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Word camp 2014 So Obvious You Miss It
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Word camp 2014 So Obvious You Miss It


Published on

Wordcamp Miami

Wordcamp Miami

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. So Obvious You Miss It! WordPress Tips WordCamp Miami 2014 ©
  • 2. See Me? Bet You Missed Me!
  • 3. Screen Options Many WP dashboard screens have their own Screen Options button.
  • 4. We can checkmark the options we want to be visible Screen Options let us change the details we see in the screen we are viewing
  • 5. Help! Many dashboard screens have their own Help buttons
  • 6. Click the Help Tab to reveal help for the admin screen you are on.
  • 7. Organize the Dashboard
  • 8. Drag & Drop Panels Put dashboard panel widgets where you need them. Click & hold to move them around
  • 9. Collapsible Panel Widgets
  • 10. Look for the Arrows See one of these arrows on a panel widget? Click it to open or close the widget the arrow is on
  • 11. Edit Faster
  • 12. Quick Edit Post, page & other admin screens have ‘Quick Edit’ options
  • 13. ..disable comments, change publish dates, switch the author name.. and more Use Quick Edit to..
  • 14. Bulk Edit Quick Edit’s Big Brother. Checkmark the box at the column head then select a Bulk Action
  • 15. Find Faster Search posts, pages and comments...
  • 16. Sortable Columns Click the triangle in a column header to sort rows alphanumerically
  • 17. Filters Filter by date and category. Different screens have different filters.
  • 18. To Edit or Not to Edit.. Some files should not be edited
  • 19. Never Edit WP Core Files
  • 20. Need to edit the core code? WordPress core files are overwritten when WP updates. File edits are lost. Use a plugin, a child theme or add a code snippet in functions.php
  • 21. Create Child Themes Use the Plugin: Child Theme Configurator
  • 22. 3 Reasons to use Child Themes Easy to make We can edit the code Template edits are safe when the parent theme updates
  • 23. Rename Plugins When we customize a plugin, we rename the plugin & its folder to protect against the original plugin’s update releases
  • 24. To rename a plugin.. Open the plugin’s main php file, change the “Plugin Name” and rename the parent folder.
  • 25. When we rename a plugin, the old plugin & the new plugin cannot usually be active at the same time.. ..without the new plugin’s function names being renamed first.
  • 26. Snippets of Code & Functions.php
  • 27. Hooks and filters are found in core WP code, themes, & some plugins. Use action hooks & filters to.. ..plug code into WordPress.
  • 28. When you write a code snippet like the one below that adds text to the footer.. function vr_foot_text() { echo ‘<p>Some text</p>’; } add_action(‘wp_footer’,’vr_foot_text’, 14) can add the snippet to functions.php
  • 29. Code snippets can be put into the active theme’s functions.php file
  • 30. Look Before Leaping
  • 31. Read Changelogs When Updating Plugins & Themes
  • 32. Changelogs tell us about.. new features, bug fixes, plugin name changes, whether settings will be lost, WP version compatibility, warn of product end of life (EOL), & more
  • 33. We have learned Screen Options The Help Button Drag’n’Drop Panels Collapsable Widgets Quick Edit Bulk Edit Sortable Columns Search Filters Never Edit Core Files Use Child Themes Rename the Plugins We Customize Use functions.php Read Change Logs
  • 34. Blanca Stella Mejia Social Media Consultant/Blogger Twitter: @miamishines @micaminar Lee Hodson Web Developer/Tech Blogger Twitter @lee_hodson @vizred Presentation: