The Entrepreneurial Society - 33 Top Quotes from Global Peter Drucker Forum 2016


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The Global Peter Drucker Forum is an international management conference dedicated to the management philosophy of Peter Drucker. Drucker, who lived from 1909 to 2005, was a management professor, writer, and consultant, frequently referred to as a "management guru." The Forum is held annually in November, in Drucker's home town of Vienna, Austria and is put on by the Peter Drucker Society Europe, an affiliate of the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University. (source: Wikipedia) The 8th Global Peter Drucker Forum was held on November 17-18, 2016 at the Hall of Sciences in Vienna. This is the selection of Top 33 Quotes from Global Peter Drucker Forum 2016.

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The Entrepreneurial Society - 33 Top Quotes from Global Peter Drucker Forum 2016

  1. 1. 33 Top Quotes
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  4. 4. Quotes selected by: Vladimir Vulić Peter Drucker Society Europe - Individual Member @vulicvladimir
  5. 5. “It was not financial capitalism that changed our world for the better. It was entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.” Richard Straub
  6. 6. “Employees who are engaged, passionate and autonomous will bring you results. Enable their entrepreneurial spirit.” Lisa Hershman
  7. 7. “In an increasingly divided world we need a common language.” Prabhu Guptara
  8. 8. “Is entrepreneurship a backup plan, because corporations can’t do innovation correctly internally?” Clayton Christensen
  9. 9. “Business schools need to offer a choice between an MBC (Master of Business Creation) and an MBA (Master of Business Administration).” Philip Kotler
  10. 10. “If we are scared of what we have seen from globalization, then watch out. We have no idea what is coming in the next 10 years.” Anil K. Gupta
  11. 11. “Nowadays, entrepreneurship is needed even more in order to balance economic and social shifts.” Roger Martin
  12. 12. “I am a believer that large organizations can be entrepreneurial and innovative.” Bill Fischer
  13. 13. “Change in a large organization should not be like a revolution, but like a giant hackathon.” Gary Hamel
  14. 14. “The biggest mistake companies make is to apply tools for exploitation to exploration.” Alex Osterwalder
  15. 15. “Leadership traits of Germany’s ‘Hidden Champions’ - 1) Authoritarian in the principles, 2) Participative and flexible in the details.” Hermann Simon
  16. 16. “Be prepared to fail, to be criticized, and to have your own job at risk.” Ralf Köster
  17. 17. “A lot of small and medium-sized enterprises are still hesitating when it comes to digital transformation.” Gisbert Rühl
  18. 18. “Hierarchy and bureaucracy do not have to go together - you can have hierarchy of competence rather than seniority.” Steve Denning
  19. 19. “Sometimes, that ‘Customer from Hell’ is in deep pain that you just haven’t listened to. You can learn a lot from them.” Vanessa Adams
  20. 20. “The role of the state should be more of an ’investor of first resort’, and less of a ‘lender of last resort’.” Mariana Mazzucato
  21. 21. “I am a pessimist about the future - I see enormous destruction of jobs, concentration of capital, and popular unrest.” Adrian Wooldridge
  22. 22. “Weaving entrepreneurial skills into education is part of supporting citizens to succeed in entrepreneurial society.” Eyal Kaplan
  23. 23. “We should do a better job of thinking about all the people who don’t like ambiguity and want direction.” Rita Gunther McGrath
  24. 24. “You can’t teach passion, hard work, energy. But you can teach practical tools, and techniques for entrepreneurial thinking.” Rita Gunther McGrath
  25. 25. “Creative competitiveness is a capacity organizations have to create new ideas, to embrace new ideas, and to act on them.” Tim Brown
  26. 26. “Leadership spaces must shift from ‘offices of prestige’ to ‘offices of presence’.” Sara Armbruster
  27. 27. “Too much information creates deficit of attention. Overemphasis on logic leads to sterile decision making.” Julian Birkinshaw
  28. 28. “This seems to be a fantastic time to be a consumer, but a terrible time to be a worker.” Sarah O’Connor
  29. 29. “Just as we offloaded toxic waste into the air and water, companies are now offloading their responsibilities onto society (social pollution).” Jeffrey Pfeffer
  30. 30. “You can expect workers to suffer quite a lot in an economy dominated by more entrepreneurial corporations.” Nicolas Colin
  31. 31. “We need a safety net for the entrepreneurial society.” Tammy Erickson
  32. 32. “An excellent leader is the one that has shifted from setting direction to shaping context.” Rajeev Vasudeva
  33. 33. “Instead of ‘Fail fast to succeed early’, we should ‘Learn fast to succeed early’.” Curt Carlson
  34. 34. “Our goal was to reform the education system in Tunisia from ‘education for employment’ to ‘education for self-employment’.” Tawfik Jelassi
  35. 35. “I believe that every activity in every organization (company, NGO, government...) will have to become an exploration activity.” John Hagel
  36. 36. “We should remember, as we fetishize disruption, that it disrupts real people with real families.” Maëlle Gavet
  37. 37. “Global Peter Drucker Forum is about creating a community of people who care - not just about business, but about society as a whole.” Richard Straub
  38. 38. See you at Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017, on 16-17 November 2017!
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