Computer science


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Computer science

  1. 1. G E R A R D O V L A D I M I R S A N C H E Z N U Ñ E Z . I N G . T I C S 4 ’ B
  2. 2. The quarterly journal INFORMATICA provides an international forum for high-quality original research and publishes papers on mathematical simulation and optimization, recognition and control, programming theory and systems, automation systems and elements. INFORMATICA provides a multidisciplinary forum for scientists and engineers involved in research and design including experts who implement and manage information systems applications.
  3. 3. The aims are: to provide a balanced representation of theory and applications, to cover the research results of both the East and the West equally, to provide fast publication of quality papers by the efficient work of referees, to provide an early access to the information by presenting the PDF files of the complete papers on the Internet. All these aims taken together explain the unique quality of this journal and how it is distinguished from other journals in the rapidly expanding field.
  4. 4. The computer term comes from the French computer, implemented by the engineer Philippe Dreyfus at the beginning of the ' 60's. At the same time, the word is an acronym for information and automatique.In this way, EDP refers to the automatic processing of information by means of electronic devices and computer systems.
  5. 5. Computer systems should have the ability to fulfill three basic tasks: input (capture of information), processing, and output (transmission of the results).
  6. 6. The set of these three tasks is known as algorithm. Informatics brings together many of the techniques that man has developed in order to enhance their capacities of thought, memory, and communication. Its application area has no limits: the computer is used in business management, in storage, in process control, communications, transport, medicine and many other factors.
  7. 7. SOFTWARE Software is the set of instructions that computers used to manipulate data. Without the software, the computer would be a set of media without using. When loading programs on a computer, the machine will act as if you received an instant education; suddenly knows how to think and how to operate.
  8. 8. The Software is a set of programs, documents, procedures, and routines associated with the operation of a computer system. Distinguishing itself from the physical components called hardware. Is called commonly to programs of computer software; the software ensures that the program or system complies completely with its objectives, operates efficiently, properly documented, and sufficiently simple to operate.
  9. 9. It is simply the set of individual instructions provided to the microprocessor so it can process the data and generate the expected results. The hardware, just not do anything, as it is necessary that there is software, which is the set of instructions that operate to the icion-de-software.html
  10. 10. The term computing comes from the latin computing. — Reference to the computation as account or calculation, but it is commonly used as a synonym for computer science (the French informatique). In this way, the computer is the set of scientific knowledge and techniques that allow the automatic treatment of information through computers.
  11. 11. The origin of the computer goes back to more than three hundred years ago, when they began to develop machines to perform calculation tasks. Wilhelm Schickard created the first mechanical Calculator in 1623.However, computers capable of performing multiple processes (i.e. that were not limited to mathematical calculations) began to emerge in the ' 40s. The massive and domestic use of these machines came recently in the ' 80s, with the production of personal computers or PCs. The end of the 20th century, with the rise of the Internet, represented a new impetus for everything related to the science of the computer.