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Bol presentation

  1. 1. “Missing Something?” Bank of Lee’s SummitConsumer Loan Campaign By Valerie Reed 816.810.5175
  2. 2. Missing Something?Executive Summary Through the “Missing Something” consumer loan campaign, your customers, as well asnew ones, will be more aware of what consumer loans are offered. More specifically, BOL’s loansare provided by local lenders, done in a quick but responsible manner and is the “last piece to thepuzzle” for their wedding, vacation, vehicle, etc. Pieces of this proposal include an outside banner, easel poster, statement stuffers, flier,brochure, thank you card, newspaper ad, and a feature story. With these, information will bespread to the media, acquiring more loan applications. Information regarding this campaign also be spread online. Depending on the desired sizeof the ad, I have created both vertical (newspaper) and horizontal (statement stuffer) oriented ads.Advertising online is critical because many customers bank online and conduct online bill pay. Adsshould also be placed on ATMs, as customers frequently use those as well. Since this campaign will be run for 6 weeks, the newspaper ad could be run twice. Theseads will be run the second and fifth week. Most of the advertising will be in house advertising; thenewspaper is the only on needing to be paid for. The newspaper ad and feature story will be placedin the Lee’s Summit Journal, online will be on the BOL website, and possibly Facebook. All otherpieces will be in the lobby, mailed statements, email, and outside of the bank. Contact with the customer is continuous. Through this campaign it will begin with thestatement/email stuffers. Then when they come to the bank, they will notice the same loanmaterial in the lobby. Those customers who apply for a loan with get a thank you cared mailed tothem; thanking them for the application. This will be a hand written letter on a thank you card. Time Line Week 1 – Display of easel poster, fliers and brochures get put up inside the lobby and the banner outside. Week 2 – Statement stuffers will be mailed as well as sent in customer’s emails. The newspaper ad will be published in the Lee’s Summit Journal for the week. Week 3 – Continue with the above displays/mailings, send out the feature story. Week 4 – Continue with the above displays/mailings. Week 5 – Send the ad to the Lee’s Summit Journal for the second run. Week 6 – Last week for displays, information posted, online and statement ads, and banner. Mail thank you cards to those customers who applied for loans.The “Missing Something” campaign is an eye-catching andspeaks-for-itself campaign that will draw in more loan customers,by keeping constant contact with the customers.
  3. 3. MissingSomething?• Auto • Boat & RV• Motorcycle • Vacation• Wedding Bank of Lee’s Summit Consumer Loans local lenders, fast decisions Easel Poster
  4. 4. MissingSomething?Bank of Lee’s Summit Consumer Loans local lenders, fast decisions• Auto • Boat & RV• Motorcycle • Vacation• Wedding 816.524.1800 210 SW Main St • 1101 SW 3rd St 1021 NE Sam Walton Ln • 250 SW Greenwich Dr Newspaper Ad
  5. 5. Bank of Lee’s Summit Consumer Loans • Auto &Motorcycle • Vacation • Boat & RV • Wedding Outside Banner Missing Something? • Auto & Motorcycle • Vacation • Boat & RV • Wedding Bank of Lee’s Summit Consumer Loans local lenders, fast decisions 816.524.1800 Statement Stuffer
  6. 6. Missing Something?... Bank of Lee’s Summit 210 SW Main St Cosumer Loans 1101 SW 3rd St1021 NE Sam Walton Ln250 SW Greenwich Dr 816-524-1800 Brochure Outside
  7. 7. Brochure Inside
  8. 8. Thank You CardOutside Inside Enjoy!
  9. 9. Bank of Lee’s SummitCan Save LivesBy: Valerie Reed or someone like him have to choose from? Go What would you do if you needed surgery without surgery until the hernia worsens andand had no insurance? That is the question becomes life threatening, apply for healthWesley Brooks has been facing for nine months. insurance just to be rejected or be in debt for He is a construction worker, in great decades? Neither, he has the ability to receive aphysical shape, and has minimal expenses. loan from Bank of Lee’s Summit.Everything was great until the day he notices a These personal consumer loans from thebulge near his waistband. It is known Bank of Lee’s Summit are on a more personal levelimmediately that it is a hernia. It is also known than those of national banks. With fourthat surgery for such an injury is around locations, the Bank of Lee’s Summit is able to give$10,000; which is the only way to heal a hernia. the customer in-house, quick decisions from localUnfortunately, he is without health insurance, lenders. The customer has direct contact with theand doesn’t have that kind of money in his bank lenders and the customer’s needs are satisfied.account. A hard-working, average American isout of options. Vehicle loans offer flexible terms for repayment and a time frame of first of the year Brooks has always been in excellent and year-end close out/new models in latehealth, besides the fact that he is a smoker. In Summer and Fall. Home equity line of credits arehigh school he excelled in soccer and baseball 80% loan to value, revolving line of credit, 3 dayand still bicycles and plays recreational rescission period and automatic funds transferbasketball. Like many, after no longer able to payments. Home equity closed end is similar tostay on his parent’s health insurance, he didn’t the latter, but is fixed up to 10 years, has a 7 daysee a need to immediately get his own. When he waiting period with the 3 day rescission after thewent to get an insurance application from work loan is closed, and a fixed payment amount andhe was misinformed about the deadline causing rate.him to miss it. With the New Year right around the “I never imagined myself in this kind of corner it is the start of the loan season. Bank ofsituation,” Brooks said, “I’m between a rock and Lee’s Summit is a member of FDIC and Equala hard place. I have to wait months before I can Housing Lender.even apply for insurance and time is what makesmy hernia worse.” Like many Americans, his savings accountis running low, especially because of the horrificeconomy that America is struggling through.Another similarity is that many Americans arewithout insurance, so what options does Brooks