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  1. 1. Patient Safety Awareness Week Safety Ideas Contest In celebration of National Patient Safety Awareness Week, Shawnee Mission Medical Center is organizing a contest to help identify the best patient safety ideas. Physicians, volunteers and associates are encouraged to participate. Contest Rules 1. Submit as many new ideas as you wish (one per entry form). Forms can be accessed on the N: Drive under Patient Safety. You can also pick up a form in the Garden Café. 2. Entries must be delivered to the contest box in the Garden Café and/or sent via e-mail to by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 5. 3. Ideas will be judged by members of the Center for Patient Safety Council based on the following categories and must be within regulatory and SMMC policies and guidelines: • Creativity • Originality • Cost-effectiveness • Safe patient practices. Prizes First prize: iPod Nano Second prize: Electronic Picture Frame Third prize: Target Gift CardIf you have any questions, please contact Patient Safety Officer Suzanne Ginsburg at ext. 72674.
  2. 2. Patient Safety Awareness Week Ask Me 3 What is Ask Me 3? Ask Me 3 is a patient education program designed to promote communicationbetween health care providers and patients in order to improve health outcomes.The program encourages patients to understand the answers to three questions: 1. What is my main problem? 2. What do I need to do? 3. Why is it important for me to do this? Patients should be encouraged to ask their providers (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists) these three simple but essential questions in every health care interaction. Likewise, providers should always encourage their patients to understand the answers to these three questions. Studies show that people who understand health instructions make fewer mistakes when they take their medicine or prepare for a medical procedure. They may also get well sooner or be able to better manage a chronic health condition.
  3. 3. What can providers do? Health literacy is now known to be vital to good patient care and positive health outcomes.1. Answer 3Along with encouraging your patients to use the Ask Me 3 approach, simpletechniques can increase your patients’ comfort level with asking questions, as wellas compliance with your instructions after they leave appointments. • Create a safe environment where patients feel comfortable talking openly with you. • Use plain language instead of technical language or medical jargon. • Sit down (instead of standing) to achieve eye-level contact with your patient. • Use visual models to illustrate a procedure or condition. • Ask patients to “teach back” the care instructions you give to them .2. Learn more about low health literacyFact sheets on the issue of low health literacy, a white paperdetailing the scope and impact of the problem and communication tools tohelp you in your practice, visit Incorporate new knowledge into your practiceBroadening your knowledge of the low health literacy issue and associated concernswill help you to better treat your patients. What is health literacy? Health literacy is the ability to read, understand and effectively use basic medical instructions and information. Low health literacy can affect anyone of any age, ethnicity, background or education level. People with low health literacy: • Are often less likely to comply with prescribed treatment and self-care regimens • Fail to seek preventive care and are at higher (more than double) risk for hospitalization• Remain in the hospital nearly two days longer than adults with higher health literacy • Often require additional care that results in annual health care costs that are four times higher than for those with higher literacy skills.
  4. 4. Shawnee Mission Medical Center Celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week Our patients are the center of our health care team. Please help yourself to Ask Me 3 information.*Ask Me 3 is a patient education program designed to promote communication between health care providers and patients in order to improve health outcomes.
  5. 5. environment for our patients. Thank you for your commitment to providing a safe SMMC associates, physicians and staff,SMMC Celebrates National Patient Safety Awareness WeekSMMC Celebrates National Patient Safety Awareness Week Our patients play an active role on our health care team. Thank you for your willingness to make a difference in your care.