Graphics And Image Files[1]

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  • 1. Graphics and Image Files
    • Vlad Botchkarev
    • Saadat Ahmed
    • Emma Boothman
    • Dave Hughes
  • 2. Vectors and Bitmap (Raster) Images
    • Vector images
    • Are defined mathematically by the computer
    • Can be modified
    • Easily scalable
    • Less memory required
    • Bitmap images
    • Rectangular grid of pixels with each pixel holding a specific colour value
    • Suitable for photos
  • 3. GIF and JPEG Images
    • GIF
    • Suited for simple images such as graphics or logos
    • JPEG
    • Suited for photos and images with smooth variation of tone and colour
    • Relatively small file size
    • Quality decreases when repeatedly edited and saved
  • 4. Embedded and Linked Graphics
    • Embedded files
      • Permanently linked to document
      • Independent of original source
      • Stored as part of the file and not externally
    • Linked files
      • Dependent on original source
      • Change if source document changes (e.g. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet)
      • Not stored as part of document; need to be present with document
    • Default action after copy-paste is embedded .
      • Source: Microsoft Office Online Help
  • 5. What is a Colour Palette?
    • Collection of colours used by the image
    • Different colour ranges for different uses
    • Personal photography, advanced editing
      • High-resolution, 24 bit (16 million colours)
        • Uses large palette
    • Web-based imaging
      • Lower-resolution, 8 bit (156 colours)
        • Small palette
          • Not all computer monitors designed with advanced colour range
          • Faster loading speeds via slow connections e/720581/2/istockphoto_720581_painter_s_palette.jpg Source: PaintshopPro Help
  • 6. What is Lossless Compression? Do JPEG files normally use this?
    • Lossless compression is the compression of a file without a loss of quality
    • Jpeg files do not use lossless compression
    • The image is an exact copy whilst taking up less disk space
    Taken from: http://
  • 7. What the FBS skills wiki says about png files
    • Png – portable network graphics
    • It is a bitmapped image format that employs lossless compression
    • It was created to improve on gif format, and overcomes many problems that are associated with gif and jpg files
    • It does not, however, support animations
    Taken from: FBS skills wiki
  • 8. Why .bmp format images are bad and why should you avoid using them?
    • .bmp images cannot be compressed, therefore will have a large file size.
    • They are not capable of storing animation.
    • They are not supported by web browsers.
    Taken from: and
  • 9. What is Flickr?
    • It is a worldwide photo sharing website.
    • Used for communal purposes and used by bloggers.
    • Can also be used in group work to allow easy access for all members of a group to access the same material to use it in one shared document.
    Taken from: http://