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vivocha is the only integrated platform for managing web-based interaction channels - Chat, VoIP, Call Me Back, Video over IP - equipped with a powerful and flexible Proactive Engine (web analytics, rules-based proactive interactions, behavioral targeting), Collaboration options (document and form sharing) and Knowledge Base tools for the real-time management of online customer interactions.

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vivocha Intro EN

  1. 1. online CUSTOMER INTERACTIONShow to boost lead generation and conversion rates?
  2. 2. WEB EVOLUTION [Italian market] presence e-commerce • 68,6% of people age 11- • active users: 24,7 millions • e-buyer: 12% of population access 74 • average time spent online: 1 • market value: 6,6 billion € • 78,3% of people age 11- hour and 32 minutes • orders: 25 millions, +18% 54 • average page views: 181 2010 vs 2009 • 57,5% of families use • Internet is the first • average transaction value: Internet, 68% has a information source for 22% 220 € broadband access and of people. • services: 2/3 of total value 22% has a mobile access. • products: 1/3 of total value It’s essential to bridge the gap between web traffic growth and the proposition of a real contact experience with the brand/service.Sources:Audiweb, Ricerca di Base sulla diffusione dellonline in Italia, dati AW Database novembre 2010;Osservatorio B2C Netcomm - School of Management del Politecnico di Milano - 2010.Aegis Media Expert/Isobar su dati Audiweb powered by Nielsen Online settembre 2009 - Eurisko New Media 2009.
  3. 3. ONLINE ENGAGEMENTvivocha is the only integrated platform for managing web-basedinteraction channels (VoIP, Video over IP, Chat, Web Call Back),equipped with a powerful and flexible Proactive Engine (real-timeweb analytics, rules based proactive interaction, behaviouraltargeting), real-time collaboration features (content and formsharing) and Knowledge Base tools to enhance online interactionswith Internet users and customers.vivocha features relies on: chat - for text multi-session chat. share - co-browsing, content-pushing and form-sharing. voice - call me now, call back, VoIP and videoconference.
  4. 4. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT cycle features media options (chat, web call back...) document share page/file/video push interaction form co-browse traffic hot leads page views, shopping cart, engagement links, banner, recency/loyalty, landing pages... registered... conversion parameters sales and conversion rates, contact center status, lead generation, user behaviour... better customer care...
  5. 5. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT sales funnel traffic monthly visits on web portal, weekly visitors on landing pages... engagement % visitors targeted “Hot Leads” (web proactivity rules and parameters) # vivocha sessions generated by dynamic banners (for Hot Leads only) % Hot Leads proactively engaged (depending on agent availability/cost...) interaction % accepted engagements % managed and completed interactions # total managed interactions (proactive + unsolicited) conversion unsolicited post-interaction
  6. 6. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT market report“Many online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of onlineconsumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase isone of the most important features a Web site can offer. Proactive chat can provide this type of customersupport, ultimately achieving multiple business goals for eBusiness professionals, including reducing abandonment,improving conversions, and driving customer satisfaction. Implementing proactive chat can be a complex processthat requires aligning multiple business areas.However, a successful proactive chat implementation doesnt end with a check mark next to the word "done"; savvyeBusiness professionals understand that proactive chat success requires ongoing refinement of the business rulesthat will trigger chat invitations, staffing, and customer experience.”(Making Proactive Chat Work, Forrester Research, Inc., June, 2010)
  7. 7. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT market reportSafety has many components that affects e-Commerce spending trends: direct communication with merchant transparency of purchasing clearness contract terms and awareness safety of goods delivery security of transactionSecurity of transaction is not the first/only worry of users and e-buyers.The spotlight is now on “direct communication with merchant”.
  8. 8. WEB SOLUTIONS salesBoosts online sales thanks to a significant increase of conversion rates.Cut churn rates and raise average transaction value through prompt multichannel support.Identifies Hot Leads and offers them the best web experience on the market! careEnhance the Customer experience online!Improve real-time and proactive assistance by a skilled agent, a sophisticated Proactive Engineoptimize the contact management to reduce service cost and avoid redundant calls to thecontact center.
  9. 9. WEB INTERACTIONS live dialogue VoIP call personal support for unsatisfied live dialogue visitors (e.g. self-care areas and link/page pushing FAQ) chat increase of “first contact resolution” rate vs other interactions that generates further follow-up recall dialogue each agent can manage multipledocument pushing web call back chat, reducing queue on hold and improving productivity form sharing
  10. 10. OUR INSIGHT PROACTIVE DYNAMIC rules based proactive interaction; dynamic selection of media; real-time tracking of monitoring and analytics. browsing/user behaviour. contact center CTI integrations (agent applications versatility management, queues, routing…)customer care, retention, help desk, marketing & sales campaigns… SMART behavioural targeting; trigger-based entries. web 2.0 state-of-the-art recommendation & clustering algorithms.
  11. 11. INSIGHT proactivity engine multi-service management parameters selection and rules creation priority events (if and when interact in the page) media customizations Javascript functions repository graphic repository (where and how interact in the page) new page popup iFrame (complete and indipendent HTML document in a page) div (inline, shares the context in a page)
  12. 12. INSIGHT proactivity parameters timing - holiday/working days - h24 vs shifts - days/hours user behaviour media - feedback - chat - history - audio call and recall - economics - one/two way videocontact center status browser and O.S.- queues on hold - vendors- skilled agents - versions- groups and services
  13. 13. INSIGHT proactivity rule samples visit loyalty and recency - back within x days - first interaction? - media memory Google AdWords e-commerce cart - keyword-based - purchasing threshold proposition - bundles and discounts - landing page with chatbrowsing problem solving- page timeout - form sharing- page views threshold - help for content search- domain exit
  14. 14. INSIGHT client interface Multi Operative System Multi Browser
  15. 15. INSIGHT custom client interface
  16. 16. INSIGHT custom client interface
  17. 17. INSIGHT agent desktop contact center toolbar: planning, integrated management of agent queues, pause, vocal ordering, status and services availability on audio/video settings… website, queues and statistics…Push and Share ServicesWeb pages, PDF, audio/video,forms…ProactivityDepending on particular contextsand parameters, it’s possible topropose assistance during customerbrowsing (up-selling, promotions,customer care…)IntegrationsCRM, Knowledge Management… Knowldege Base integration, content-push (FAQ, file, link…), contextual contents for the active form-sharing. conversation, tagging, sessions sync. between phone and web…
  18. 18. INSIGHT knowledge base vivocha is equipped with a knowledge base web application (synchronized login and contextual contents for active services), also available in stand-alone modality. tagging, recommendation and metadata extraction systems; non-stop development and upgrading of collaboration features (comments platform, wiki, messaging; installation Wizard. multi-content: text, link, file massive uploads: RSS feed, .csv
  19. 19. INSIGHT contact center analytics
  20. 20. INSIGHT web analytics
  21. 21. VSP VIVOCHA SERVICE PROVIDER Would you like to increase sales on your e-commerce portal but avoid investments in infrastructure? Are you interested in an Online Customer Interaction campaign but don’t have an internal contact center structure? Would you like to decrease time to market with an integrated service?VSPs – vivocha service providers – are organizations that can provide operators who are particularly skilled inonline support. They know how to best use the multiple channels offered by vivocha and are prepared toprovide a high-quality service in less time.Contact a vivocha service provider directly or fill out this form for assistance in selecting the most suitablepartner for your project!
  22. 22.