Assignment 2


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Are you paying attention?
Assignment #2 for Crash Course on Creativity - Stanford University

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  • Bravo! Yours is only the second assignment that 'did' the assignment .

    2) Create a presentation that captures your INSIGHTS and HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES. What types of things had you missed before? What were your biggest surprises? Are there opportunities hidden in plain sight
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Assignment 2

  1. 1. Are You Paying Attention? Yes, I am! ASSIGNMENT #2 # C R A S H C R E AT I V I T Y Velika Kapitanof
  2. 2. Observation Exercise Location:  Shopping Mall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Particulars  40+ stores including Pharmacy, Grocery, Jeweler, Shoes and Clothing  Main floor has all retail stores with a Food Court in the centre  Upper and Lower floors have Doctors’ office, Physiotherapy and Aesthetic Services Demographics  Multi-cultural; families; singles/couples and senior citizens
  3. 3. Observation Exercise Stores visited  Grocery Store  Jeweler  Clothing Store  Bakery  Fruit Market  Gift shop  greeting cards, decorative items, birthday / wedding gifts
  4. 4. What did I see? The Mall parking lot was full  Hard to find an empty spot  People were entering the mall; others leaving the mall and going to their cars  Not many had shopping bags in hand Most stores were empty ** Tables in the Food court were full with large groups  people sitting together, talking, laughing, drinking coffee** details to follow in subsequent slides
  5. 5. JewelerBoth salespeople were 1 customer attending the 1 customer Items well displayed Well lit Full window display Newly renovated facing the mall – nice fixtures & hardwood floor New customer not greeted Security cameras in place 2 salespeople No Sale signs In-store displays very neat & well lit
  6. 6. Bakery Glass cases No customers with dessert upon entry were not lit Music playing Fresh Bread in the background Sign on window: Fresh Bread Poorly lit after 11:30 am Customer traffic is for purchaseShelves were bare of bread only Owner/Clerk very pleasant Exterior unwelcoming
  7. 7. Fruit Market1 cashier but lines Fruit & Flower move quickly displays outside of store Owner watches customers from Steady flow of back of store customers Well lit Easy to get around Cashier is friendly, but owner/security Vegetables standing in thepackaged & priced back is individually unapproachable Good variety of Produce is fresh product
  8. 8. Gift Shop Sale signage Gifts & cards well displayed for all occasions1 Salesperson Items clearly 2 Customers marked & identified Halloween Many items on decorations sale are dominant SalespersonSalesperson approached to greeted offer warmly assistance
  9. 9. Clothing StoreTons of items Merchandise on Sale displayed in an orderly, tidy Store full of mannermerchandise 1 Customer atCash register registerin the middle of store Well lit2 salespeople Aisles clear – both at but somewhat register tight Store too Easy for a crowded with customer to merchandise be overlooked
  10. 10. Grocery StoreLines moved slowly Well lit Store was packed Staff stocking 5 cashiers – all shelves busy Tons of products Hard to pass thru Sales clearlythe produce section marked – too many people Many kids running & carts around Customers bag Express cashier – own groceries less than 10 items Cashiers tired & – had the longest frustrated due to lineup volume
  11. 11. Results Findings Opportunities Retail stores had very  Customers inside the little customer traffic mall must be converted  Even with items on Sale, from window shoppers customers were not to actual shoppers entering the stores  Stores have to step outside of their store to entice customers  Display some sale merchandise outside of store
  12. 12. Results Findings Opportunities Grocery /fruit market  People are looking for were there only stores discounts & are enticed that had consistent foot by displays outside of traffic store  The express lane was the  Place low-priced items busiest; therefore, people near the front of the store were buying less than 10 items
  13. 13. Results Findings Opportunities Bakery’s main staple is  Rearrange or remove store shelves the sale of fresh bread  Empty shelves makes store appear closed or out of  The only foot traffic was business for the purchase of bread  Display main product Bread is ready at 11:30  Bread (or a mockup) should be prominently displayed in am and runs out by the store and in the store window 2:30 pm  Increase the quantity of  Many would-be customers bread produced per day only hear “we ran out”  Morning & afternoon batch
  14. 14. Results Findings Opportunities Customers enter the  Flyers or coupons mall but are not should be distributed shopping – socializing by stores to the food in food court court customers  Salespeople can walk around the food court a few times per day, talk to customers, tell them about their products & hand out flyers / coupons
  15. 15. My Final Thoughts I have been to this mall many times and have noticed that the food court is usually crowded; however, never paid attention to the traffic inside the stores. I realize that this is a wasted opportunity for the retailers – the customer is literally right outside their door; they just have to find a way to get them inside. The best way I can summarize my finds is by referring to Steve Jobs who in May 1998 said,  “A lot of times, people dont know what they want until you show it to them.” It is now time for these retailers to show the food court customers what they want.
  16. 16. Thank you for watching! # C R A S H C R E AT I V I T Y