Vkjr 80th Birthday 24 03 10


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Vkjr 80th Birthday 24 03 10

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  • Mr. Bhave - Sec 9821931191
  • Many happy returns of the day
  • Vkjr 80th Birthday 24 03 10

    1. 1. ON THE OCCASION OF THE 80TH BIRTHDAY <br />V I J A Y <br />Many Happy Returns of The day<br />24thMarch 2010 <br />
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Born on 24th March 1930<br />At <br />Mahim Bungalow @ 158-B, MotiWadi, <br />L.J. Road Machim Mumbai – 16<br />In the <br />Renowned Rane Family <br />Grand Father Lt. ShriRaosahebMahadeveraoDevji Rane <br />Municipal Corporator of the Area and Retd. Govt. Officer in PWD, Mumbai <br />00:15<br />
    4. 4. Father - Shri Janardan (Babasaheb) Mahadevrao Rane<br />Eldest Son In the Family and a Govt. officer in the Finance Department of Govt. of Maharashtra <br />Mother - Mrs. Anasuya Janardan Rane from Shinde (Railway Family)<br />Born in a large family with Uncles and Aunties and Cousins & with 4 brothers & 4 Sisters, the younger days were full of fun and joy and brought up in the neighborhood of children belonging to all communities – Gujrathis, Parsis, Christens, Muslims, Sikhs, Marwadis, South Indians, and Maharashtrians<br />00:15<br />
    5. 5. Initial Schooling up to 4th Standard was in Marathi medium in Municipal School near our residence at Mahim, followed by in Elphinstone High School, at Marine Lines for 3 years up to 7th Standard. Thereafter, in Wilson High school at Girgaon (Charni Road), for 4 years up to Matriculation, in April 1947. <br />From 1947-49 in Elphinstone College, Mumbai passing Inter Science (12th Standard) and joined the Engineering College VJTI at Matunga (Central), Mumbai, 30min walking distance from my residence at Mahim, crossing both Western & Central Railway alignments <br />We lost our mother in Sept 1946, with responsibility to look after younger brothers and sisters being the eldest brother in the family. <br />
    7. 7. VJTI, MUMBAI<br />
    8. 8. Completed Civil Engineering in Dec 1952 (3.5 years course) from 1949 to 1952.<br />
    9. 9. Started my first job in the civil engineering field from 15th Jan 1953, in the Bombay Housing Board, for Construction of 900 multistoried tenements at Kopri Colony near Thane Railway Station – 1953 - 1954<br /><ul><li>With Team leader Mr. G.B. Agarkarincharge of the project - 1954</li></li></ul><li>Shri C.R. Desai, Chief Engineer Bombay Housing Board and ShriKirtane SE & Others inspecting the foundations for buildings at Kopri Colony Thane 1954 <br />
    10. 10. During this time our group of friends of the of VJTI<br />
    11. 11. Appeared for the All India Engineering Services, 1953 exam and got selected in Railways, CPWD & MES. & joined Indian Rlys<br />Western Rly - Church Gate <br />Joined the Indian Railway Service of Engineers (IRSE) in Western Railway, Bombay on 10th Feb 1955 and left on 11th Feb for Ratlam Division of Western Railway for commencing my 2 year training period on IR. <br />
    12. 12. TRAINING AT RAILWAY STAFF COLLEGE BARODA 21st Session 09.05.55 to 02.07.55<br />
    13. 13. During this period, I had an opportunity to tour, almost all over the country from North to South & East to West, for training, in different specialized areas on railways and Civil Engineering. <br />With Virendra Kumar my colleague for training at Forest Research Institute at Dehradun - 1956 <br />
    14. 14. The two year training period was most enjoyable as we had no responsibility of the post with full pay. This period, broadened our vision, visited major parts of the country and got confidence in becoming a capable and responsible officer and citizen, for performing our duties on the Indian Railways.<br />
    15. 15. From 10th Feb 1957 to 24th Jan 1960 I worked on the Western Railway as Assistant Engineer in charge of Bhavnagar Tarapur New Railway Line survey 107km followed by Assistant Engineer HQ at Balsar , In charge of the jurisdiction from Virar to Surat. <br />With Shri M. S. Divan / an outstanding Civil & Structural Engineer & my senior colleague & with Mr. Haridas Signal Engineer at Surat Station - 1957 <br />
    16. 16. During this period we realized, that at very young age a large responsibility, is thrust upon you for track and bridges maintenance for safety of the passengers, specially during Monsoon period and further learned to work in a team with all colleagues of different departments of the Railway systems. <br />On promotion in Late 1958 as Divisional Engineer of the Baroda division and later in Jaipur div. with HQ at Jaipur of the Div. extending from Ajmer to Rewari. <br />
    17. 17. 3 YEARS IN ASSAM 26th Jan 1960 to 26th Jan 1963 <br />Transferred by the Railway Board from Western Railway to North East Frontier (NF Rly) and initially posted for a month at Kurseong (near Dargiling), the head quarters of the NF Rly construction branch, under a Famous Civil Engineer B.C. Ganguli/Chief Engineer of the Construction Organization and, thereafter, posted at North Lakhimpur on the North Bank of Brahmputra opp. Jorhat, about 150km away from nearest rail head, for construction of a railway line between Rangapara-North to North-Lakhimpur 108km, traversing along the foot of Himalayas<br />
    18. 18.
    19. 19. This posting was a blessing in disguise, as we learned a lot on this project during a short period of 3 years and got tremendous confidence in engineering and construction management and worked under the guidance of Senior Outstanding IRSE officers like Mr. B.C. Ganguli, P.K. Ganguli, Mr. T.V. Joseph, Mr. M. Menezes, Mr. V.C. Paranjpe and Mr. Rammurthy. All these officers treated us as younger brothers and trained and shaped us in becoming good engineers & leaders. <br />Survey & Construction of this line was done by us and the section was opened for goods traffic in Mar 1962, in a period of 1 yr & 4 months from the beginning of construction in Nov 1960. The entire 108km were completed and opened to passenger traffic in Feb 1963. During the Chinese aggression in Dec 1962 we were present in that area, safe guarding the railway track constructed by us. <br />Photographs of a few of the engineering works executed during the period are presented below. <br />
    20. 20. Camp of the Survey Team at North-LakhimpurAssam <br />My Tent at North- Lakhimpur Assam <br />B.C. Ganguli with Mr. T.V. Joseph & Mr. Menezes for inspection <br />Well Sinking for Bridge Construction - 1961<br />
    21. 21. 7x150 ft Major bridge across Dikrong River <br />4x100 ft Major bridge across Singra River with through girders spans <br />7x150 ft Major bridge across Ranga with temporariryBridge 30 ft multiple spans. First goods train crossing the temporary bridge<br />Inauguration of the first train in Northlakhimpur in 1 yr & 4 months in Mar 1962 <br />
    22. 22. Mr. Aibara /Chief Commissioner safety inspecting track for certification for passenger traffic <br />Mr. B.C. Ganguli /CE inspecting the track <br />Mr. C.R. Sule Chief Engineer inaugurating the opening of the railway line goods traffic in 1962 <br />On the Occasion of the 15th Aug celebrations at North Lakhimpur – Assam - 1962<br />
    23. 23. BACK TO WESTERN RAILWAY JAN- 1963 TO 1967 <br />Back to Western Railway, was posted for techno-economic feasibility study of Quadrupling the tracks between Church gate & Grant Road Stations, of the Suburban section of the Western Railway<br />On Completion in 6 months posted as Executive Engineer Bridges, Designs in the construction organization of the Western Railway from 1963 to 1967 <br />
    24. 24. RESTORATION OF DAMAN GANGA BRIDGE <br />The heavy floods washed away the girders of Daman Ganga Bridge located on the BG trunk route in Balsar Sub Div. <br />Restoration work in Progress - 1964<br />
    25. 25. RESTORATION WORK AT BAYANA <br />Heavy floods of 1967 breached the Mumbai Delhi route near Bayana & Bayana Agra route . The main line for Delhi was closed for a month <br />
    27. 27. Married on 16th May 1965<br />
    28. 28.
    29. 29.
    30. 30.
    31. 31.
    32. 32.
    33. 33.
    34. 34.
    35. 35. AS EXECUTIVE ENGINEER BRIDGES WR 1963-67 <br />
    36. 36. During the above period was responsible for design and drawings section of the Chief Engineer Construction WR <br />Design of a 90 ft wide & 150 ft single span 60 degrees skew road over bridge in prestress concrete across the suburban tracks between Charni Road & Grant Road stations, including the raising the same. <br />The bridge design was unique in provision of a horizontal hinge connection between the last girder and the diaphragm with pre-stressing force applied horizontally for hinge connection <br />
    37. 37. The Institution of Engineers awarded E.P. Nicholaides Gold Medal for the best paper in the pre-stress concrete group for the design and construction of this bridge - 1967 <br />
    38. 38. RAILWAY STAFF COLLEGE BARODA1967-1969<br />Posted in railway staff college Baroda, for training of IRSE officers in Civil & Railway Engineering and was exposed to a large number of lectures by management experts and senior railway experts of the Indian Railways <br />ShriKhandelwal Chairman Rly Board visiting the Rly Staff College of Baroda - 1968<br />
    39. 39. BACK TO THE WESTERN RLY<br />Promoted as Deputy Chief Engineer in 1969 for 25 KV Rly Electrification project between Virar & Sabarmati Stations of the WR <br />Posted as leader of the field team for carrying out a techno-economic feasibility study of a 500km Rly line on SG between Bagdad to Husaiba (Syrian Border) fro 4 months in 1970 <br />
    40. 40. HIGH SPEED RAJDHANI ROUTE BETWEEN BOMBAY CENTRAL & MATHURA JUNCTION 1300KMS 1970-73<br />On return was posted as Dy CE/Track -WR for increasing the max. speed on the Rajdhani Route from 100kmph to 120kmph for introduction of Rajdhani Express on the WR<br />Improvements in riding quality of track on this route, resulted in the best track parameters maintained on the IR, and trials were taken for track fit for 140kmph and approved by RDSO and Rly Board. <br />
    41. 41. TRAINING IN FRANCE WITH SNCF – 1972 FOR MODERN TRACK CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE WITH MACHINES <br />IR Team under training with faculty members 1972<br />
    42. 42. SUBURBAN METRO PROJECT PLANNING IN MUMBAI – 1973-75<br />Thereafter, posted as Dy CE in MTP Bombay in-charge of techno-economic feasibility study and execution of the 6th Suburban Corridor between Bandra-Wadala & V.T. (CST) & associated with the planning of the 7th UG corridor for Mumbai suburban Section from 1974.<br />
    43. 43. In-Charge of Nagpur & Bhusaval Div. of Central Rly 1975-76<br />
    44. 44. EXCELLENCE FOR JOY<br />For the performance done earlier, selected as divisional engineer for management & operation of initially Nagpur Div. for 6 months and thereafter Bhusaval Div. – one of the largest div. on the Indian Rlys<br />Lot of operational records were broken during the period with innovative management systems and by motivating the staff of all departments <br />
    45. 45. Mrs. Rane with with Bhusaval Div. Scouts Team <br />Mrs. Rane Presentation of awards <br />Opening of a School in Bhusaval Div. <br />
    46. 46. South Eastern Rly – Kolkatta1976-77<br />On promotion posted as additional chief engineer South Eastern Rly Kolkatta (Garden Reach) and was in-charge of all the bridges in the South Eastern rly.<br />Shri A.B. Ribeiro / MD-RITES – Responsible for selecting me in Nov 1977 for posting as CEO/IRCON with HQ at New Delhi and continued there as MD IRCON till 1990,<br />
    47. 47. The above period gave opportunity for implementing international projects in around 12 countries. The memories during the above period are shown in form of photographs.<br />Pre-bid investigations for submission of bid for rehabilitation of bridges in Manila Rly line – 1980 with Mr. Bhanot bridge engineer, & Mr. J.M. Thomas of IRCON <br />
    48. 48. SIGNING THE FIRST MAJOR INTERNATIONAL CONTRACT -1981 <br />Signing the first Major International Rly Construction project in Iraq costing US $ 450m for construction of 95km of track at Samawa, 300km south of Bagdad, on SG fit for 250kmph speed in July 1981<br />MD/IRCON Challenges the Iraqi Rly that “we requested you for this contract, but for second contract you will request us to sign the contract” – 7th July 1981<br />
    49. 49. Presenting to Dir. General Iraqi Rlys<br />Mr. Raad-Al-Umri – the Dir. General Construction in-Charge of Iraq Project (New Iraq NIRA) with Mr. P.N. Kaul /Chariamn IRCON <br />
    50. 50. 39m PRC Bridge across Euphrates River Under Construction <br />Train Passing over the completed bridge – Samawa- Iraq<br />Sleeper Laying methodology <br />Track Machines imported from Austria <br />
    51. 51. Completed track in Samawa Yard in Iraq<br />IRCONs Annual Celebration in Delhi <br />On successful completionn of the project, DG Iraqi Rly was a special guest of IRCON, with Hon’ble ShriMadhavraoScindia – Minister of Rlys - 1985<br />
    52. 52. Keeping up the challenge, MD/IRCON Signs, another Contract, of US$ 130m, for Al-Muthanna–Iraq – 1985 (30km Rly line)<br />MD/IRCON with Minister of Transport Iraq after singing the 2nd contract <br />
    53. 53. MD/IRCON with Mr. Bakshi, The Indian Ambassador in Iraq on signing the contract <br />The Minister of Transport Rlys Iraq visiting IRCONs office in Delhi <br />
    54. 54. Minister of Transport Iraq in Conversation with George Fernandez Min. of Rlys – In India - 1990 <br />EXCELLENCE FOR JOY<br />Addressing the Iraqi delegates headed by Min. of transport in IRCON office<br />
    55. 55. IRCON ENTERS ALGERIA 1984-90 <br />
    56. 56. Under the South-South Co-operation IRCON signs two contracts in Algeria, - 1984-90 <br />30 km of Rly line at Saida – US$ 30m <br />30 km of Rly line at Benisef – US$ 90m - <br />
    57. 57. The Benisef contract near Uran Port involved a number of viaducts each with multiple spans of 39m prestress concrete girders, with 70m height of piers, as tall as KutubMinar, in Delhi <br />
    58. 58. All Bridges were designed by Indian Consultant (STUP) and checked by French Consultant - SNCF <br />Completed two block concrete sleeper track in Algeria – Benisef Project<br />
    59. 59. On successful completion of the project – Mr. & Mrs. Salemia, the Project Manager In-Charge of the projects in Algeria <br />With the Indian Ambassador Mr. Vijay Nambiar in Algeria at his residence <br />
    60. 60. With Hon'ble ShriMadhavraoSchindia in Algeria Along with ShriBalachandran - Chairman IRCON - 1988<br />
    62. 62. MD/IRCON Explains capability and expertise of IRCON for international projects <br />Signing the contract with Mr. Shaikh Faisal/DG-Saudi Arabian Rlys organization in Damam – Costing SR 70m<br />
    63. 63. With DG, SRO on signing the contract <br />IRCONs team in Saudi Arabia headed Mr. Liaquat Ali Project Dir. – Damam Saudi Arabia <br />
    64. 64. IRCON Signs a Turnkey contract for design and construction of Loco Maintenance in Jordon under stiff international competition <br />With DG Jordon Rlys and other Team Members after signing of Contract<br />
    65. 65. Turkey Delegation visiting IRCON office for investigating IRCONs capability of executing 25kv Rly electrification contracts internationally – June 1988 <br />Protocol Agreement with TCDC for the Rly electrification project at Ankara (Sincan-Eskischir-238 km) was signed on 18th July 1988 in presence of Prime Min. Rajiv Gandhi – by special efforts made by MadhavraoScindia Min. of Rlys and Dr. EkramPakdemirli Min of Trans.Turkey and the Indian Ambassador in Turkey <br />
    66. 66. IRCON executing the 25kv Rly electrification contract – 261 track km on SG, between Sincan-Eskischir on the Ankara – Istanbul main line in Turkey. The contract was signed on a 5 yr deferred payment basis with assistance of Exim Bank of India. The work was completed ahead of schedule against a contract period of 27 months <br />
    67. 67. BANGLADESH, NEPAL, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, NIGERIA, & ZAMBIA <br />During the above period between 1981 to 1990 IRCON was able to establish a brand equity for its name and secured major contracts in rail and road construction projects in Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, & Zambia in diversified fields of Rly electrification signaling mechanical engineering and road & bridge constructions. In addition to large number of rail & road projects within the country for IR, Central & State Govt. Public Sector undertakings and State Govt. All projects taken up were completed within time and within budget and to the international standards and to the full satisfaction of the client <br />
    68. 68. Meeting the delegation from Zambia in IRCON office <br />
    69. 69. Meeting the delegation from Indonesia <br />with Mr. Poulos Member Fin./ Rly Board at IRCONs office -1983<br />With Shri M.N. Prasad CRB & <br />ShriBalachandran Chairman IRCON <br />
    70. 70. ON THE INDIAN FRONT<br />
    71. 71. Large number of projects of construction of Rly lines for public sector undertakings like NTPC, Coal India, CIDCO, State Govt. Rlys were implemented within times and at highest standard of quality a few of them are mentioned below. <br />
    72. 72. KAPURTALA RAIL COACH FACTORY FOR NORTHERN RLY COMPLETED IN RECORD TIME FOR 2 YRS <br />On the Isistance of the then Home Min. ShriChitambaram & the Rly Min. ShriMadhavraoShchindia, to take up the work of providing passenger facilities at ATARI STATION of Northern Rly, at the INDO-PAKISTAN BORDER near AMRITSAR, and the project was completed on record time of 6 months<br />
    73. 73. RAILWAY ELECTRIFICATION WORKS <br />IRCON Completes in record time, Rly electrification works on IR namely<br />Ring Railway Electrification work for Delhi <br />400km of Delhi Mathura Rly Electrification works <br />Rly electrification of Nagpur-Balarsha section of CR & many other projects <br />Adopted Helicopter technology for erection of for Rly electrification work at Nagpur<br />
    74. 74. RAILWAY SIDINGS FOR PUBLIC SECTOR UNDERTAKINGS <br />IRCON excelled in timely completion of Rly sidings for public sector undertakings for <br />Kudramukh, NTPC – Korba, Coal India, Farakka, Ramgundam, CIDCO, Kripco, & others<br />IRCON completed 2km long difficult Rly tunnel on curve and gradient for CR Rly near Lonavala and completed the same ahead of schedule before the completion of similar another tunnel in the area under construction by HCC. <br />For the first time in India, IRCON completed departmentally, 110 pre-stress concrete girders of 11m span each on the Ramgundam Rly siding- 1978<br />
    75. 75. Bassein Bridge in Mumbai, in competition with private sector the work of erection of pre-stress concrete girders for 39 spans of 54m each on double line, with a Novel Technology for erecting girders by barges with the help of difference in high and low tide at this bridge location <br />
    76. 76. INNOVATIONS <br />
    77. 77. TRACK LAYING MACHINE REPLACING PQRS IMPORTED SYSTEM ELIMINATING AUXILIARY TRACK <br />MD explaining the model to The Hon’BleShri J.H. Talyarkhan<br />Foreign visitors from Austria inspecting IRCONs model . <br />
    78. 78. IRCON Develops new track laying technology through design of new machines for transportation & laying of Rail panels with pre-stress concrete sleepers <br />
    79. 79. Ballast laying wagons, designed by IRCON, Operated on its international projects <br />Loading ballast <br />Unloading ballast <br />
    80. 80. Helicopter – 2 T capacity, for Rly electrification works without traffic block trials at Wardha, Nagpur Div. CR <br />
    81. 81. Bassein Bridge with Innovative Technology for Girder Erection for use of 12 hr tidle cycle for launching of girders weighing 750T (39 spans of twin 48m pre stress concrete girders - 1990 <br />
    82. 82. Erection of 13 span of 100 ft and 4 span of 60 ft steel girders for Maghanataburu for supply of iron ore to Bokoro Steel was completed in a record period of 6 months against a contract period of 12 months. <br />
    84. 84. Kennedy Road Over Bridge<br />1967:Rebuilding Kennedy Road Over Bridge-A Prestressed Concrete SKEW Bridge (90’Wide, 150’ Length and 60 degress Skew) across Railway Tracks on the Suburban Section in Bombay. (E. P.Nicholaides Awards for best paper in pre-stressed concrete group). Designed as an Orthotropic Parallelogram plate, with a horizontal hinge. Horizontal pre-stressing hinge force ensured connection between the diaphragm and the web of the last girder <br />
    85. 85.
    86. 86.
    87. 87.
    88. 88.
    89. 89. AWARDS & PHOTOGRAPHS <br />
    90. 90.
    91. 91.
    92. 92.
    93. 93. Receiving Marketing man of year Award in 1984 from the Hon’ble President of India <br />Receiving Export Award in 1988 from the Hon’ble President of India <br />
    94. 94. Receiving OCCI Award at the hands of the Hon’ble Shri Shankarao Chavan – Union Home Minister in Jan 1989 <br />Chairman IRCON Shri M K Kaul Receiving Economic Times Award Through the hands of The Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri V.P. Singh 1984<br />
    95. 95. Receiving Engineering Export Award through the hands of Shri N.D. Tiwari, The Hon’ble Minister of Commerce <br />receiving Export Award from the Hon’ble Minister ShriArjun Singh <br />
    96. 96. Presenting Bouquet of flowers to The Hon’ble Chief Minister ShriJyotiBasu, on the occasion of the opening ceremony for a flyover bridge, completed ahead of schedule <br />Shri J.G. Bodhe Chairman of the Institution of Engineers Mumbai Center awarding for his presentation on international project implementation <br />
    97. 97. With Rly Board Members with Marketing Man of the year Award 1985 <br />The Hon’ble ShriMadhavraoScindia Minister of Railways, awarding for the Best PSU for promotion of Hindi 1988<br />
    98. 98. The Hon’ble Shri Madhavrao Scindia Minister of Railways, witnessing the award received by MD/IRCON for Export Promotion 1987<br />Shri M. N. Prasad Chairman Rly Board, witnessing the award received by MD/IRCON for Export Promotion 1988<br />
    99. 99. ShriPrakashNarayan Chairman Rly Board – Presenting, the Distinguished Alumni Award—Rly Staff College Baroda - 1987<br />The Hon’Ble Shri J.H. Talyarkhan appreciating the model of Helicopter technology adopted for Rly Electrification project during his visit to IRCON office Delhi <br />
    100. 100. Receiving OCCI award from Shri B.U. Bhandari, Foreign Sec. Govt. of India - 1985 <br />With Shri Abid Husien – Commerce Sec. & S. J. Shah Chairman OCCI on the occasion of OCCI award 1985 <br />
    101. 101.
    102. 102. MD/IRCON Appreciating the recognition by the Govt. India, and export promotion councils, for the services rendered by IRCON Staff, by giving various awards to IRCON, for export promotion through timely completion of project internationally, within budget and to international standards <br />
    103. 103. Pleasant memories of <br />IRCON DAYS<br />
    104. 104. Leading the Indian Delegation to Malysia, Indonesia & Brunai organized by OCCI - 1988<br />IRCON celebrating the 7th Annual day with Shri Ghanikhan Chaudhari Min of Rlys & Shri Jaffar Sharif Min. of State for Rlys <br />
    105. 105. Addressing on the occasion on the 10th Annual day celebration of IRCON. With The Hon’ble Shri Madhavrao Scindia – Min. of Rlys & G.G. NRIA – Iraq – 28.04.1986 <br />Receiving The Hon’ble Shri Madhavrao Scindia – Min. of Rlys, as Chief Guest for IRCONs 10th Annual Day Celebrations - 1986 <br />
    106. 106. Welcoming The Hon’ble Shri Madhavrao Scindia – Min. of Rlys for IRCON 11th Annual Day function New Delhi - 1987 <br />IRCON Presents Dividend Cheque to the Min. of Rlys – 2nd Dec 1987<br />
    107. 107. IRCONs 12 annual day – pre-dinner moments with The Hon’ble Shri Madhavrao Scindia – Min. of Rlys, Shri Prakash Narayan – CRB, Shri Balachandran Chairman IRCON – 28th Apr 1988 <br />With Shri. Mahavir Prasad Min. of State for Rlys at the IRCONs annual day celebration <br />
    108. 108. Mrs. Rane with Mrs. Madhavrao Schindia at the Annual day function of IRCON - 1986<br />Mrs. Rane with Mrs. MadhavraoSchindia & Mr. Kishanchandra – Ex-ME/Rly Board during dinner on IRCONs 12 annual day <br />
    109. 109. Mrs. Rane with Mrs. MadhavraoSchindia at the 13th Annual day function of IRCON - 1989<br />Mrs. Rane with Mrs. MadhavraoSchindia at the 13th Annual day function of IRCON - 1989<br />
    110. 110. Member of the Indian Rly delegation for Escaf Meeting held in Bangkok Thailand - 1988<br />Meeting Madam Mishele Pratt – Sec. General Min. of Transport France with CRB & FC – In Rly Boards office in Delhi - 1989<br />
    111. 111. COMMENDATIONS CERTIFICATES<br />During 1980 – 1990 Decade<br />
    112. 112. From Hon’ble Mrs. Indira Gandhi <br />PM India dated 22nd Apr 1982<br />From Hon’ble Mr. Rajiv Gandhi <br />PM India dated 14th Aug 1985<br />From Hon’ble Mr. S.D. Sharma Vice President of India <br />dated 15 th mar 1988<br />From Hon’ble Mr. Madhavrao Scindia Min. for Rlys dated 22nd Apr 1988<br />
    113. 113. From Hon’ble Mr. Sharad Pawar /CM- dated 19th Feb 1994<br />From Hon’ble Mr. Madhavrao Scindia MP dated 9th July 1990 on retirement of Rane from IRCON<br />Shri K. Balachandran Ex-ME/Rly RB & Chairman IRCON – 8th Aug 1986 <br />
    114. 114. PRESS RELEASES <br />During 1980 – 1990 Decade<br />
    115. 115.
    116. 116.
    117. 117.
    118. 118. Ex-MD/IRCON addressing on the occasion of 25th Anniversary celebrations of IRCON 28 Apr 01<br />On the Occasion of the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of IRCON <br />
    119. 119. Min. of Rlys Presenting a Momento Ex-MD/IRCON on the occasion of 25th Anniversary celebrations of IRCON 28 Apr 01 <br />On the occasion of 25th Anniversary celebrations of IRCON 28 Apr 01<br />
    120. 120. On the occasion of felicitations of MD/IRCON by Institution of Engineers Mumbai with Mr. Menezes/Ex-Chairman Rly Board & Other Friends <br />
    121. 121. On such an occasion we recollect the pleasant memories of our association with <br />WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS <br />
    122. 122. Mr. & Mrs A.B. Rebeiro, friend philosopher & the guide who shaped my career in IRCON <br />My classmet in Wilson Highschool Mumbai - Air Marshal Mr. & Mrs. Dere<br />
    123. 123. Col. Mohan Kaktikar & with his family & Mr. Garud at our residence in Asiad Village in Delhi – 1986 <br />With our closes college & family Mr. & Mrs. Phabhakar Tendolkar & L.V. Prabhu since 1947-49 on the occasion dinner celebrations in Bombay Gymkhana Mumbai <br />
    124. 124. With family members of Prabhakar Tendolkar & Laxman Prabhu <br />With Prabhakar Tendolkar & his friends in Mumbai – 1985.<br />
    125. 125. With ever smiling Laxman Prabhu & Mr. S.V. Savur & Mr. Manohar in the Background - <br />VJTI College friends<br />
    126. 126. With Bhanoo’s in Seattle<br />
    127. 127. Receiving birthday good wishes from Mr. Srivastava my collogue & well wisher from railways <br />With IRCON team Mr. J.F. Dawson, Mr. Raman on his right and Mr. Sen Gupta – Group GMs <br />
    128. 128. Mr. & Mrs. Prakash Narayan with Mrs. Rane in one of the functions in Delhi <br />In front of our residence at Asiad Village New Delhi. <br />
    129. 129. Singing and performing break dance by Abhijeet, on the Annual Day function of IRCON 1986 <br />
    130. 130.
    131. 131.
    132. 132. Asha with Ameya Khandge my sister’s son at Asiad Village residence in Delhi <br />My brother lt. Praful Rane with his wife Nalini Rane and daughter Kasmira Rane on the occasion Ganesh Festival at our residence at Mahim Mumbai <br />
    133. 133.
    134. 134.
    135. 135.
    136. 136.
    137. 137.
    138. 138.
    139. 139.
    140. 140.
    141. 141.
    142. 142.
    143. 143. PLEASANT MEMORIES <br />OF <br />EVENTS TO REMEMBER <br />
    144. 144. AT THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS MUMBAI <br />With shri J.G Bodhe Chairman-IE - 1984 <br />
    146. 146. IRCON IN SPORTS EVENTS <br />
    147. 147. Chairman IRCON with his Cricket Team <br />MD/IRCON – Exhibiting his skills in batting and Bowling <br />
    148. 148. IRCONs Sport Activity in Malaysia <br />Chairman Participating in IRCONs Sport<br />
    150. 150.
    151. 151.
    152. 152.
    153. 153.
    154. 154.
    155. 155. POST RETIREMENT FROM 6TH JULY 1990<br />
    156. 156. PARTICIPATION IN PRIVATE SECTOR ENVIRONMENT <br />Joined As Director in continental construction for its international Projects with HQ at Delhi – 1992-94<br />MD of LGNC – Lok Group in Mumbai, 1994-97<br />Chairman GILCON – reviving the Consultancy Group of Gammons India, in Mumbai <br />Director - Sverdrup Asia – USA - Consultancy for Worli-Bandra sea link project in Mumbai<br />
    157. 157. RANE TECHNICAL & MANAGEMENT SERVICES (RTMS)<br />President & CEO – RTMS - 1990 to date involving <br />Consultancy for international projects for Private & Public sector undertakings including KRCL, Unity. <br />Consultancy for commodity exports<br />Consultancy in BOT Road & Rly Projects including Sky-Bus & Metro Rail Projects in Mumbai & Hyderabad <br /> Sharing expertise by lectures to officers and students in IRICEN, Railway Staff College Baroda, NICMAR, & other Construction Companies with the objective that <br /> “THEY SHOULD BEGIN WHERE WE HAVE ENDED” <br />
    158. 158. Sharing Experience with Public Sector Executives in a Residential workshop organized by Delhi Productivity Council at Goa<br />With ShriVinod Kumar – Dir. IRICEN, Institutes a V.K.J.Rane, Rolling Trophy, to the best & versatile IRSE Probationer of the year to be presented on the annual day of IRICEN Pune. <br />
    159. 159. We the Officers of the IR Service of Engg. 1953 batch decided on retirement we meet once a year to ensure contact and friendship<br />Accordingly the group met in Delhi at residence of <br />E Sreedharan above and in the Guest house in Delhi on the right <br />
    160. 160. Sharing international experience in Marketing & management of international projects, with representatives of 60 Chinese Construction Companies, through ILO, NICMAR & Chinka<br />V K J Rane with President Chinka, Derrick Miles of ILO & Mr. Veid – Dir. NICMAR – Nov 1991 – in China <br />
    161. 161. Abhijeet Gets married <br />27 Dec 1992<br />
    162. 162.
    163. 163.
    164. 164.
    165. 165.
    166. 166. With our grand children Tanvi & Divya<br />
    167. 167.
    168. 168.
    169. 169. In India – on way to Belgaum <br />Happy family on At Bellevue at Seattle 24th March 2000 <br />
    170. 170.
    171. 171. Relaxing with Brake <br />
    172. 172.
    173. 173. OUR OVERSEAS VISITS<br />Our first international visit was in 1970 when I had the opportunity of posting in Iraq for 4 months from 24th Jan 1970 to 24th July 1970 for techno-economic feasibility study of 500km of Rly project on SG in Iraq. <br />On completion of the project we visited Europe by flying From Bagdad to Greece and thereafter by train from Greece to Paris & then to U.K. crossing the English Channel in ship. Return journey via Belgium Frankfurt to Greece & to Bagdad. This was a 21 days visit during which we could see most part of Europe <br />
    174. 174. Thereafter, apart from our visits to the Project site and for Marketing for international projects, We were able to see most part of the world from Japan & Russia to Europe & America <br />We together were able to visit Bangladesh, Nepal, Iraq, Turkey, Malaysia, Algeria, London, Japan, USA, due to my sons overseas study we ere able to see major part of USA from East Coast to West Coast, almost every alternate years <br />
    175. 175.
    176. 176.
    177. 177.
    178. 178.
    179. 179.
    180. 180. Pressing the Govt. Of Mah. For a BG metro Rail in Mumbai & Pune<br />2004 onwards <br />
    181. 181. We almost lost the battle but won the hearts of the Pune Citizens <br />b) Standing left to right – <br />Dr. K. K. Gokhale<br />Mr. Ekbote<br /> Mr. Vinod K. Sharma <br />Seating - Left to right – <br />1) Mr. Kotwal<br />2) Mr. Gole<br />3) Mr. Basrur<br />4) Mr. Rane<br /> 5) Mr. Phadke<br />Leading the Core Group of Pune Senior Rly Experts for fighting the battle in defense of BG with high capacity indigenous coaches instead of SG low capacity imported coaches for Metro Rail in Pune in the long term interest of the citizens of Pune 2006 to Till Date <br />
    182. 182. Speaking in defense of Broad Gauge Metro with wider indigenous coaches - MCCIA 27.02.10<br />
    183. 183.
    184. 184.
    185. 185. Cote of Arms of IRCON Designed by MD/IRCON <br />IRCON Born on 28th Apr 1976 with Taurus sign <br />IRCONs trophy for export awards and Marketing Man of Year Silver & Gold Awards <br />
    187. 187. Happy 80th birthday<br />
    188. 188. 80TH<br />
    189. 189. A Happy Rane family <br />
    190. 190. Keep going in our affection and regards; wish you all the happiness that will make life special & wonderful ……… <br />Happy Birthday <br />
    191. 191. THANK YOU <br />