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  • 2. Today’s Market... Top 4 business priorities Cost Reduction  Sales Enhancement  Accounts Receivables  Customer Loyalty 
  • 3. Today’s Market... . Every company has:  InelasticCosts  costs in orders due to mistakes  Elastic Costs  costs in returns and shipments due to mistakes  costs in order lead times  costs in data entry for orders   costs in phone calls  costs in print outs  costs in customer communications
  • 4. Today’s Market... Every Company needs :  To utilize every Opportunity  To ensure Customer Base coverage  To attract new customers  To use new technologies (e.g. Internet, sms, fax server etc)
  • 5. Today’s Market... Every Company needs:  To schedule calls and have alerts  To agree with customers on balance, easily and fast  To keep customer histoy  To get real time reports and have a better negotiation advantage
  • 6. Today’s Market... Every Company needs :  To maintain a full customer profile  To avoid misunderstandings with customers  To ensure frequently communication with customers  To succeed in a strong brand name
  • 7. Today’s Technology... Marketplace: Past, Presence and Future   Provide simplicity  Total solutions (not just invoicing)  IT Services on-demand SaaS on the WEB Web Apps Client Server Apps
  • 8. SalesManager CRM. What is it? The modern way to organize your business using  technology which is :   
  • 9. What does it offer ? Customer data | «like a smart phone directory»  Agenda| «an interactive calendar»  Quotes, Orders| «no more paper order entry»  Statistics and Reports  Customer History (emails, meetings, calls, faxes etc)  Team collaboration even between departments  Knowledge Base 
  • 10. Customer Data Full Customers profile, all contacts, history etc  Who we talk to and why 
  • 11. Common Agenda Salespeople visits  Customer meetings  Grouping based on Departments, Areas etc 
  • 12. Quotes Orders Order Entry  Pocket PC or PDA capabilities  Order History or even suggested order 
  • 13. Statistics - Reports Full statistics and analytics  Many options and filters 
  • 14. Communication History Every email archived in Customer Profile  Every call  Every meeting etc 
  • 15. What are the benefits Cost Reduction  Avoid mistakes and misunderstandings  Sales Enchancement  Improve company’s image  Improve customer service  New marketing activities attract new customers  Your company in the new age 
  • 16. Why SalesManager CRM It’s full  It’s easy  It’s inexpensive  It’s flexible … fits your needs  More than 20 years of experience  and...
  • 17. Why SalesManager CRM Easily accessible: From everywhere, just with a  simple Internet access you can connect to your system. Off line capability which means even if we have no  Internet access we can work with our laptop and synchronize whenever we get access again
  • 18. SalesManager Hellas SalesManager Hellas provides state of the art technology covering the needs of the following departments within a company  Sales  Marketing  Customer Service  Management SalesManager International SalesManager Hellas Founded in 1989 in Amsterdam Founded in 2004 in Athens Greece More than 800 international customers More than 50 customers in the region Offices in Europe, Asia, USA 10 partners Specialization in CRM technologies for SalesManager Hellas is the Master Distribution Office for South-Eastern Europe of SalesManager International and Marketing – Sales – Customer Service Assetlink Region includes Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, FYROM, Serbia, Albania.
  • 19. Industries 1 Wholesales 2 Pharmaceutical 3 Cosmetics 4 Tourism 5 Banking 6 Information Technology - Telecoms 7 Manufacturing 8 Media - Publishing
  • 20. Customer Base Customers in South Eastern Europe SEVENTEEN ΤΕΙ Κρήτης
  • 21. Technological Enviroment MSDE SYBASE Sales Manager Server Over Internet RDBMS Legacy ERP Billing
  • 22. Ask for a free DEMO of CRM or a specialized consultant to visit you email :