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Presentation for a Highschool Competition in Romania.

Presentation for a Highschool Competition in Romania.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Romania . LICEUL DE INFORMATICA “GRIGORE C. MOISIL” IASI project manager: prof. Emanuela Cerchez e-mail: worldbase we make your dream database come true Vlad Manea Ioana-Loredana Marţin Dragoş-Mihail Vasiliu Andreea-Corina Dumea
  • 2. STRABAG Company: Profile STRABAG is one of Europe’s leading construction groups. With nearly 60,000 employees, STRABAG expects to post revenue of about 11 billion Euros this financial year. From its core markets of Austria and Germany, STRABAG, via its numerous subsidiaries, is present in all countries of Eastern and South-East Europe, in selected markets in Western Europe, on the Arabian Peninsula, as well as in Canada, Chile, China and India. STRABAG generates more than 80% of its construction output in markets in which it holds one of the top three positions. These include the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. worldbase 2 / 32
  • 3. STRABAG Research: References Our team received from We were determined to search for a capable person that our supervisor the task of could have provided the necessary information. organizing our company’s business. We talked to our colleague, Dipl. Eng. Sarghe MARIUS. The STRABAG website STRABAG S.R.L. helped DIRECTION I.F. ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY us know STRABAG’s main INTERNATIONAL activities and values. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Dipl. Eng. Sarghe MARIUS We also looked at similar Romania Business Development Deputy Project Manager businesses’ websites, to find out about construction IASI ROMANIA, Str. Sos. Iasi-Holboca; Statia de Epurare Phone: +40(0)332/108 858 companies, in general: Fax: +40(0)332/108 859 Synergy, Mobile: +40(0)728/859 106 Summa SA, E-mail: Rotary Constructii, Transilvania Constructii. At the first interview, he exposed the current STRABAG problems and shown us some contract samples to explain how the business works. worldbase 3 / 32
  • 4. STRABAG Research: References In order to complete the STRABAG’s magazine, inform, was a helpful source of information provided by our information for successful projects and cover stories. interviewee, we searched for useful resources on the The magazine also shows how our company involves in STRABAG website. social and cultural activities for its employees (art festivals, sports competitions, photo contests etc.): - inform December 2006 - inform May 2007 - inform September 2007 Annual reports show our the growth of our company in time and gave us an overview of the importance of some key elements for the global STRABAG business: - 2004 report - 2005 report - 2006 report We also consulted an Investor Presentation where we found financial information about our company and particularly about its profitable growth. worldbase 4 / 32
  • 5. STRABAG Research: Problem ? It has become clear that conventional informational systems for organizing the business requirements could not keep up with the ever expanding business. √ We came up with a solution that consisted in a database that would organize the business in a handy manner. Roads Tunnels Civil Bridges Services Industrial worldbase 5 / 32
  • 6. STRABAG Research: Business Rules The key element for Each contract contains a special mention that allows STRABAG’s business is possible delays due to meteorological factors beyond the project. control. An estimated value of the project is specified. For each project, a STRABAG divides each project into project stages, contract is signed between depending on its size and complexity. our company (through a STRABAG employee Our company establishes the start date of the construction assigned as project and estimates a deadline for the whole project and also for manager) and the each project stage. company that orders the construction (client). contract project project stages worldbase 6 / 32
  • 7. STRABAG Research: Business Rules How does someone get When a position at STRABAG is vacant, candidates are hired at STRABAG? selected according to their CVs and recommendation letters. Afterwards, the selected candidates are invited to an interview. If a candidate is hired, a medical record of all his major diseases and medical indication is made. Each employee has a job history. When a hired person is promoted (demoted), the function and salary are changed. How does STRABAG For some project stages, STRABAG may subcontract cooperate with other specific task to specialized. In order to choose the best companies for specific companies, an auction takes place. STRABAG evaluates the project stages? candidates by criteria such as offers, financial status and experience. The selected companies sign a subcontract with STRABAG. How does STRABAG use STRABAG provides its own equipment to project stages for equipment on project certain periods of time. In order to use equipments that are stages? not in its possession, our company signs subcontracts. worldbase 7 / 32
  • 8. STRABAG Research: Business Rules How does STRABAG use Certain amounts of materials are bought from other materials for a specific companies at specific prices. project stage? Well determined amounts of materials are taken from stockpiles for different project stages. price X quantity quantity companies materials project stages worldbase 8 / 32
  • 9. STRABAG Research: Weather Influences Weather is the most Samples of STRABAG safety measures in a rainy day: important factor that may affect the business. The meteorological conditions influence the workers building processes in avoid working on different ways. electric systems of skyscrapers. Our database must retain and allow retrieval of all concrete the required weather receives special measurements. treatments to harden faster. deadlines must be changed if some activities are delayed. worldbase 9 / 32
  • 10. STRABAG Research: Weather Influences STRABAG uses weather STRABAG measures three times a day factors such as information in order to temperature, humidity, wind speed, precipitations at the have equipments and location of every project stage. workers ready to meet the safety standards. STRABAG has agreements with local meteorological institutes for weather forecasts. Weather forecast is sent by Weather conditions e-mail, once for a specific day, registration time being determine the choice of considered 00:00AM (when STRABAG does not execute adequate materials for a weather measurements). specific task (e.g. concrete type or additive selection is Meteorological influenced by temperature Institute and precipitations). measurement e-mail forecast temperature humidity wind speed precipitations worldbase 10 / 32
  • 11. STRABAG Research: Business Needs The business is based on Our database model provides quick answers to a wide set of the synergy between the questions such as: three main segments: - Which materials, equipment, subcontractors were put - Building construction & together to bring a specific project to life? Construction engineering - Based on STRABAG experts’ previous works, which of - Road construction them should be assigned to design a tunnel in the Alps? - Tunneling & Services - Which materials were used to build the last giant power plant in the tundra? Our database must be a reliable platform for any of - Which workers are able to perform a specific task and these activities. are not under any medical indication that forbids the task? - What are the free market countries with the highest rate of finalized projects in the last year? - What equipment should be sent to do a task for a project stage if the weather forecast predicts a torrential rain? worldbase 11 / 32
  • 12. STRABAG Research: Required Information In order to fulfill the STRABAG retains each past or current project, its afferent business needs, our contract, client, and specific project stages. database must store data about the following For each project stage, all subcontractors and the afferent elements: contracts must be known. - contracts Materials, workers, equipments, locations and weather - projects conditions for each day of a project stage are also required. - project stages - employees It is required that materials have known suppliers and - subcontracts prices. Materials are used for specific project stages in - clients certain quantities. - materials It is indicated that STRABAG knows other companies’ - equipment background, expertise, balance sheet and turnover. - locations The business requires personal data, contact information, - weather job history and medical record for each employee. His activities in the company must be tracked as well. worldbase 12 / 32
  • 13. This is the diagram we have, after successive Preliminary ERD improvements suggested in several interviews: appear as project designer on signed by have as appear as designer have as pm pm on supervised by CONTRACT MEDICAL # id EMPLOYEE supervise RECORD signer of * estimated value # id # number * start date #1 social number * disease COMPANY * proposed end date #1 residence state have * start date supply # cui * purpose * first name o end date * name belong to * last name o indication * profile signed for * date of birth * address have work on have * residence address done * date founded o phone number * balance sheet PROJECT have JOB HISTORY o e-mail * turnover # id belong to # start date * segment o end date close * description * function expertise for * salary divided METEOROLOGICAL o evaluation in PORTFOLIO SUB INSTITUTE PROJECT closed by CONTRACT # id # name # id * name WEATHER EQUIPMENT * start date * task * country # date # id o end date # time * description * value o quality forecast * description # location forecasted by used for * temperature closed for * humidity * wind speed have influence * precipitations used for use have part of assigned influenced by * influence MATERIAL PROJECT STAGE # id # id bought use * description * start date from * proposed end date o bill worldbase
  • 14. STRABAG Modeling: Companies Structural rules COMPANY STRABAG needs to keep track of all companies they had # cui * name worked in the past or are working with. The name and profile * profile of every such company is retained. * address * date founded * balance sheet The profile and the date founded attributes help to select * turnover only experienced companies in a specific field. The balance sheet describes the income of a company in the last year while the turnover refers to the amount of money it circulates. Each company is identified by its unique registration code (cui). It is important to know that cui contains the initials of the company’s country. worldbase 14 / 32
  • 15. STRABAG Modeling: Companies Structural rules COMPANY In order to know the work quality of another company, # cui * name STRABAG wants to study its PORTFOLIO PROJECTS . They * profile are also interested in the period of time when the portfolio have * address * date founded project took place. A PORTFOLIO PROJECT is identified by its * balance sheet name and its LOCATION . Each PORTFOLIO PROJECT must be * turnover belong to placed at one and only one LOCATION and each LOCATION EXPERTISE may be the place of one or more PORTFOLIO PROJECTS . # start date o end date However, some companies could still have no expertise. refer to * task placed the place Sometimes, two or more companies work for the same appear on at of PORTFOLIO PROJECT . Thus, we created the EXPERTISE PORTFOLIO LOCATION entity (a list of companies’ involvement into projects) to PROJECT # id solve the M:M relationship. For each company, we store the * country # name * start date o address tasks achieved in each PORTFOLIO PROJECT and the o end date o longitude o latitude achievement period. o quality The attribute end date, in both PORTFOLIO PROJECT and EXPERTISE entities, is optional as it might be unknown for current projects. worldbase 15 / 32
  • 16. STRABAG Modeling: Companies Structural rules signed by the signer of CONTRACT COMPANY A company may be: # id # cui * category * name * purpose * profile - the signer (client) of one or more CONTRACTS , * estimated value * address * start date * date founded - the signer (subcontractor) of one or more SUBCONTRACTS , * proposed end date * balance sheet - the supplier (seller) of one or more material ACQUISITIONS . * description * turnover the the signer supplier of The CONTRACT must be signed by one and only one of signed by company. The client cannot be changed once the CONTRACT SUB made from is signed. The company that signs a SUBCONTRACT cannot CONTRACT # id ACQUISITION be changed either. * task # date * value * quantity * description * price Thus, we made these two relationships nontransferable. worldbase 16 / 32
  • 17. STRABAG Modeling: Contracts Structural rules CONTRACT When STRABAG has a new client, our company creates a # id * category contract in which the purpose and description of the work, * purpose the period of time between the moment the contract is * estimated value * start date signed and the one the contract is finished, the estimated * proposed end date value of the entire project are retained. A contract is * description identified by its id. include The category attribute indicates one of the three activity sectors of STRABAG (Building construction & Construction part of engineering, Road construction, Tunneling & Services) or PROJECT STAGE Other, when the project belongs to none of the sectors. # id * start date * proposed end date o bill The construction projects are divided into PROJECT STAGES which should be accomplished in a predefined period of time. PROJECT STAGES are part of a contract and each one has its own id. The proposed end date for a CONTRACT / PROJECT STAGE is the date when the entire project or a specific project stage should be finished. worldbase 17 / 32
  • 18. STRABAG Modeling: Subcontracts Structural rules COMPANY # cui * name A subcontract is realized between STRABAG and another * profile * address COMPANY for a PROJECT STAGE . When a subcontract is * date founded signed, the following information is stored: its task, value * balance sheet * turnover and description. signer of SUB signed by CONTRACT The value attribute refers to the estimated cost of the # id closed for * task subcontract. * value * description the subject of We identify the subcontract by the COMPANY that signed it, PROJECT STAGE the PROJECT STAGE it was closed for, and also by an # id artificial unique identifier, id, which permits more * start date * proposed end date subcontracts between STRABAG and a COMPANY for the o bill same PROJECT STAGE . worldbase 18 / 32
  • 19. STRABAG Modeling: Project Stages Structural rules closed SUB for CONTRACT # id If there are STRABAG workers assigned to do specific * task * value tasks for a project stage, then a WORK SCHEDULE is * description USAGE related. An EQUIPMENT SCHEDULE is retained in the case the for LIST subject # time of STRABAG EQUIPMENT involvement. For specific of the subject of * quantity project stages, COMPANIES may be subcontracted. PROJECT STAGE Therefore, a project stage may be the subject of one or # id WORK * start date SCHEDULE more SUBCONTRACTS . A USAGE LIST is also related if the * proposed end date o bill # start date project stage requires materials that are in our company’s # start time the the the subject of o end date possession. subject subject o end time of of * task for Each project stage is identified by the id of the CONTRACT EQUIPMENT it is part of, and its own id. for SCHEDULE # start date for # start time The proposed end date is the date when the project stage INFLUENCE o end date * description o end time should be finished, according to the CONTRACT . The bill represents the amount of money STRABAG receives when a project stage is finished. worldbase 19 / 32
  • 20. STRABAG Modeling: Materials Structural rules ACQUISITION refer to # date STRABAG obtains the necessary materials for a project by * quantity * price buying them. That is why it needs to have a record of the acquired materials and the used ones. The evidence of materials is done depending on the date of ACQUISITION . the subject of In addition, our company must know the quantity and price MATERIAL of acquired material. The quantity of used materials at a # id certain moment is also important and it is stored in a * description USAGE LIST . Materials are identified by an artificial unique the subject of identifier, id. Each material is chosen for specific weather conditions. It is necessary to retain a description of the material because while a project is undergoing, the USAGE LIST weather may change and our company would need to # date refer to * quantity change those with more adequate ones. Assumptions The materials are used in the order they are acquired. STRABAG does not have any material loss. worldbase 20 / 32
  • 21. STRABAG Modeling: Equipment Structural rules PROJECT STAGE STRABAG uses much equipment in many PROJECT STAGES # id * start date and it is interested in equipment repartition in time. * proposed end date o bill The description is also important for choosing the best the subject of equipment for a specific PROJECT STAGE . The equipment EQUIPMENT has assigned an artificial identifier, id. # id * description used by We had to solve the M:M relationship by creating the EQUIPMENT SCHEDULE entity, in which we included the time for refer to interval (start date, start time, end date, end time). EQUIPMENT SCHEDULE STRABAG is interested in retaining an EQUIPMENT # start date # start time SCHEDULE . o end date o end time A schedule is identified by the equipment it refers to and by the PROJECT STAGE for which that equipment is used. worldbase 21 / 32
  • 22. STRABAG Modeling: Employees MEDICAL Structural rules RECORD belong to # number * disease All companies keep track of their employees. STRABAG * start date o end date makes no exception. An Employee’s file contains personal o indication data such as: first name, last name, date of birth, have residence state, residence address, phone number, e-mail. EMPLOYEE # id Employees are assigned an unique identifier, id. #1 social number #1 residence state * first name An employee can also be identified by his social number * last name * date of birth and residence state. * residence address o phone number o e-mail There may be certain situations in which an employee is not allowed to do a specific task, because of a disease that have JOB HISTORY has a medical indication for a certain period of time, belong to # start date defined by a start date and an end date. This data is o end date * function stored in the MEDICAL RECORD . * salary o evaluation For retaining the personal evolution of any person in the company, we created the JOB HISTORY entity. In this, a start date, end date, function, salary and evaluation are stored. worldbase 22 / 32
  • 23. STRABAG Modeling: Employees supervised by appear in Structural rules EMPLOYEE An employee may have many functions at the same time: refer to supervise # id DESIGN #1 social number #1 residence state TEAM * first name - be in charge of a WORK SCHEDULE with specific tasks, o task * last name - appear with a task in the DESIGN TEAM for a project, * date of birth * residence address - appear as project manager (pm) on CONTRACTS , appear as pm on o phone number o e-mail - supervise one or more employees. in charge of have as pm Assumption CONTRACT # id STRABAG retains a WORK SCHEDULE for tasks related to * category PROJECT STAGES only. refer to * purpose * estimated value WORK * start date * proposed end date SCHEDULE Hired persons who have none of these functions have tasks # start date * description # start time that depend on their current job. o end date o end time * task worldbase 23 / 32
  • 24. STRABAG Modeling: Weather LOCATION Structural rules # id * country TIME o address The weather is measured on specific LOCATIONS in various # date o longitude o latitude moments of TIME . We solved the M:M relation by creating # time registration registration place of the WEATHER MEASUREMENT entity. The measurement moment of registered on registered at consists of: temperature, humidity, wind speed and WEATHER precipitations. Meteorological data always influences the forecasted by MEASUREMENT activities of our company. * temperature * humidity * wind speed If the relationship between the WEATHER MEASUREMENT * precipitations and METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE entities does not exist, generate generated by this is a measurement made by STRABAG. Else, it is a forecast provided by that particular institute. INFLUENCE * description forecast Each TIME must have a forecast, a measurement made by METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE STRABAG, or both. # id * name * country Assumption We only retain TIMES when STRABAG works at PROJECT STAGES . In those TIMES , weather is measured. worldbase 24 / 32
  • 25. STRABAG Explanations, Constraints Explanations Constraints Each end date/time that For a LOCATION , the address is retained when the longitude appears as an optional and latitude are not. attribute represents the real, not estimated, end A stored COMPANY has at least one of the relations with date/time and it is filled CONTRACT , SUBCONTRACT or ACQUISITION . when the particular activity is finished. Each LOCATION has at least one of the relations with PORTFOLIO PROJECT or WEATHER MEASUREMENT . STRABAG experts can evaluate PORTFOLIO Each end date/time must be greater than its corresponding PROJECTS / JOB HISTORY start date/time. The same EQUIPMENT cannot be used for through a scale of 1 to 10 more PROJECT STAGES at the same time. An EMPLOYEE and update the result in cannot be assigned or work for more than one PROJECT the quality/evaluation STAGE task at a certain moment. A JOB HISTORY must also fields. contain intervals of time that do not overlap. The geographical coordinates of a LOCATION , if they are retained, represent the center of the area. We can identify a LOCATION from a large surface (region) to a specific point, defined by its address or longitude and latitude. worldbase 25 / 32
  • 26. Final ERD signer of signed by have as pm appear as pm on supervised by PORTFOLIO COMPANY CONTRACT EMPLOYEE supervise placed PROJECT # cui # id # id at # name * name * category #1 social number have * start date * profile * purpose #1 residence state o end date * address * estimated value * first name belong to o quality * date founded * start date * last name * balance sheet * proposed end date * date of birth JOB appear on have * turnover * description * residence address HISTORY o phone number # start date supplier of signer of include designed o e-mail o end date by refer to belong to SUB * function signed by appear in in charge have * salary EXPERTISE CONTRACT of o evaluation # start date # id closed for o end date made from * task refer to * task * value MEDICAL ACQUISITION * description DESIGN belong to # date design TEAM RECORD * quantity the subject part of o # number refer to task * price of * disease the subject of refer to PROJECT STAGE the * start date subject # id of WORK o end date MATERIAL the refer to for the subject * start date o indication # id subject of of * proposed end date for SCHEDULE * description USAGE LIST o bill # start date # date # start time o end date * quantity the subject of the subject o end time of * task LOCATION registration place of registered at WEATHER # id the MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT * country place registration registered * temperature used by # id of o address TIME o longitude moment of on * humidity * description # date refer to o latitude # time * wind speed * precipitations forecast forecasted by for EQUIPMENT generate SCHEDULE METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE generated by for # start date # id # start time o end date * name INFLUENCE * country * description o end time worldbase
  • 27. STRABAG Sample Mapping: Weather LOCATION # id * country o address TIME o longitude # date o latitude # time registration registration place of moment of registered on registered at WEATHER forecasted by MEASUREMENT * temperature * humidity * wind speed * precipitations METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE # id forecast * name * country worldbase 27 / 32
  • 28. STRABAG Sample Mapping: Employees supervised by EMPLOYEE supervise # id #1 social number have #1 residence state * first name belong * last name * date of birth JOB * residence address HISTORY o phone number # start date o e-mail o end date * function have * salary o evaluation MEDICAL RECORD belong # number * disease * start date o end date o indication worldbase 28 / 32
  • 29. STRABAG Sample Report: Output STRABAG would like to know the construction output volume (in percents) for 2006. STRABAG wants to find out the output by segment. It is also interested in the output by region, where regions must be divided in: Germany, Austria, CEE and the rest of the world. worldbase 29 / 32
  • 30. STRABAG Sample Report: Growth STRABAG wants to know the construction growth (in percents) by country CAGR 06-09E*. *All European Euroconstruct countries (EC-19). Source: 63rd Euroconstruct Conference Summary Report. worldbase 30 / 32
  • 31. STRABAG Sample Report: Weather STRABAG would like to know the locations where projects were finalized later than planned, due to weather conditions. Projects delayed between six and twelve days. Projects delayed more than twelve days. worldbase 31 / 32
  • 32. STRABAG Conclusions We imagined that we were The research for the project helped us learn how to find data part of STRABAG INFO about STRABAG activities and how to select only relevant SYS division and we were information from it. assigned to come up with By studying STRABAG, we learnt the mechanisms of a real an informational system to world construction company: the making of a contract, the organize its global subcontracting procedures, activities of employees and the business. transition stages from project to structure. We wanted our database We also improved our communication skills, by learning how to keep up with increasing to interview our reference, how to ask clear questions in business demands, so order to get complete answers, and how to make our project flexibility and efficiency presentation in front of our classmates: were the key elements when we imagined it. Our database is a reliable solution that satisfies the actual business needs. worldbase 32 / 32