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Computer Science Courses Online

  1. 1. By:
  2. 2.  Web designing is an innovation in the technical world. Initially it was not given much importance but in today’s world, its demand is on peaks.
  3. 3.  Web designing is not just a single course but it consists of many other languages and coding.
  4. 4.  If you are looking to enhance your career in web designing then you have to learn some of the basic courses and webdesign tutorials to get perfect in it.
  5. 5.  Basic courses include HTML and HTML 5, CSS, and many more but here we are going to deal on these topics.  Let us see what actually these courses include when it comes to basic learning.
  6. 6. HTML
  7. 7.  A single abbreviation is not enough to derive the total course.  There are many other attachments in the HTML course.
  8. 8.  Let us see one by one that what actually HTML all consist of.  You have to start with the basic introduction and know the difference between HTML and HTML 5.
  9. 9.  Then comes the tags, saving the web pages, viewing the web pages, basic HTML templates, and many more.
  10. 10.  Talking something deep about HTML it has enormous field to work on to get extra benefits from the coding.
  11. 11.  MOOC courses in depth it covers almost everything related to the HTML template, heading tags, paragraph and break tags, lists, bold and Italics, and so on.
  12. 12.  These are so useful when you are designing a page online or offline.  Just you have to enter the basic references used in the HTML language that gives you the desired output as per the input given.
  13. 13.  With the help of the HTML, you can change anything the text, color, font, tags, headings, web page design and many more.
  14. 14.  Therefore, this course is the basic one if you are looking to learn the basic of web designing.
  15. 15. CSS
  16. 16.  Cascading style sheets is used to change the total design and the other things in a particular page.
  17. 17.  It mainly concentrates on editing and inserting images on the web pages.  You can easily change the background of the image with the help of CSS.
  18. 18.  With the help of CSS, you can also set the image borders as you desire. Linking is the most important part of CSS.
  19. 19.  You can have hyperlinks that can directly redirect you the page when you insert some link through the coding of CSS.  If you want to learn all these things then you have to stick to the basics of CSS.
  20. 20.  These basic courses help beginners a lot if they are concentrating hard to enhance their careers in a bright way.
  21. 21.  Besides these, there are many other basic languages to learn, but these are primarily to be covered.
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