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Technology powerpoint
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Technology powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Using Technology to Enhance Instruction
  • 2. What is Integration?
    • Using available technology as a tool in the classroom. The same as you would use a book or a manipulative.
    • It is NOT “playing” a computer game when a child finishes his/her work.
    • Technologies are not an “add-on”. Your goal should be to use them in every phase of your curriculum.
  • 3. Where do I begin?
    • Evaluate your resources.
    • Lab or computers in your classroom?
    • Evaluate your own skills and who can assist you within your school system.
    • Attend training and conferences to gain more knowledge of available resources.
    • Join professional organizations.
    • How can computers help ME ?
  • 4. Simplify YOUR life with Technology
    • Grade book
    • Lesson Plans
    • Schedules
    • Checklists
    • Databases of Student Information
    • Create worksheets/classroom aids
  • 5. Gradebook Example:
  • 6. Checklist Example:
  • 7. Children need to have typing skills beginning at an early age.
    • PAWS in Typing Town
    • Mavis Beacon
    • Jumpstart Typing
    • Online: Download Typing Master 2002
  • 8. Schedule
    • Schedule Lab time if available.
    • Keep a schedule in the classroom so all students have an opportunity on the machines.
    • Model in the Lab; work on projects in the classroom during scheduled times.
    • ALWAYS be prepared for “glitches” as they will happen when you least expect them.
  • 9. SACS and Technology Integration
    • Communications: Email
    • School Climate: Tech Team
    • Staff Development: Cohort and Mini-Training Sessions
    • Curriculum & Development: Integration of Technology in the curriculum
  • 10. Online Teaching Tools Web Worksheet Wizard Make your own web page. Post homework assignments, notes for parents, etc. Students can design their own pages too!
  • 11. Online Teaching Tools CasaNotes EASY! Make notes to send home to parents. Only takes a few minutes. Great tool for grades K-12. Will impress your students, parents, and colleagues!
  • 12. Online Teaching Tools Enchanted Learning Great site for printing worksheets on ANY topic for grades K-12. Great for a “panic attack” when it’s time for class and you don’t have an activity planned!
  • 13. Book Reports Transform book reports from boring and hum-drum to awesome and inspiring!! Use PowerPoint, Kid Pix, Hyperstudio, MovieWorks or any other multimedia software. Check out Book Report Alternatives Book Report Learning Center
  • 14. Math Graphing using MS Excel Dingusland Math Accelerated Math Math Forum AAAMATH.COM M&M Probability Lesson
  • 15.  
  • 16. Language Arts Accelerated Reader Inspiration/Kidspiration – Fabulous tools for Graphic Organizers. Writing Editing Proofing Publishing Inserting Graphics The above list can be done in MS Word, PowerPoint Hyperstudio, Kid Pix, etc.
  • 17. Social Studies Native Americans PowerPoint/Hyperstudio Project Virginia Focus WebQuest Famous Virginians PowerPoint Jeopardy Games (Indians, Virginia History) Colonial Life WebQuest Map of the 5 Regions of Virginia – using Kid Pix or other drawing program Continents – 2 nd /3 rd Grade
  • 18.  
  • 19.  
  • 20. Science Parts of a flower – text on a graphic Simple Machines – PowerPoint/Hyperstudio Five Kingdoms – Research/PowerPoint/Chart Invertebrates PowerPoint Solar System WebQuest Animal Habitat PowerPoints and resources – 3 rd Grade Solar System PowerPoint Project Rocks and Minerals BrainPop
  • 21. Search Engines Yahooligans – a good search engine for students to utilize. Google – THE search engine! Education Planet – a wonderful search engine for educators. The Amazing Picture Machine – a great place to find pictures you need in many different subject areas. Teacher Files – an amazing place to find clipart for educators.
  • 22. Lesson Plans for Teachers Teaching Resources – Laura Candler Teacher Files The Teacher’s Corner Technology Integration
  • 23. Online Projects & Activities Pen Pals Aunty Math – Math Challenges Alphabet Across America Monster Exchange Online Projects
  • 24. Other Helpful Tools for Teachers Online Translator for ESL Synonym Activities (ON and Off Line) Bingo Card Generator The Lesson Plans Page Virginia Department of Education
  • 25.  
  • 26. All session information is available on the web at: or
  • 27. Email: [email_address] [email_address]