ISM international status,” Purssell told me. suspicions he had attempted to rape from around the world in recent volunteer “concerned about his (h/t Lenny) the U.S. citizen, was subsequently months. welfare” because “under Israeli Hija del Zion para Israel Support released after agreeing to apologize to However, the Umm Salmuna case is military curfew, Palestinians spotted Israel the young woman. However, Haaretz not the only one. Separation fence in the streets are shot on sight.” • Passover Haggadah [2009-0-31- had learned that representatives of activists know of other incidents in Finally, isn’t it interesting that in this 118] Image taken on 1910-01-01 both the popular protest movement which Palestinians molested and case the young man specifically 00:00:00 by MagnesMuseum.... and the PA have since applied sexually assaulted foreign peace chose the only Muslim American • Terrorist Attack Thwarted by Israel pressure on the American peace activists, a subject which was activist to be the victim? Navy, 7 June 2010 Earlier this activist as to prevent her from making apparently raised in the discussions of One more point: this is hardly the morning, an Israel Navy force in the the story public. the various popular committees. first clash between Palestinian Arab area of Nuseirath identified a squad The incident allegedly took place last Foreign female peace activists culture and so-called “peace of terrorists wearing diving suits on April, as Aladdin, who had served a regularly participate in protests in the activists.” In fact, Rachel Corrie may their way to execute a terror attack. term in the Israeli jail in the past, villages of Bil’in, Na’alin, and others, have been trying to ingratiate herself The force fired and hit the terrorist... arrived one evening at the guest where the activists stay in separate with Palestinian Arabs who were • UK: Number of Muslim MPs could house in which many of the foreign houses. Some villagers do not agree threatening the Westerners when she double UK: Number of Muslim MPs peace activists were staying. The with these housing arrangements, decided to become a human shield: could doubleUp to a quarter of the 16 European and American female claiming that the villages’ youth, who [Corrie] was propelled, in part, by Muslim females standing as activists reportedly agreed to let frequently visit the activists, are frustration. During the past few days candidates at the next month’s Aladdin stay with them after he had corrupted by the young women. she and the nine other ISM activists general elections are in prominent told them he feared the Israel Defense One villager said the female activists had become preoccupied with an positions to win parliamentary seats Forces were on his tail, adding that he bring a different “culture with them, anonymous letter circulating through for the... had been severely beaten at an IDF western, too open. The young people, Rafah that cast suspicion on the checkpoint only a week before. especially from the villages, aren’t human shields.“Who are they? Why Original post source During his stay Aladdin allegedly used to stay near other girls, they do are they here? Who asked them to attempted to rape a Muslim-American not know their culture, certainly when come here?” it asked. The letter woman, nicknamed “Fegin” by it’s a young woman staying with referred to Corrie and the other Libyan aid ship loiters in waters off Gaza: Israel by israel (Hija del Zion para Hija del Zion para Israel Support the mouth of [Miriam's] well; the Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel mouth of [Balaam's] ass; the rainbow; Israel) • Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Video So, the manna; [Moses... for my Special Effects and Animation • Wage Wants to Learn the Dreidel Submitted at 7/13/2010 10:53:00 PM class, we were given the assignment Game Image taken on 2009-12-19 An Israeli flag flutters in the wind as to make a movie in After Effects that 00:33:30 by ShellyS.... the Mavi Marmara, a Gaza-bound was at least 30 seconds long. I ship that was raided by Israeli ATTEMPTED (keyword he... Original post source twilight of Shabbat eve: the mouth of commandos, is escorted by a naval • Daily Quote: Iyar 8, 5770 – April the earth [that swallowed Korach]; vessel (not seen) to th… 22, 2010 Ten things were created at
  2. 2. 2 FeedJournal Basic The Inhuman Government by Daniel Greenfield @ the Nor is the Inhuman System an Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion improvement over the human one. para Israel - Daughter of Zion That is because it still has no mind of for Israel) its own. Instead it has to follow the instructions scripted by those in Submitted at 7/13/2010 7:28:00 PM power. The delay between the One of the great errors of big instructions and the problem are what government liberalism is its belief make it inhuman. As it grows, its that inhuman systems are superior to structure makes it increasingly more human beings. This form of difficult to script. That is when the mechanical thinking is a monster comes alive sufficiently commonplace error in a scientific age enough to protect its own survival, at in which we have become used to the expense of its host. It consumes using mechanical systems to solve resources, draws more and more problems. But people are not power into itself, so that it is at once machines, and trying to turn people indispensable and ungovernable. The into gears in the great machine of embedded bureaucracy within a government leads to tragic results. system function as its neurons, The embrace of big government in relaying information without being the United States was driven by the able to act independently on it. Like a belief in scientific government as a living corpse, the system keeps perfectible system. This creepy moving, but it cannot do anything but worship of elitist technocracy lingers consume. It was designed as a tool for around the more idealistic liberal solving problems, but it has become administrations, from FDR to JFK to one big problem. Obama. Always followed by a list of Rules are the scripts of the system, PhD’s and degree holders in the but rules may be made by humans, cabinet revealing a failure to Constitutional government as a kind problem, the people. but once humans cease to understand that higher education does of anti-system, an inoculation against The system of course isn’t human. intelligently administer them, they not make one immune from human government that was meant to keep in Or rather it’s as human as its too become inhuman. The law in flaws. The idea of a perfected its place, liberalism has come to view strongest elements and as inhuman as abstract has no regard for humanity, government is at odds with government as the ultimate tool that its weakest elements. A strong only for the odds. And the more a democracy, which treats political can do anything. Government as a controlling figure in a system system grows, the less regard it has chaos and voter misjudgments as Swiss Army Knife of course leads to humanizes it for good or ill. That is for human intervention from juries or valid tradeoffs for a leash on even bigger government. Where the why a system is only as good or bad elected officials. Human beings are government. It worships the idea of Bill of Rights tried to restrain the role as the people who hold authority too unpredictable to fit into a system, government, rather than the reality of of government by creating legal within it. That reduces the system unless their behavior is a known government. An egotistical exercise DMZ’s where its authority could not once more to the human frailties of quantity. And the only way to make for policy wonks certain that the right extend, subsequent Supreme Courts those who hold power in the system. human behavior into a known people can set everything to right, and legislatures have in some cases Corrupt officials will corrupt a quantity is by limiting their choices, regardless of what the people as a eroded and in other cases eradicated system. Because the system is them controlling their minds and enforcing whole might think about it. those DMZ’s in the name of the writ large. But the bigger a system a desired outcome. Which becomes ObamaCare showed us the ugly public good. The public good of gets, the less human it becomes. That the purpose of the system. spectacle of elitist government and its course not being defined by the is because its size diminishes the Since no system can properly supporters, dismissing and ignoring public, but by the branches of ability of individuals to influence its accommodate human individuality, the democratic objections of the government itself. full scope. Instead the system begins the system chases after its subjects public as the clamor of an ignorant The dangerous fascination with to run on scripts. Scripts define how with more rules. As human beings and dangerous rabble. That is how systems is a hallmark of inhuman those serving within the system will adapt to the rules, more rules are tyrants throughout history have government. That is because those react to events. Which leads to the required. As new rules are brought viewed public protest. It is not who love systems the most, distrust painful inflexibility and rigidity of into being to modify the old rules, the however the response of a democratic human beings. Representative bureaucracies, as men and women result is a system with endless rules government to the will of the Democracy works on the who have been trained to respond like that fewer people pay attention to. majority. It is how those who view understanding that people are flawed, machines, try to cope with a crisis. Crime becomes law, and law their policy endgame as a superior and that those flaws are nevertheless The bigger a system gets, the less becomes crime. Everyone is ideal to the will of the people, think who we are. Tyranny on the other human it is. It becomes increasingly constantly in violation of the rules, and act. And that is shorthand for hand insists that the right person can automated. A machine that grows in and depends on human intervention tyranny. rule the mob for their own good. order to grow. It makes collective to protect them from the system. The To argue that government gets its Modern liberalism with its decisions that are incredibly bad, and government at this point has become authority not from representative progressive ideas of government, yet unavoidable, because they are no utterly corrupted. It exists to democracy, but from the purity of insists that the right system can bring longer the product of people, but of a administer shadow networks of their policymaking is to create an equality and teach everyone to be living machine. Like a dinosaur, it is interests who dispense bribes and ideological tyranny. It is the better people under the all- slow and plodding. It resists change receive favors in return. The system deathblow of democracy. And yet encompassing arm of the nanny state. and yet it is constantly making plans itself no longer works, because it has that is exactly what the raison d’etre To think that way, you first have to that it is incapable of carrying out. It parted ways with humanity. Instead of the Obama Administration has define human beings as the problem. has no sense of purpose, because the system is a piggy bank for the been. Government as god, dispensing Where the Constitution defined purpose is a human quality. Instead it elite and a dangerous obstacle for the the blessings of its policymaking to government as the problem, the has physical properties which guide general public to avoid. This is the the unworthy hoi polloi, the great modern day rulers view the its mechanical responses to destiny of all big government before unwashed who don’t know enough to limitations of the Constitution as an challenges. This inhumanity leads to its collapse. To become a threat to the go green, buy health insurance and irritating remnant of paranoid the cruel tyranny of the system, people it ruled over and a toy for read the Huffington Post. And when landholders, with as much relevance whose very cruelty derives from its those who rule over it. those who govern feel themselves to as the Magna Carta. It may be paid deafness to human sensibilities. In The inhuman government which be superior to those they govern, they lip service to, so long as it isn’t taken attempting to create a perfect system, replaced representative democracy, divest power from the people, and too seriously. Because they know that the advocates of scientific with the elitism of the system itself, invest it in systems under their own the real problem are the people. government instead create inevitably reverts to tribalism and control. And so big government Which is how it is from the Frankenstein’s Monster, a creature common criminality, because family grows even bigger. perspective of rulers. The system to that has power over men, but is not Where the Founders viewed them is a tool for controlling the real human. INHUMAN page 6
  3. 3. FeedJournal Basic 3 Knesset Strips Palestinian MK of Parliamentary Privileges by Richard Silverstein (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/13/2010 10:20:51 PM 34 Knesset members voted to strip MK Haneen Zoabi of her privileges Every day seems to bring yet a new outrage against free speech and democratic rights in Israel. Yesterday, the Israeli police manhandled the director of Women of the Wall, wrested a sacred Torah scroll from her hands, and hauled her off to jail–all for praying. Today, it only took 34 of the 120 member of the Knesset who actually had the guts to strip Israeli Palestinian MK Haneen Zoabi of her parliamentary privileges–all because she represented her constituents faithfully and joined the Gaza flotilla. The greatest shame perhaps is that only 16 Knesset members opposed this anti- democratic abortion. What is interesting about all this is that Zoabi broke no Israeli law in doing so (she might have had the flotilla reached Gaza). So in effect, the Knesset minority basically said you did something offensive and we will punish you for it. This usurps the legal process by which the police right-wing member of immunity. The Israel as a Jewish supremacist state I featured here a story from the Israeli and attorney general would do their right-wing essentially owns the out there: “they” have as much right TV news about a shocking near riot job and ferret out illegality and Knesset and they can act with virtual to be there as you (or we Jews, if you in the Israeli Knesset over an address prosecute it. It is an entirely arbitrary impunity barring an act of Kahane- prefer) do. They’re not going away. to that body by one of its members, and capricious act and I hope she will Goldstein like mass mayhem. You can only deprive them of their Haneen Zoabi, who had been appeal it to the Supreme Court, a I have often written here that Israel, rights so long. release... body which at times has been known instead of a democracy, is a national Related posts: • Im Tirtzu is NOT, Repeat NOT a to get off its duff and protect the security state which accords Jews • Near-Lynching of Israeli Bunch of Jack-Booted Right-Wing rights of Israel’s largest ethnic superior rights and Palestinian Palestinian Knesset Member in Thugs! Got that? You better. ‘Cause minority. citizens rights at its discretion. When Knesset (the Sequel) A few days ago if you don’t or if you have any other It should also be noted that MK it is inconvenient to the State, the I featured here a story from… opinion on the matter Ronen Shoval, Zoabi had the honor of a Facebook rights of the Arab minority are • Israeli Palestinian MK Assaulted in founder of the Israeli hasbara outfit group created which wished her good curtailed at will. Knesset For those not aware, the will set you straight; or else sue your health in the form of demanding she The last MK whose immunity was Israeli Knesset has a reputation… ass o... be hung from the highest tree for her stripped was Azmi Bishara, who was • Knesset Debates Bill to Limit Gag • Shin Bet Judge Denies Foreign ‘betrayal’ of the State. This indicates driven into forced exile by the Shin Orders, Cites Damage to Democracy, Media Plays Any Role in Lifting Gag the robust good health of Israeli Bet. Who knows what the rightist Example of Foreign Media Breaking A few of my Israeli friends have sent democracy. MKs have in store for Zoabi next? Secrecy A Knesset member me a link to a Yediot interview with Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin is on There is a campaign to strip her of introduced a bill today to limit the… Judge Einat Ron, who I disparagingly record opposing the measure which citizenship entirely and leave her call the “Shin Bet judge” in my post passed, which is a tribute to his sense stateless like hundreds of thousands Related posts brought to you by Yet title, even though she formally of the dignity of the Knesset. of Israeli Palestinian refugees from Another Related Posts Plugin. isn&#82... However, he is wrong when he warns 1948. Wouldn’t that be an irony Hija del Zion para Israel Support the right wing Knesset members that worth noting? If I were her I would Israel Original post source once they strip Zoabi, that their dare them to do so. It will only harm • Near-Lynching of Israeli privileges and immunity too could be Israel’s image and burnish Zoabi’s. Palestinian Knesset Member in stripped. He’s wrong because no I’ve got news for any advocate for Knesset (the Sequel) A few days ago Israeli Knesset would ever strip a Israel shadows stalled Gaza aid ship by World news: Israel | military has said, as questions persist before midnight that engine troubles A spokesman for the Libyan mission guardian.co.uk (Hija del Zion over whether it plans to defy an had hobbled the ship and that efforts insisted the ship still intended to try para Israel - Daughter of Zion Israeli naval blockade of the were being made to repair it. The to reach the Palestinian territory – but for Israel) Palestinian territory. military, which had four missile ships would not violently resist any efforts With Israel insisting the ship will not tailing the Libyan vessel, has said it is to stop them. Submitted at 7/14/2010 12:52:30 AM reach Hamas-ruled Gaza, there is still idled about 80 miles from Gaza. “First and foremost we want to arrive Amalthea is holding its position in potential for another showdown. An Israeli military officials earlier said to Gaza. If this is impossible we don’t international waters with engine Israeli naval raid of another blockade- the captain had told Israel he was want to subject anyone to danger,” trouble, says Israeli military busting ship in May killed nine heading for the Egyptian port of el- Youssef Sawani, an official with the A Libyan charity’s ship carrying aid activists. Arish, near Gaza. Egypt had for the Gaza Strip is stalled in The captain of the Moldovan-flagged promised to transfer the ship’s ISRAEL page 5 international waters, the Israeli Amalthea told the Israeli navy just supplies to Gaza if it docked there.
  4. 4. 4 FeedJournal Basic The Festivals in Iranian nuke scientist returning to Halachah: An Analysis of the Development of Iran the Festival Laws = Ha- Moadim Ba-Halakah by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of (Artscroll Judaica Zion for Israel) Classics) Submitted at 7/13/2010 11:26:00 PM by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Iranian nuke scientist returning to para Israel - Daughter of Zion Iran An Iranian nuclear scientist who for Israel) defected to the United States during a pilgrimage to Mecca is returning to Submitted at 7/13/2010 11:10:05 PM Iran out of fear for his family’s The Festivals in Halachah: An safety. This is from the first link. Analysis of the Development of the A missing Iranian nuclear scientist Festival Laws = Ha-Moadim Ba- dramatically turned up at the Iranian Halakah (Artscroll Judaica Classics) interests section of Pakistan’s Rating:(out of reviews) embassy in Washington, and was List Price: $ 23.99 quoted as saying he was kidnapped Price: $ 59.95 Biographia Judaica by U.S. agents in a “disgraceful act.” Bohemiae (Veroffentlichungen der But a U.S. official, who declined to Forschungsstelle Ostmitteleuropa an be named, said Shahram Amiri, who der Universitat Dortmund. Reihe B) vanished during a pilgrimage to Saudi Rating:(out of reviews) Arabia more than a year ago, had List Price: been visiting the United States and Reuters adds: would certainly be executed.” Price: had decided “to return to Iran of his Some Iranian media linked the fate Amiri may have decided to take that Hija del Zion para Israel Support own free will.” of three U.S. citizens, arrested near risk rather than have his family suffer Israel Tehran has repeatedly accused the the Iraqi border a year ago where they that fate. Perhaps in the future, • Be’er Hagolah: The Classic CIA of abducting Amiri, who worked said they were hiking and held on greater efforts should be made to Defense of Rabbinic Judaism for Iran’s Atomic Energy suspicion of spying, to the cases of bring along the families of defectors. Through the Profundity of the Organization, but ABC news had alleged Iranian detainees in the posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 9:26 Aggadah (Artscroll Judaica Classics) reported he defected and was helping United States. Iranian authorities AM Be'er Hagolah: The Classic Defense the agency. Washington denied he have ruled out any prisoner exchange. Hija del Zion para Israel Support of Rabbinic Judaism Through the was spirited away for nuclear secrets. “They should be released Israel Profundity of the Aggadah (Artscroll “My kidnapping was a disgraceful act immediately and allowed to return to • I Have a Little Dreidel 12 days of Judaica Classics) Rating: (out of for America … I was under enormous the United States,” the U.S. official Christmas Countdown! The classic reviews) List Price: $ 22.99 Pr... psychological pressure and said of the three. Hanukkah song! Happy Hanukkah!! • A Treasury of Chassidic Tales: On supervision of armed agents in the There has been media speculation Natalie Gelman singing I Have a the Festivals (Artscroll Judaica past 14 months,” Amiri, who is in his that it was Amiri who disclosed the Little Dreidel by Goldfarb. Happy Series) A Treasury of Chassidic thirties, was quoted as saying in a existence of the Qom reactor to the Holidays! Please Subscribe... Tales: On the Festivals (Artscroll phone interview with Iran’s state TV. United States. • Turning against allies is a two-way Judaica Series) Rating: (out of 2 Politico’s Laura Rozen adds: ABC News reported last month that street Turning against allies is a two- reviews) List Price: $ 26.99 A Pakistan Foreign Ministry Amiri may be in danger if he returns way street So true. Price: $ 26.95 Exclusiveness and spokesman has confirmed that Amiri to Iran. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 12:02 Tolerance: S... came to its Washington embassy at One Iranian defector warned that PM... • The Kosher Kitchen: A Practical 6:30pm Monday night. The Pakistan Amiri has some tough decisions • Turkey Alliance With Israel May Guide : feliereisen Edition (Artscroll embassy houses the Iran interests ahead. Reza Kahlili, who still uses a Rupture on Gaza Raid By Benjamin Halachah; the Kosher Kitchen) The section in the United States, which pseudonym to protect his relatives Harvey June 1 (Bloomberg) -- Israel's Kosher Kitchen: A Practical Guide : does not have formal diplomatic ties whom he left behind in Iran, told already strained relationship with feliereisen Edition (Artscroll with Iran. ABC News that Amiri is likely Turkey may be another casualty of its Halachah; the Kosher Kitchen) A Mustafa Rahmani, head of the making life or death decisions. navy's raid on a Turkish-flagged aid master Teacher of Halachah presents Iranian interests section, “is making Defecting, Khalili said, “becomes ...... complex subjects with clarity and arrangements for [Amiri's] very emotional, and at times you accuracy. The Essenti... repatriation back to Iran,’” the Los question your sanity and the decisions Original post source Angeles Times reports. that you’ve made.” Israel Radio reports at 8:30 am “If he went back…he would be Wednesday that Amiri is on his way tortured.” Khalili said. “And then he to Iran. At the first link above, Challah Cover – judaica by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Silver Plated Candlesticks - First Quality Challah Tray 17.5" - para Israel - Daughter of Zion Rating:(out of reviews) The Judaica Collection Celebrates for Israel) List Price: Jewish Festivals, Holidays And Price: $ 28.99 Occasions Includ... Submitted at 7/13/2010 11:05:09 PM Hija del Zion para Israel Support • Spode Judaica Round Challah Tray Challah Cover Israel – judaica Spode Judaica Round Challah Cover 22×18 w/plastic • Alef Judaica SB505 Rippled Glass Challah Tray The blue and white protector and Pewter Corner, Challah Tray with color references both the colors of the Rating:(out of reviews) Knife – judaica Alef Judaica SB505 flag of Israel and the signature Spode List Price: Rippled Glass and Pewter Corner, transferware technique famous in the Price: $ 19.99 Jerusalem Challah Tray with Knife • Spode Judaica Collection Challah ceramic industry since the 18... Candlesticks Manufactured to the Highest Quality Tray 17.5 – judaica Spode Judaica Available.Design is stylish and Collection Challah Tray 17.5" • Jerusalem Candlesticks innovative. Satisfaction Dimensions: 17 1/2" LongBrand New Ensured.Great Gift Idea. Al...
  5. 5. FeedJournal Basic 5 18 Israeli Families Control 60% of Nation’s Corporate Equity by Richard Silverstein (Hija del There is hardly a safety net to speak Fund just keeps coming…. Zion para Israel - Daughter of of. The poor are basically on their • Israeli Soldier Kidnapped Zion for Israel) own. Israel is the triumph of UPDATE: The Jerusalem Post is Hobbesianism thanks to free claiming that all IDF soldiers… Submitted at 7/13/2010 10:59:10 PM marketeers like Netanyahu and Natan Israeli economist Shir Hever, a Sharansky. According to Hever Related posts brought to you by Yet researcher for the Alternative Israel is the second most unequal Another Related Posts Plugin. Information Center, was recently country in the world after the U.S. Hija del Zion para Israel Support interviewed by RealNews TV about Israel spends 75% less than the Israel the relationship between economic average western nation on • Knesset Strips Palestinian MK of issues and social control in Israel. redistributive programs like health Parliamentary Privileges Every day One astonishing fact he noted was care, unemployment, infrastructure seems to bring yet a new outrage that 18 Israeli families control fully and job creation. The reason: it against free speech and democratic 60% of the equity value of all Israeli invests so much of its budget in rights in Israel. Yesterday, the Israeli companies. Their wealth is security it can’t afford to properly police manhandled the director of concentrated in the four largest industries in Israel: banking and insurance, chemicals, high tech, and fund these social programs. Some of this wealth has been drawn to Israel by laws allowing Jews to Women of the Wall, wrested a sacred Torah scro... • Jewish Neocons Gear Up for Exchange military/homeland security. When you think about the once proud history of Israel as an come to Israel no questions asked. There may be outstanding lawsuits or arrest warrants, but they live Midterm Elections…Let the Good Smears Roll It’s not just Israel that refuses to sign the Nuclear Non- Rate egalitarian society which valued the comfortably in the knowledge that Proliferation Treaty. American by Yaakov Kirschen (Hija del work and skills of every individual Israel will not extradite them to face Jewish neocons have been Zion para Israel - Daughter of (even if it didn’t do that for the their alleged crimes out of faux- proliferating so many hysterically- Zion for Israel) Palestinian Israelis) and created a Zionist solidarity. Islamophobic campaign outfits in the Submitted at 7/13/2010 8:00:00 PM social safety net that was the envy of This is not the Israel our run-up ... the Scandinavian countries–Israel has grandparents fought for, the Israel for • Read Uncensored Jerusalem Post It now seems that in the “10 Russian become what it once hated. In 1965, which Hebrew school children Story on Top Secret Israeli Nuclear Spies” caper, Russia made use of it was rated one of the most equal dropped millions of coins into their Base I recently wrote a post about a British and Irish passports!! nations in the world in terms of JNF boxes. secret Israeli nuclear base whose According to the Telegraph: distribution of wealth. Today, it is a Related posts: veterans had somewhat indiscreetly “The case echoes revelations earlier corporate wild west in which a • Palestinian Israeli, Female and established a Facebook group which this year in which forged British quarter to third of all Israelis live Unemployed? It’s Your Own Damn was, at one time, open for public passports were allegedly used by below the poverty line. An even Fault So says Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s access. A Yediot Achronot rep... Israeli agents in the killing of Hamas larger percentage of all Israeli so-called finance minister who has… leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in children live below it as well since • Israeli Rightists Blame New Israel Original post source Dubai.”-more the Israeli poor tend to be Israeli Fund for War Crimes Charges And this report from Israel National Palestinian and Haredi and have Against Israeli Leaders The EXCHANGE page 6 extremely large families. incitement against the New Israel ISRAEL continued from page 3 Gaddafi International Charity and but it has maintained the naval opening fire after being confronted by shipments towards Gaza, officials Development Foundation who was in embargo, insisting it is vital to keep violent pro-Palestinian activists. said today, a mo... contact with the boat, told Al-Jazeera weapons out of Hamas’s hands. The mandate of the civilian inquiry • Gilad Shalit freedom march reaches television. The Gaza blockade and the is limited to investigating the legality Jerusalem Tens of thousands Sawani said communications with challenges to it have caused Israel of the operation. Two international expected at rally after 12-day march the boat had been jammed. serious diplomatic damage, putting it observers have been attached to the calling on Israel to secure release The charity, headed by the son of the on the defensive against demands for civilian commission, which is led by from Hamas with prisoner swapTens Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, inquiries and criticism over Gaza’s a retired Israeli supreme court judge. of thousands of Israelis are expected said Amalthea left Greece on plight. • Gaza to rally in a Jerusalem park later to... Saturday carrying 2,000 tons of food Israel says the commandos who took • Palestinian territories • Israel eases Gaza blockade Israel and medical supplies. part in the 31 May raid had been • Israel publishes list of banned items to Mark Regev, an Israeli government defending themselves against violent • Egypt make transporting goods in and out of spokesman, had repeated a standing pro-Palestinian activists. Activists • Libya the Palestinian territory easierIsrael offer inviting the activists to sail to have said they acted in self-defence today lifted its ban on most consumer the Israeli port of Ashdod and unload after Israeli troops landed on their guardian.co.uk© Guardian News & goods entering Gaza, but maintained the supplies there. ship. Media Limited 2010 | Use of this its limi... The deaths of nine pro-Palestinian Israel has resisted calls for a UN-led content is subject to our Terms & activists in the 31 May raid focused inquiry but has appointed two panels, Conditions| More Feeds Original post source international attention on Israel’s one military and one civilian, to Hija del Zion para Israel Support blockade of Gaza, imposed after the review the raid. Israel Islamic militant and anti-Israeli Findings released on Monday from • Iran sends aid ships to Gaza Pro- Hamas overran the Palestinian an Israeli military-commissioned Palestine Iranian organisation sends territory in June 2007. The report found flawed planning and two aid ships in a move that may international criticism forced Israel to intelligence gathering but concluded inflame relations with Israel over its ease its land blockade of the territory the commandos were justified in Gaza blockadeIran is sending two aid
  6. 6. 6 FeedJournal Basic EXCHANGE INHUMAN continued from page 5 continued from page 2 News: that the faking of British passports report from the Financial and base self-interest are the British media coverage of the misuse was “the mark of an arrogant nation Times:Pressure bu... fundamental glue that remains when of British and Irish passports by Israel that has overreached itself.” On June • Crime Conference (1975) Today's all other conventional values of and Russia shows a hypocritical 30, an editorial on the Russian Golden Oldie is a Dry Bones cartoon citizenship have been destroyed. The attitude, a British research espionage case in the same done way back in 1975!! I'm posting implosion of the system reverts organization has found. newspaper failed to even mention the it for a two reasons. First; a recent humanity backward to a more “Just Journalism, an independent alleged use of a forged United criminal court case in England. primitive stage and in doing so begins research group focused on how Israel Kingdom passport. Suspects in the vandalizing of a the cycle all over again. and Middle East issues are reported in The BBC, too, has given “negligible” factory presen... Larger systems are not the solution British media, examined news coverage to the UK passport forgery • Simple Question The sloppy to human problems, and a system is coverage of the Russian spy ring in its items on the Russian spy affair. NATO bombing attempt gets a big ho only as good as it is human. It is not recently nabbed in the United States, “Of the eight articles published on its hum while the clean Dubai hit causes rules that make systems work, but which allegedly used British and Irish news website on the subject in the an international uproar. * * * The people that do. Systems strive for passports. It compared it to the last 24 hours, only three even targeted bombing, according to perfectibility, but humans are coverage of the misuse of passports mention the issue,” Just Journalism Canadian sources: "The air strike inherently imperfect. Our errors are by the Israeli hit team that allegedly reported.”-more took place in Ur... the product of who we are, and a killed a terrorist in Dubai earlier in To read the report click on Just system that denies that, denies the year. Journalism.-Dry Bones- Israel’s Original post source humanity. The rule bound system “In the latter case, expressions of Political Comic Strip Since 1973 assumes that humans are the problem, political and media outrage were Hija del Zion para Israel Support and opens a gap between itself and abundant,” it determined. “In the Israel the human reality, and in doing so former, not so much on either front.” • Local News The world's ignoring tears a gap in the fabric of An editorial published on March 24 of the Hamas kidnapping of Gilad government. To believe that people in The Guardian, after London Schalit is outrageous ...as is the are the problem is to surrender our expelled an Israeli diplomat following attitude that the whole affair is, humanity to anyone who can promise the Dubai assassination, proclaimed somehow, just "local news". The a better system. But people are governed best by human systems Hezbullah terror victims sue al- which offer a tactile sense of consequences, rather than systems built on ideals and destroyed by their Jazeera inherent detachment from the human reality and the oppressive totalitarianism that results from this. by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del The inhuman government cannot Zion para Israel - Daughter of build a utopia. Nor should that be the Zion for Israel) goal. It is not systems that build people, but people who build Submitted at 7/13/2010 10:20:00 PM systems. To forget that is to give in to Hezbullah terror victims sue al- the tyrannical impulse and become Jazeera A group of 91 Israelis who less than human. were either wounded during the 2006 Hija del Zion para Israel Support Second Lebanon War, or whose Israel relatives were killed or wounded in • The Conflict Between the US and that war, have brought a $1.2 billion Israel Must End Now! The apparently lawsuit in US Federal court charging escalating conflict between the US al-Jazeera with aiding Hezbullah’s and Israel did not have to occur. It rocket placement. must be resolved now, before it does The Kaplan vs. Al Jazeera suit seeks irreparable harm to prospects for pe... compensatory and punitive damages. ... Attorney for the plaintiffs, Nitsana • Netanyahu’s doubleheader Darshan-Leitner, stated, “Al-Jazeera Netanyahu's doubleheader made itself a crucial component of Prime Minister Netanyahu had two the Hizbullah missile offensive. The accurately. Hija del Zion para Israel Support meetings with President Obama on intent was to assist the terrorists in “Al-Jazeera camera crews in Israel Israel Tuesday night. The first meeting targeting and killing civilians. during the war were repeatedly • Educating American Jews lasted from 5:34 to 7... Without the assistance of Al- detained by the Israeli police for Educating American Jews • Militants pledge to float more Jazeera’s on-the-ground spotters, broadcasting real-time information Daniel Gordis looks at the reaction of bombs toward Israel Palestinian Hizbullah would have been unable to regarding the location of missile Jewish students at Brandeis militants claimed Tuesday they had accurately aim its missiles into Israeli strikes, which Hizbullah utilized to University to Michael Oren's sent a barrage of floating barrels cities. Al-Jazeera, which has offices more accurately aim their missiles at appearance on campus for ... filled with explosives toward Israel's in New York, aided and abetted civilian population centers.” • The Virtual Lesson, “Beginning to beaches to avenge the killing of a Hizbullah terrorism and is responsible During the Second Lebanon War, as study Zohar” , Preparation Date: 2010 Hamas leader in the Gulf emir... for the injuries suffered by the in previous wars, the media were -05-16Audio: ENG 10.13MB Video: victims of these attacks.” prohibited from reporting the exact ENG 56.85MB ... Original post source The team of lawyers who filed the locations where rockets fell out of • Córdoba’s Jewish history Image suit for the victims charged that “Al- fear that the reports would help taken on 2007-06-16 07:08:06 by Jazeera intentionally reported live Hezbullah to aim more accurately. Adam Solomon.... coverage of the locations of the Al-Jazzera repeatedly violated the missile strikes inside of Israel in prohibition. Original post source violation of military censorship posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 8:20 regulations, in order to enable AM Hizbullah to aim the missiles more
  7. 7. FeedJournal Basic 7 Pathetic: Abu Mazen campaigning for Nobel Peace Prize by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del for nothing. Zion para Israel - Daughter of posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 11:52 Zion for Israel) AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Submitted at 7/14/2010 1:52:00 AM Israel Pathetic: Abu Mazen campaigning for Nobel Peace Prize Like every • Stay Connected on Twitter & the Updated Forum! We have upgraded Hemmed-In Gazans politician in this region the One Jerusalem Forum with a new Find Themselves (seemingly),‘Moderate’ ‘ Palestinian’ look, feel, and back-end engine. President Mahmoud Abbas Abu circumventing the most direct (and Please visit the Forum, register, and Locked in Despair Mazen wants to win a Nobel Peace much harder) route toward the prize post your thoughts! Want to get by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Prize. There are two differences — creating peace. Most Nobel Peace breaking One Jerusalem headlines, para Israel - Daughter of Zion between Abu Mazen and others who Prize winners have distinguished faster than... for Israel) won and want to win. First, Abu themselves by negotiating cease-fires, • Pictures from IDF Aid Mission in Mazen does not even have a colorable ending wars or apartheid — or, in the Haiti, 23 January 2010... Submitted at 7/13/2010 11:15:09 PM claim of having brought peace case of President Obama “for his • Activists Protest Against Blockade by jamestraceur anywhere. And second, Abu Mazen is extraordinary efforts to strengthen on Gaza Israeli government member, Hemmed-In Gazans Find campaigning for the prize. The international diplomacy and Taleb El-Sana, joins about 100 anti- Themselves Locked in Despair campaign is so ridiculous that even cooperation between peoples.” Israel and international activists to The three-year blockade by Israel the pro-’Palestinian’ Foreign Policy Given that Obama won the prize protest at the Erez Crossing to Gaza and Egypt — paired with the bitter blog has noticed. without bringing peace anywhere, on Thursday December 31, 2009. rivalry between Palestinian factions Taking the unusual step of actively maybe Abu Mazen has a point. YNet Demonstrations t... — has turned the Gazans’ difficult campaigning for the award, Abbas – which is the blog post’s source – life into a new torment. has reportedly sent mediators to doesn’t say who the ‘ mediators’ Original post source Read more on New York Times persuade the committee to award him might be. Presbyterian Study Views Israel as the honor and seems to be Well, they don’t call him Abu Bluff ‘Nazi State’ but Sees ‘Hope’ Follow Israel news on and . The Gush Katif was the source of 15% General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) convening in Minneapolis will debate this week of Israel’s agricultural exports whether to endorse an official church study committee report that compares Israel to the worst regimes of the 20th by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of century, including Nazi Germany. Zion for Israel) Read more on Israel National News Religious conversion bill moves Submitted at 7/14/2010 12:41:00 AM ahead in Israel’s parliament, angering Gush Katif was the source of 15% of liberal Jews Israel’s agricultural exports In a brief JERUSALEM (AP) — Liberal note regarding the government’s Jewish groups were angered Monday promise to finally pay realistic after a parliamentary committee in compensation to people whose Israel approved a bill that would give businesses were shut down by the Orthodox rabbis more control over expulsion from Gush Katif five years the sensitive issue of conversions to ago, Arutz Sheva notes the Judaism. importance that the area held for Read more on Sun-Sentinel Israel’s economy. Hija del Zion para Israel Support The day after Tisha B’Av [ next Israel Wednesday. CiJ] marks the 5th • Why We Need to Break Away anniversary of the eviction of the From Fossil Fuel Dependency and Jewish communities of the Gaza Strip Find Alternative Energy Sources by and four communities in northern hugovk Why We Need to Break Samaria. According to reports, the Hija del Zion para Israel Support on the first day of Shavu'ot. Sung by Away From Fossil Fuel Dependency total sum of exports from the Israel Ribi M... and Find Alternative Energy Sources greenhouses of Gush Katif came to • The Book of Zohar – Selections, • Chomsky Barred From West Bank Unless you've been living under a $200 million per year and made up chapter “Chayei Sarah”, item 194, by Israel – The Lede Blog – rock for the last 20 years, you 15% of the agricultural exports of the lesson 7(evening) Lecturer: Rav NYTimes.com Chomsky Barred probably have he... State of Israel. The combined assets Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-03- From West Bank by Israel An Al • Some encouraging news about in Gush Katif were estimated at $23 11Video: ENG 55.21MB Audio: Jazeera interview with Noam Israel Clarice Feldman This past billion. ENG 9.84MB ... Chomsky, broadcast on Sunday. week was full of the usual: Double $200 million per year in exports and • Shavu’ot ?????? – Ketuba ????? Noam Chomsky, an American standards being applied to cast Israel $23 billion in assets thrown down the leYom Rishon – Ribi Momy Assayag linguist and political thinker... ... as a vicious, law-breaking state and drain – for what? For Kassam rockets z”l Moroccan Daily Halakhot La more threats from Iran to an already and potential suicide bombers? Halakha Marocaine Quotidienne Original post source besieged country. Yesterda... posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 10:41 www.darkeabotenou.com This is • Find me if you can Image taken on AM sung at the time of Peti?at haHechal 2005-07-07 06:36:01 by N-ino....
  8. 8. 8 FeedJournal Basic JEWISH Kabbalah Protection Amulet continued from page 8 Israel Pendant Judaica Made In Israel • Mazel Tov!: Jewish Wedding Favorites Mazel Tov!: Jewish Wedding Favorites... by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Kabbalah SHEMA ISREL PRAYER • Sukkot: A Time to Rejoice : A para Israel - Daughter of Zion Key Judaica Pendant Kabblah Jewish Holidays Book (Drucker, for Israel) SHEMA ISREL PRAY Key Israeli Malka. Jewish Holidays Book.) Jewish Judaica Jewelry Di... Sukkot: A Time to Rejoice : A Jewish Submitted at 7/13/2010 11:35:05 PM • Kabbalah Jewish Star Copper Key Holidays Book (Drucker, Malka. Kabbalah Protection Amulet Pendant Amulet Pendant Judaica Made In Jewish Holidays Book.) Discusses Judaica Made In Israel Israel Product DescriptionKabbalah the longest and happiest holiday This is a Kabbalah Protection Jewish Star Copper Key Amulet season in the Jewish year, and Amulet Pendant. It is made of Copper Pendant Judaica Made In Israel This explains the customs, history,... metal and comes with a leather strap is a Kabbalah Copper Key Protection • Tehilim Jewish Prayer Mim Bet 42 to wear with it. Made In Israel.It Amulet Pendant. It is made of Copper | about tehilim Jewish Tehilim Prayer measures 1.5 Inches in Diameter. metal and comes with an 18" ... number 42 Mim Bet, Monday, 7th CandyGem Style #163969430 • 925 Sterling Silver Torah Scroll day of the month Video Rating: 4 / 5 Rating:(out of reviews) Judaica Pendant with FREE 925 Salmos: Tehilim Con Fonetica Y List Price: List Price: Sterling Silver Chain Made In Israel Price: $ 69.00 Comentarios Hebrew Tehilim/ Price: $ 49.00 925 Sterling Silver 925 Sterling Silver Torah Scroll Psalms text with S... Hamsa Hand Chai Judaica Pendant Hija del Zion para Israel Support Judaica Pendant with FREE 925 Made In Israel Israel Sterling Silver Chain Made In Israel 925 Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand • Kabbalah SHEMA ISRAEL 925 Sterling Silver Torah Scroll Judaica Pendant Made In Israel 1.5 PRAYER Key Protection Amulet Judaica Pendant .75" x .75" Comes Inches Long Evil Eye Protection Chai Judaica Pendant Made In Israel with FREE 16" 925 Sterling S... Comes with FREE matching chain Kabbalah SHEMA ISRAEL CandyGem Style #178838346 PRAYER Key Protection Amulet Rating:(out of reviews) Judaica Pendant Made In Israel The Time Of The Burning Sun: Six Days Of War, Twelve Weeks Of Hope by paraisrael (Hija del Zion of Martin Buber (Suny Series in para Israel - Daughter of Zion Judaica, Hermeneutics, Mysticism for Israel) and Religion) In this book, Avraham Shapira traces the history of Buber's Submitted at 7/13/2010 11:20:15 PM ideas and l... The Time Of The Burning Sun: Six • Sukkot: A Time to Rejoice : A Days Of War, Twelve Weeks Of Jewish Holidays Book (Drucker, Hope Malka. Jewish Holidays Book.) Rating:(out of 4 reviews) Sukkot: A Time to Rejoice : A Jewish List Price: $ 18.00 Price: $ 15.63 Golan Heights Holidays Book (Drucker, Malka. Jewish Holidays Book.) Discusses the longest and happiest holiday Amalthea heading for Image by RedRoseVicar Accounts of the events of The 6 Day War season in the Jewish year, and explains the customs, history,... • Going Kosher In 30 Days Going El Arish Video Rating: 5 / 5 Kosher In 30 Days Kosher is in. by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del • Real organ theft in Egypt Here are Related Six Day War Products And going kosher is now easier than Zion para Israel - Daughter of cases of real organ theft:An Egyptian Hija del Zion para Israel Support you think! GOING KOSHER IN 30 Zion for Israel) doctor, operating on a five-month old Israel DAYS teaches the simply curious and baby for a hernia, has been accused of Submitted at 7/13/2010 9:30:00 PM stealing the baby's left testicle.When • Hope for Our Time: Key Trends in those seriously considering going the Thought of Martin Buber (Suny kosher all the whys ... Amalthea heading for El Arish So confronted, he said he did it for sci... Series in Judaica, Hermeneutics, here’s the latest. • Wedding season strikes again Mysticism and Religion) Hope for Israel radio reports (Wednesday Wedding season strikes again Our Time: Key Trends in the Thought morning 7:30 am) that the Amalthea Yes, I know, I just upped and crew says that the ship is heading disappeared for six hours on a toward El Arish (Egypt). The Israeli Monday (and really for longer Jewish Favorites Navy is trailing the ship and has orders to stop it if it enters Israel’s because things were sched... • Israel urges US to adopt Cuba-like by paraisrael (Hija del Zion territorial waters. embargo on Iran Iran's President para Israel - Daughter of Zion The Libyans (who are behind the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad waves to for Israel) ship but do not operate it – the journalists as he attends a ceremony captain is Greek) claim the ship is in Tehran, October 17, 2009. Submitted at 7/13/2010 11:45:07 PM heading toward Gaza. JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The United Jewish Favorites posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 7:30 States should i... ... Rating:(out of 5 reviews) AM List Price: $ 18.98 Hija del Zion para Israel Support Original post source Price: $ 12.24 Israel Time lapse video of Sukkah construction in September 2007. Video Rating: 4 / 5 The Jerusalem municipality sukkah Image by RahelSharon JEWISH page 8 Hija del Zion para Israel Support
  9. 9. FeedJournal Basic 9 Israel: Demolitions Resume in Contested East Jerusalem by israel (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/13/2010 10:24:00 PM By AP Israeli bulldozers destroyed six buildings in contested East Jerusalem on Tuesday, resuming the demolition of Palestinian property after a halt aimed at e… Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Gazans don’t think they benefit from tunnels A new poll of Gazans by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion shows a number of section. CiF Watch is disturbed for a interesting trends.According to this number of reasons, including the fact poll, oOrdinary Gazans tend to be that Viner co-wrote the ... more pragmatic and less extremist • 100_4902 Image taken on 2007-06- than Hamas,... 05 13:04:54 by unodavide.... • Cleaning Up Comment is Free Cleaning Up Comment is Free Original post source Katharine Viner is slated to take over The Guardian's Comment is Free Israel Faces Gaza Standoff as Libyan Ship Challenges Blockade by israel (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/14/2010 12:02:00 AM July 14 (Bloomberg) — Israel faced a fresh standoff over its naval blockade of the Gaza Strip, after the organizers of a Libyan aid ship that’s currently near … Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Shabbat Shalom from the Challah Baking Crew–PICZ, July 13 Chief Challah Baker Eli Winkelman leads Mitnick offers an ode to his adopted the PICZ Fellows in a hearty shabbat home of Tel Aviv. Seeking out shalom.... culture, nightlife and the beach, he • Satmar community Williamsburg reflects how Israel's cosmopolitan brooklyn new york Image taken on ce... 2006-05-12 15:21:39 by myshi.... • Israel’s other Israel: the Tel Aviv Original post source ‘bubble’ Monitor correspondent Josh