Social media change you how you can get help in revenue


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Social media change you how you can get help in revenue

  1. 1. Social Media- Change YouCHANGE YOU offers capabilities and expertise in everycommunication discipline, in nearly every industry, with clientrelationships that span the globe. We create Global Brands and makeour consumers experience the heavenly feeling and would like them toalways “Cherish the Sweet Memories forever”. We call them“CHANGE YOU”. In a simplistic way, CHANGE YOU “VALUES YOURSWEET MEMORIES”.
  2. 2. BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA Reach New Customers Increase Awareness of Products and Services Showcase the Social Side of the Business Increase Refined Web Traffic Increase Revenue
  3. 3. Social Media – REACH NEW CUSTOMERS Consumers increasingly use websites such as Face book and YouTube to conduct business searches. For businesses, listing in these search results is just as important as listing in Googles search results. If a business sells something that is searched for on these websites, the business can reach new customers through these sites.
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA – INCREASE AWARENESSWebsites such as Facebook and Google+ are seldom used to make a"hard sell" for a product or service because they do not have apayment gateway. Instead, they are used to create awareness ofproducts and services by associating them with values that appeal tocertain consumers. For example, by posting videos, blogs, or articlesthat highlight the products value from the perspective ofenvironmentalism, the consumers become aware that the product isan environmentally safe choice. According to online sales consultingservices, social media campaigns are highly effective for increasingbrand awareness.
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA – SOCIAL SIDE OF BUSINESS Websites such as Facebook and Twitter allow businessesto have a personality, something that was once only achievedthrough expensive television, print, and radio advertisements.Encountering a business in a setting where it is not sellingsomething is a unique experience for many people. It allowsthem to feel "comfortable" with the company - a feeling thatencourages them to continue business with the company whenthey need
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA – INCREASE WEB TRAFFICSocial media websites are an excellent spot for back links to abusiness website. A business Face book or YouTube pageshould include a direct link to its website because search userswho visit a business website after visiting one of its mediapages usually have a keen interest in what it sells. So linkingsocial media pages to a business website is an excellent wayto generate refined web
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA – INCREASE REVENUE At the end of the day, the goal of a social media campaign is to increase revenue. By using websites such as Face book, YouTube and Twitter to reach new customers and generate refined web traffic, businesses significantly increase online revenue, particularly when a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) firm develops and manages the campaign. Change You
  8. 8.  Thanks for watching – Team Change YouWebsite : www.changeyou.inFacebook :