Easy Ways to Catch a Liar – Learn to Find the Truth


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You have watched 9 easy ways to catch a liar. There are 8 more useful ways to find out if a person is lying to you at: http://vkool.com/ways-to-catch-a-liar/. Read them now for your wisdom.

Easy ways to catch a liar that anyone should know to live wisely.

1. Watch For Eye Contact
Watching for eye contact is one of the easy ways to catch a liar. If people are lying to you, they will not make eye contact. Or, on the contrary; they sometimes make too much eye contact. These people may feel that they are being inspected by you, so they always look away from your eyes.

2. Watch For Contractions
Liars do not like using contractions. For example, a liar usually say “I did not take the money” instead of “I didn’t take the money”, or “I am a business man” instead of “I’m a business man”. They are not using contractions as they want to make sure that what they say is completely clear to you.
3. Watch For Body Language
Watching for body language is also one of the easy ways to catch a liar as people who are lying often use weird body language. They do not smile much, and usually have pitch changes in their voice as they are fidget while telling lie. Some liars touch their face, ears, nose, or play with what they are holding in their hands.
4. Watch For Additional Information
Liars are interested in providing extra information though they are not asked. They believe that if they embellish their stories with details, you will find them more reliable. Remember that the more elaborate a story is, the more inauthentic it is.

5. Watch For Contradictions
This is one of the easiest ways to catch a liar. You can compare what people say with their gestures and voice to guess if they are lying. If what they do does not fit what they say, then they are lying to you.
6. Watch For Defense
Liars are fond of getting defensive. They can do anything to distract your attention from themselves. You can easily realize this when the liars are trying to change the topic, or draw the conversation to a different direction.

7. Watch For Sweat
Watching for sweat is another easy way to catch a liar. The fact is that many people sweat more when they are telling lie. This has been studied by experts in behavior. These experts conclude that people sweat more when they are shy or nervous. Therefore, sweating and blushing, trembling, or difficulty in swallowing can be remarkable signs of a liar.

8. Watch For Eye Movements
If people are making up something, their eyes tend to move up, and to the right. They will also blink more rapidly or rub their eyes. Their eyelids also close longer in comparison to a normal blink.

9. Watch For Motivation
Normally, people will not tell lie without a reason. Therefore, you should ask yourself whether those people you are talking to have something to gain when they lie to you. If you cannot find a good reason, do not conclude that they are liars.

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