Basic features of free web hosting


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Basic features of free web hosting

  1. 1. Basic Features of Free Web Hosting By:
  2. 2. Most of the people will be looking for free web hosting.  If you are looking for free website hosting it is an imperative decision. 
  3. 3. Free webhosting sites frequently creates problems, so to check out the details of the website you have to make sure that the below discussed things should be present in the list of the company’s profile and should be giving excellent hostgator discount code services. 
  4. 4. Let us see some of the common features that every free hosting company offers. 
  5. 5. Amount of Storage
  6. 6.  This will be one of the most primary concerns when you opt for a site to build. You have to opt for that site who gives you unlimited storage capacity in GB for your site.
  7. 7.  This space will include your website files including texts, website files, images, audio and files you use for your website.
  8. 8. Bandwidth
  9. 9. If your website is having many graphics (i.e., photographs) you will require larger space to save it.  It also considers the traffic that is allowed to access and leave your website. 
  10. 10.  Access means if the visitor visits your website pages and downloads something very large you must be having unlimited band width and while leaving also it creates traffic so that you have to opt for the sites which are having unlimited band width.
  11. 11. Email
  12. 12. Your web-hosting provider should provide you with email services so that you can setup your domain email account. 
  13. 13. It should also include POP3 SMTP access so you can setup and access your emails using your mobile devices. 
  14. 14. Website Creator and FTP
  15. 15.  You must have to look for a free web-hosting provider that offers a free website creating application where you can create your website simply by choosing a template and adding in your own text and images and you also download hostgator coupon code.
  16. 16. FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It is the protocol for transferring your website files from your computer to your free web-hosting server. 
  17. 17. It should be offering these services for 24 x 7 unrestricted FTP access. 
  18. 18. Site Backup
  19. 19. Servers are just big computers that everyone can read files from.   Your web hosting company should provide backup for all those things.
  20. 20. If he fails to do we have to personally do that to save our data.  If you are looking for a free web hosting provider, then you should expect nothing to pay for all these basic features, but do not allow them to force you to post free advertisements. 