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Green marketing
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Green marketing

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  • 1. Green Marketing
  • 2. Green Marketing
    • In recent years the term green or eco marketing has come to prominence
    • Reflects a growing concern at all levels of the impact of the increased consumption on the physical environment
    • Consumers are becoming more
    • conscious of their own behaviour
    • (health, spending, environmental
    • impact)
  • 3. Green Marketing
    • Green Marketing refers to the process of selling products or services based on their environmental benefits.
    • The product may be:
      • Environmentally friendly itself
      • Packaged in an environmentally friendly way
  • 4. Green Marketing
    • Many manufacturers have recognized environmental concerns as a source of competitive advantage and have developed products with a green image
  • 5. Green Marketing
    • Requirements to be considered a “Green” Product
      • The production process is compatible with the ecosystem
      • The green product line is compatible with the goals of the company
      • The product will satisfy the needs of the consumer
        • Despite being green – consumers won’t buy if it is a poor quality product
  • 6. Green Marketing
    • Eco labelling exists for truly “green” products
    • Various authorities in many countries will award these labels
    • Benefits:
      • Improved image and sales of
      • products
      • Ensures producers are more
      • accountable
      • Increases consumer awareness
      • of their consumption habits
  • 7. Green Marketing
    • Negatives
      • Green products tend to cost more than regular products
      • Only important for certain products
        • Clothing, entertainment services
      • Hard to position yourself as a eco friendly company if you are not first to market
  • 8. Green Marketing
  • 9. Green marketing
    • Read the article entitled “Are Green Products Really Green”
    • Answer the questions provided