Top 28 Health and Beauty Benefits of Cinnamon – Natural Tool for Health and Beauty


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You have watched 12 out of 28 health and beauty benefits of cinnamon. Learn about 16 benefits of this spice at:

1. Blood Sugar Control
Many studies figures out that cinnamon can help people in resisting insulin development. Diabetes sufferers can use this spice to adjust blood sugar variations.
2. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Preventing alzheimer’s disease is one of the top 28 health benefits of cinnamon. Ceppt, extract of cinnamon, can make good effect on preventing Alzheimer’s. Epicatechin and cinnamaldehyde, the two compounds in cinnamon, are useful for fighting memory loss.
3. Enhance Brain Function
Cinnamon can strongly improve alertness and mental clarity. By smelling the odor of this spice, you can enhance your brain activity. The fragrance can boost cognitive function and possitively change brain functioning in regards to virtual recognition memory, working memory.
4. Prevent Heart Disease
Preventing heart disease is one of the typical health benefits of cinnamon. The anti-inflammatory components in cinnamon are very helpful in keeping your heart and the surrounding arteries far from disease infection and damage.
5. Improve Blood Circulation
Cinnamon can help you improve your blood circulation with its blood thinning compound.
6. Releive Pain
Thanks to the anti-inflammatory substance, this spice can release the muscle and joint stiffness.
7. Prevent Cancer
Preventing cancer is another outstanding health benefit of cinnamon. Adding cinnamon to your daily diet can help reduce the development of lymphoma cancer cells and leukemia.
8. Treat Indigestion
The carminative properties of cinnamon is very useful in eliminating excessive gas in your stomach or intestines. It can also treat nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea, and flatulence. Moreover, cinnamon can abolish acidity, decreases morning sickness, and combats diarrhea.
9. Control Birth
Consuming cinnamon properly after child birth helps delay menstruation and avoid conception.
10. Treat Cough And Cold
Cinnamon is used as a natural treatment for cold and coughs. Here are how to use cinnamon in treating cold and coughs:
- Put one cinnamon stick into boiling water
- Keep boiling it for 2 minutes.
- Take the cinnamon stick out
- Use that cinnamon water to make herbal tea
- Drink that tea 2 times a day until you get rid of cough and cold.
11. Plump Lip
Plumping lip is one of the main beauty benefits of cinnamon. You can apply Vaseline cream on your lips, then place a pinch of cinnamon powder on that layer.
12. Remove Acne
Removing acne is also one of the beauty benefits of cinnamon.
- Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon with 3 table spoons of honey
- Whip that mixture until it becomes a thick paste like chocolate
- Smooth the paste onto your face.
- Leave it there for about 10 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.
Cinnamon will kill acne-provoking bacteria while the honey will decrease redness.

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Top 28 Health and Beauty Benefits of Cinnamon – Natural Tool for Health and Beauty

  1. 1. Cinnamonhelps
  2. 2. resist development insulin
  3. 3. adjust bloodsugar variations
  4. 4. It can be used as one kind of or atea supplement
  5. 5. This is of cinnamon
  6. 6. Ceppt in cinnamon can assist in preventing Alzheimer’s
  7. 7. Epicatechin and cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon help fightmemory loss
  8. 8. improve alertness
  9. 9. Mental clarity
  10. 10. Smelling the odor of cinnamon helps enhance brain activity
  11. 11. Boost cognitive function
  12. 12. Positively changebrain functioning
  13. 13. calm your mind down
  14. 14. Release anxiety and nervousness
  15. 15. Preventing heartdisease is a typical health benefits of cinnamon
  16. 16. Theanti-inflammatoryproperties incinnamonhelps:
  17. 17. and preventdamage
  18. 18. The anti-inflammatory substance can remove the muscle
  19. 19. and jointstiffness
  20. 20. Arthritis sufferers
  21. 21. and sport players
  22. 22. can usecinnamonwhen feeling hurt
  23. 23. Cinnamon can also cure caused by cold headaches
  24. 24. Cinnamon helps limitcancercell performance
  25. 25. vomiting
  26. 26. upset stomach
  27. 27. diarrhea
  28. 28. flatulence
  29. 29. Place one cinnamon stick in boiling water
  30. 30. Use that water to make tea
  31. 31. Drink that tea twiceaday
  32. 32. Applying Vaseline cream on lips
  33. 33. Rub the mixture manytimes
  34. 34. Leave it there for oneminute
  35. 35. Mix some cinnamon powder with honey
  36. 36. Those are only 12out of 28healthand beautybenefitsofcinnamon
  37. 37. Toview16morehealth&beauty benefitsofcinnamon