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Winner V/s Looser

Winner V/s Looser



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    Winnerlooser 101201030022 Phpapp02 Winnerlooser 101201030022 Phpapp02 Presentation Transcript

    • Why Winners Win
      and Losers Lose
    • Losers fail once and quit. Winners fail a thousand times and eventually succeed.
    • Losers look for success at the finish line.  Winners experience success along the way.
    • Losers work to make money.  Winners work to make a difference.
    • Losers buy things.  Winners build things.
    • Losers see things they don’t understand and get discouraged.  Winners see things they don’t understand and get curious.
    • Losers talk.  Winners communicate.
    • Losers attempt to conquer the world in one shot.  Winners add up all their small victories.
    • Losers expect certain outcomes. 
      Winners prepare themselves for
      the unexpected.
    • Losers seek respect.  Winners earn respect.
    • Losers are paid for their time. 
      Winners are paid for their results.
    • Losers let things happen.  Winners make things happen.
    • Losers stare at the problem.  Winners look around for the solution.
    • Losers want to get ahead of others. 
      Winners help others get ahead too.
    • Losers hangout with losers. 
      Winners hangout with winners who are more successful than they are.
    • Losers review options.  Winners act on decisions.
    • Losers follow other people’s definitions of success.  Winners define their own success.
    • Losers escape fears.  Winners face fears.
    • Losers waste their free time (watching TV). 
      Winners use their free time (learning or experiencing something new).
    • Losers see the unknown as
      a risk.  Winners see constant familiarity as a risk.
    • Losers live in the past.  Winners live life now based on lessons learned in the past.
    • Losers label themselves as experts. 
      Winners know there is still much to learn.
    • Losers over-sell.  Winners over-deliver.
    • Losers frown.  Winners smile.
    • Losers think winners are lucky.
      Winners realize the harder they work the luckier they are.
    • Thank You Very Much.
      Sompong Yusoontorn