Russia:the way from electronic to open government


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Showes the way Russia is going from e-government 1.0 to e-government 4.0

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Russia:the way from electronic to open government

  1. 1. Russia: the way fromelectronic to opengovernmentDr. Vladimir DrozhzhinovChairman, E-government competence centerMoscow, Russia,
  2. 2. Content• State program of Information Society (IS)development in Russia• Information and communications technologies(ICT) as IS enabling technology• Russian E-government: all-Russian SOAinfrastructure (3-tiers system of interagencycommunications)+ unified federal government e-services portal + 83 regional government e-servicesportals + all Russian network of multifunctionalcenters (MFC) with static and mobile service offices• Russian open government: transparent, inclusiveand accountable to citizens, enabled by e-Government
  3. 3. State program of InformationSociety development in Russia in2011-2020A long term state target programwhich aims to foster the use of ICT bycitizens and organizations providingequal access to open governmentinformation resources, development ofpublic digital content, implementationof innovative technologies and radicaltransformation of the statemanagement while also buildingtrusted and secure national andtransborder information space.
  4. 4. Strategy for IS development in RussiaStrategy for IS development in RussiaState program of IS development in Russia (2011-2020)State program of IS development in Russia (2011-2020)Key government documents consideringIS development in Russia (validity date)4Forecast of long term social and economic development of RussiaMain directions of federal government activities(2020)(2018)(2015)(2030)The Russian Federation national action plan onjoining to the global initiative "Open GovernmentPartnership" in 2013-2014The national action plan for open government development in 2013
  5. 5. Key Players of State program of Information Societydevelopment in Russia in 2011-2020Program operator: Ministry of telecomand mass communications of theRussian FederationE-Government national infrastructuresingle designer, developer andoperator: Rostelecom OJSCRostelecom Group is Russia’s largest nationaltelecommunications operator with presence in all 83Russian regions. The Group is a universal operatorand undisputable leader of broadband and pay-TVmarkets in Russia with over 9 million fixed-linebroadband subscribers and over 6 million pay-TVsubscribers. The Group is also an importantinnovator that provides solutions in the field of E-medicine, E-Government, cloud computing and E-education. Major Groups’ stakeholder – Russiangovernment• 6
  6. 6. 2009State program is the tool for IS strategy realization2011 20202009 202011 2020Strategy for IS development in Russia20152015Quality of citizens life andbusiness development ecosystemSafety in ISOpen e-GovernanceRussian ICT-market developmentState program of IS development in Russia (2011-2020)Bridging digital gapand building base IS’ infrastructureDigital multimedia and cultural heritagePlanfor strategyrealisationPlanfor strategyrealisationСтратегия развития информационногообществаСтратегия развития информационногообществаICT deployment in education and science and ICT-professionals educationICT deployment in education and science and ICT-professionals educationICT deployment in health and social servicesICT deployment in health and social servicesICT deployment in cultureICT deployment in cultureICT deployment for life safetyICT deployment for life safetye-Government development (since 2011 – open gov.)e-Government development (since 2011 – open gov.)ICT-industry developmentICT-industry developmentBridging digital gap between 83 federation’s subjectsBridging digital gap between 83 federation’s subjectsTelco infrastructure developmentTelco infrastructure development6
  7. 7. Russian Federation — Key Geographical Datainfluencing ICT-infrastructure expansion• Capital — Moscow• Russia is located in the eastern part ofEurope and in the northern part of Asia• Total area —17,098.2 thousand km²• As of 1 January 2010:– agricultural acreage amounted to13% of the total area,– Forests — 51 %,– surface waters (including marsh)— 13%• Population as of 1 January 2012 --143,030.1 thousand people• Density of the population as of 1January 2012 — 8.3 people per km²• Maximum length, thousand km:– Longitudinal direction — 4– Latitudinal direction — 9• Administrative structure:– Number of Federal administrativedistricts – 8 (see map)– Number of Russian Federationsubjects – 83– Municipalities – circa 24,000
  8. 8. Russian e-Government infrastructure
  9. 9. Unified government services portal usage as ofSeptember 2012• Number of registered users -->3,000,000• Number of governmentservices presented in theportal -- >61,000including >3,700 e-services• Number of portal visits sinceportal start of operation atthe end of 2009 -->200,000,000• Number of services requestsprocessed by the federalsystem of interagencycommunications –>340,000,000
  10. 10. 2006 – Start of the reform coordinated by RF Ministry for economicdevelopment with goals: results based budgeting introduction ingovernments of all levels, formalization of its’ functions and services asadministrative regulations, anticorruption regulation introduction.2007 – 1. The idea of MFC coined out (compare with «Рoupatempo»citizens service centers in Brazil).2. 18 regional MFC pilot projects were funded by federalgovernment.3. TOR development for MFC in residences (cities, villages etc.)with different populations numbers.2008 till now – MFC Network is the national initiative with participantsfrom all regions and municipalities, coordinated by RF Ministry foreconomic development.All Russian network of multifunctional centers (MFC)with static and mobile service officesBuilding MFC Network as part of publicadministration reform initiative
  11. 11. Regional officesof federalgovernmentbodiesMunicipalAdministration(Local government)CitizensBusinessesMFCMFC chartererRegional system ofinteragencycommunicationsUsers of government andmunicipal services: RF citizen,foreign citizen, person withoutcitizenship or organization whoapplied directly in person orthrough it’s representative for agovernment or municipalserviceRegion’s Administration(Government)MFC stakeholders in regions of Russia
  12. 12. ü MFC consists of front and back officeü These offices could be located in one building ormay be separated and connected by communicationlinesü Front office could be static or mobileü MFC front office could be stand alone, collocatedwith “Russian Mail” or “Russian Saving Bank”service officeü In 2013 MFC Network will give access to governmentand municipal services for 20 % of RF citizens; in2014 - 40 %; and in 2015 год - 90 %MFC features
  13. 13. Static and mobile service officesYakutija-Saha Region Tomskiy Region
  14. 14. National Cloud Platform,
  16. 16. Open Government Ecosystem: Key Components
  17. 17. Regulations on open data and open government in Russia• Decision of the Presidium of thePresidential Council for theDevelopment of the InformationSociety from September 2, 2011 “Onfreedom of access to federal,regional and municipal information” --• Presidents Executive Order № 601 of7 May, 2012 “On Main Directions ofDeveloping the System of PublicAdministration” -- in English, inRussian• On March 6, 2013 WG “Opengovernment data counsel” wasestablished as part of Governmentcommission for coordination ofRussian Open Governmentactivities --http://открытыеданные.большоеправительство.рф/• On May 21, 2012 Russian PresidentVladimir Putin appointed MikhailAbyzov to position of Ministerwithout portfolio responsible forOpen Government --• On September 26, 2012 Russiangovernment approved the list ofmembers of Governmentcommission for coordination ofRussian Open Governmentactivities with Dmitry Medvedev asthe commission’s Chairman andMikhail Abyzov as vice-Chairman --• On July 26, 2012 Russiangovernment approved the list ofmembers of the Experts counselunder Russian government --
  18. 18. Russian open government portal -- http://большоеправительство.рф/
  19. 19. First international conference on open governmenthttp://конференция.большоеправительство.рф/en/
  20. 20. Some Open data sites in RussiaOpen data pages on portals of some RF federal government bodies:• Ministry of Education and Science -- минобрнауки.рф/открытые-данные• Ministry Of Economic Development -- ,• Overseeing Service for Education Organizations• Ministry for Communications and Mass media -- data pages on portals of some RF regional government s:Moscow government – data.mos.ruOpen Region portal of Tul’skaya Region: budgets pagesMoscow government -- for citizens initiatives – http://budget4me.ruOpen data on portals of some RF NGO organizations:Open data hub --
  21. 21. What next? Smart government of Russia?Source: Gartner
  22. 22. It was “Russia: the way from electronic toopen government ” by VladimirDrozhzhinovThank you for your attention!In this presentation information from portals of RF Ministry for communication and mass media,RF Ministry for economic development and RF Minister of open government is used.