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E rcalendario E rcalendario Presentation Transcript

  • THESIS PROJECT 2010-11 - Ericsson Response- calendario: march-june
  • We Respond?
  • 11/03Revision of the first stage, errors, questions and explanations.Planning of the next phase: development4 groups: Event, Video, Internal media and External media.The Concept: We respond, adaptations to every media.Defining the ideas, design and timeline: work in groups.
  • 18/03VideoWe have a script (still to define definitive content).It is a really emotional story explaining the visionary idea that mr. Ericsson had 200 years ago, and how hisemployees, gathered in Ericsson Response, challenge some serious global issues of today. It should beexecuted by the Ericsson visual standars but we will add the human touch (drawings, collage, etc).We decided which is the look&feel, and the next step is to prepare a storyboard.Script and storyboard should be ready in 2 weeks. Also, by that time we need definitive ideas about themusic(sound) and the animation.A remix of Ericsson response typography: drawn by hand and pencils - to transmit the human nature of ER.Formats: Video that can be reproduced with or without sound, shawn at the conferences, youtube,used in Ericsson comunication etc.April and May:animation, editing, sound&music
  • 18/03EventA happening that can be recorded and then comunicated in diferent medias (OCHA&ER chanelsworldwide).The idea is to create a series of small events in public places of Madrid and Barcelonacelebrating 10 years of the collaboration between Ocha and ER.Possibility to create a virtual objects in public space using Layar platform (to evaluate).In 2 weeks we need a definitive proposal.April and May: charity value, viral factor, and interest longevityevent production potential
  • 18/03Internal mediaDevelopment of a "Call to action" campaign where we will look for a diferent type of volunteers, the onesthat can help to spread the word about the ER, or act as a community managers on our chanels.A series of guerilla actions in the Ericsson offices worldwide. Using office material and the office ambientwe gonna show to the Ericsson employees what means to Respond and Connect.Development of a flash application that defines the "ER profile". Its an online quiz made to guess whobelongs to Ericsson Response.Formats: Office Games and a virtual apllication Who is...?The idea is to tell to 89 000 employees of Ericsson about ER and cheer up their working hours.April and May:flash application production, office games production(to evaluate)
  • 18/03External mediaDevelopment of Social Strategy ER: A plan for Ericsson Response facebook page.Development of an application that uses "social facebook plug-in" and shows the effects of naturaldissasters; your profile is being reconstructared the same way ER acts on the field - enablingcommunication and helps re-establishing the infrastructure.April and May:facebook application production, blog design, community managment
  • 28/03Proyect development of each area, fine tunning,problems, solutions.
  • 01/04Presentation of the Developement Phase.All the proyects ready for the Production Phase.
  • 07/04-12/05Motion graphics(after effects and final cut). Drawings&textures.Animation&programming:Flash Quiz Who is...Animation&programming:facebook application “catastrophize your profile”Event: producir el material, pruebas, gestión.Oficina: producir el material, programación, pruebas de impresión(a evaluar).
  • 19/05-26/05Editing (final cut), sound recording.Animation&programming: Flash Quiz Who is...Animation&programming: facebook applicationPreparar el material para el video de Colaboratorium (a evaluar)Event: producir el material, pruebas, gestión.Oficina: producir el material, programación, pruebas de impresión(a evaluar).
  • 02/06-09/06Preparación&Diseño de la presentación
  • 16/06 The Final presentation