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Cloudscraper project brief presentation.

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  1. 1. Click to edit Master subtitle style Cloudscraper Cloud Migrations by Vladimir Fedorov Cloudscraper
  2. 2. Click to edit Master subtitle style Your Old Subnet New Cloud Servers Subnet Market Opportunity 2.5M servers migrated this year (Source: analytics by Parallels) IaaS
  3. 3. Click to edit Master subtitle style The Problem • How to move your existing server configuration to the Cloud? • People: High-grade IT expertise is needed • Costs: 2 days + 800$ per server (estimation by Racemi) • Risks: Will your system work efficiently there?
  4. 4. Click to edit Master subtitle style Progress: 77%... The Product Simplifies SMB IT infrastructure by seamlessly moving their existing servers to the Cloud. IaaS
  5. 5. Click to edit Master subtitle style • Customers: small IT consulting, SMBs • Subscriptions: to get automated migration, configuration, monitoring services and support • Partnerships: lesser clouds (thru referral programs) • Markets: North America, Europe, India Business Model
  6. 6. Click to edit Master subtitle style • Estimation of global cloud migrations market: 2.5M of migrations/year • The market may expand by small SMBs (20-100 employees , 35% of all SMBs) • SMB market segment esteem 87M$/year • Full market: 4B$ (esteem by RiverMeadow) • Will grows three times in three years. (based on Global SMB Market Insights™ by Parallels) Brief Market Analysis
  7. 7. Click to edit Master subtitle style • Major cloud vendor forums: Amazon, Azure • IT social networks: Spiceworks, ExpertExchange, TechRepublic • IT specialized internet press: Marketing Channels
  8. 8. Click to edit Master subtitle style • Simple product prototype: migrates to Amazon EC2, free to download, 5 downloads every week • Analyzes user profile: customer and server type • Part of MS Bizspark, Amazon Partner Network Ongoing Progress
  9. 9. Click to edit Master subtitle style The Roadmap • Prototype in Q4 2013 • Test various business hypothesis, • Improve the technology • Initial service launch in Q3 2014 • Raise 100K $ seed in Q4 2014 • Raise series A in 2015 • Profits approx 100K $ in 2015 • Profits approx 5M $ in 2016
  10. 10. Click to edit Master subtitle style Competitors Cost (per migration), USD Features Double-Take Racemi VMware Parallels Amazon Microsoft PlateSpin 0 300 600 900 Cloudscraper CloudSwitch 100 Manual migration CloudVelocity
  11. 11. Click to edit Master subtitle style • Market segment choice: specialized service for IT consultants and small SMB IT managers • External tools integration: monitoring, configuration, helpdesk Competitive Advantages
  12. 12. Click to edit Master subtitle style • Competitors: Some strong competitors are emerging • Racemi (Series B 7,5M$ in July 2012) • RiverMeadow (Series B 5M$ in Aug 2012) • PlateSpin (Acquired by Novell for 200M$ in 2008) • Market: Cloud infrastructure costs may not decrease • Development team: would require strong system software expertise Risks
  13. 13. Click to edit Master subtitle style • Vladimir Fedorov Possible Roles: CDOArchitectCEO Current occupation: Senior Software Developer at Paragon Software (System Utilities). • OS internals • R&D projects • Development processes • Technical leadership Founder
  14. 14. Click to edit Master subtitle style web: email: mob.: +7(905)5498208 Cloudscraper Lift your business up to the Cloud Vladimir S. Fedorov Founder & Leader Владимир Сергеевич Федоров Основатель и руководитель
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