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Klood provides businesses with a complete packaged service to manage their online presence and social network interactions. The Klood combination of dedicated client resources supported by leading …

Klood provides businesses with a complete packaged service to manage their online presence and social network interactions. The Klood combination of dedicated client resources supported by leading edge technology raises awareness of brands, products and services, and most importantly increases profitability. B2B Social Media, B2C Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Management, Twitter Marketing, Google+ Management, YouTube Marketing, Vimeo Management, Social Media Content.

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  • 1. THE FACTS It took radio Terrestrial TV took The Internet took In less than38 YEARS 13 YEARS 4 YEARS 1 YEAR to reach to reach to reach Facebook added50 MILLION 50 MILLION 50 MILLION 200 MILLION listeners viewers people usersThe traditional rules of communication, customer engagement and marketing are changing at a mind boggling rate. offers SMEs the opportunity to navigate this complex world at a very low price.
  • 2. THE FACTS25% of search results for More than 1 million the world’s 20 largest businesses have abrands are links to user generated content presence on Facebook.YouTube is the 34% of bloggers 2nd largest 50% of internet traffic in post opinions aboutsearch engine the UK is for Facebook. products & brands in the world.
  • 3. WHAT IS KLOOD? provides SMEs with a is a new kind of complete packaged service to web services agency for manage their online presenceand social network interactions. the digital and social The Kloodcombination of network era. A combination dedicated client resources of creative thought and supported by leading edge innovative technologytechnology raises awareness of allows Klood to deliver its brands, products and services, clients an unrivalled serviceand most importantly increases in this digital age. profitability.
  • 4. THE KLOOD ECOSYSTEMKlood connects businesses to existing and new customers through multiple channels. Klood removes the complexity and expense associated with managing on-line presence.
  • 5. THE BENEFITS “£10,000 spent on a direct mail Minimal cost spent “£5,000 spent on billboard or magazinecampaign on average on a well crafted advertising on average yielded 200 new yielded 300 new customers.” Twitter campaign customers.” on average yielded 1800 new +18% customers. Company sales with highest “ Companies who levels of social mange their social media media effectively -6% outperform their peers Company sales in company sales and Source: Social Media ROI: Socialnomics with least social activity profit performance.” *All costs exclude internal or agency management costs
  • 6. THE BENEFITSBy engaging with social media now and aligning this with your existingon-line presence, you are capitalising on the opportunity of a generationto build a long-term strategic asset for your business. will build and develop your on-line presence and keep your contentfresh and exciting which will: Increase number of facebook fans, Increase sales opportunities twitter followers and website visitors Deliver cost effective communications Create brand advocates Increase interaction with your Dramatically increase the size of your customers, so you’re not out of mind, customer database & deliver targeted when you’re out of sight sales campaigns Multiply the number of customer Obtain real time feedback on products or referrals & recommendations. services Allow your business to interact with its Allow you to manage demand for your customers products and services
  • 7. SALES BENEFITSKlood has dramatically enhanced our on-line presence and social buzz!!! Working withthe team at Klood we have substantially increased our customer database and now usesocial media to engage with our customers in a more productive way - through productfeedback, new design reviews and customer competitions. This has seen us increase insales and most importantly we now have a higher proportion of repeat customers Klood has taken what we see as a complex problem and freed us up to get on with the core elements of our business.Managing Director, Multisport Distribution
  • 8. KLOOD TIMELINE Start Up 6 Months 12+ Months Blog Construction Regular Facebook Communication Strong Facebook, Twitter Facebook Page Construction Regular Tweets community (or enhancement) Series of Facebook Campaigns Clean, segmented customer (Competitions, Ballots, Coupons) database Twitter Set-up Initial Facebook / Twitter Blog Updates Improved product and/or service Competition design Regular Analytics Video Channel (if applicable) Enhanced Brand Awareness Increased Customer Database SEO Review Consistently higher SEO rankings Improved SEO Home Page – News Window Customer / User Advocacy Increased traffic to website & increased customer interaction Improved SEO Product Feedback Customer Loyalty*Not all benefits are for all services Reduced Marketing Costs
  • 9. HOW IT WORKSYou as a business set the parameters for interaction e.g. themes of tweets &updates, type of promotions, areas of interest.You have a dedicated Kloodmanager who sets your agenda for the weekand manages the content on your behalf, scouring local and national contentrelevant to your business to deliver enriched customer interactionThe Kloo engine efficiently manages your on-line presence across Twitter,Facebook, YouTube, your Blog and your home page. Letting you communicateto more people and faster than previously imaginable, spreading like wildfire.Using best in class analytics tools the Klood Team feedback and report on theimpact of all these activities and utilise lessons learnt to further improve youron-line presence.
  • 10. HOW IT WORKSThe Klood Team will set up and manage yourcompany’s Facebook page. A forum for product or service feedback, and test new ideas with your customer base quickly and efficiently.Frequent updates on the status of your business Will increase followers through customer interaction, promotions, competitions and increased interaction. Can act as an additional window into your online Social Media activity is monitored and analysed to shop improve effectiveness.
  • 11. HOW IT WORKSThe Klood Team will set up and manage yourcompany’s Twitter Feed A forum for product or service feedback, and test new ideas with your customer base quickly and efficiently. Frequent tweets about your business; promotional offers, product developments, general news. Customer competitions which drive traffic and activity to your home page Social Analytics to illustrate the impact these updates have on your business performance. Increase the size of customer database to support targeted e-campaigns. Will increase followers through customer interaction, Impact of Social Media activity monitored and understood promotions, competitions and increased interaction. to improve effectiveness.
  • 12. HOW IT WORKS The Klood Team will set up and manage your company blog – this will be appended to your website and will the central hub of communication activity for your business – Updates will be automated between your Blog, Facebook & Twitter. Regular vibrant updates to your customer base Autolink to Facebook & Twitter Drive fresh and meaningful content to your website. Improve your company’s organic search engine rankings. Keep messages and marketing activity consistent across all mediums – Twitter, Facebook, Website etc.
  • 13. HOW IT WORKS The Klood Team will set up and manage your company’s YouTube Channel. The Klood Team can take your raw video footage and turn this into a professional digital presentation. Another channel from which customers can find your products or services
  • 14. HOW IT WORKSThe Klood Team will keep news and images Regular vibrant updates to your customer base.current on your home page with links to Twitter,Facebook and WordPress blog updates The Klood Team will undertake activity to monitor and improve your SEO and ultimately increase traffic to your company’s website. The frequency and intensity of this activity is dependent on the service level accessed. Klood will create links between your existing web page and the new content sources they are creating (such as Twitter and WordPress) to ensure that your company’s web page is constantly updated with fresh content.
  • 15. Service PRICING Bronze Silver Gold Facebook page construction + associated promotions • • • Facebook page management level 1 • • • BASIC Facebook & Twitter sweepstake/competition/offer • • • Twitter account set-up • • • Twitter account management level 1 • • • Website news update • • • SEO level 1 • • • HTML newsletter campaign level 1 • • • Blog (Standard) • • • Facebook page management level 2 • • STANDARD Facebook & Twitter sweepstake/competition/offer campaign • • Twitter account management level 2 • • YouTube channel creation • • YouTube or Vimeo “My Channel” administration • • SEO level 2 • • HTML newsletter campaign level 2 • • • Blog (Premium) • • Facebook page management level 3 • PREMIUM Facebook & Twitter sweepstake/competition/offer campaign • YouTube video creation • • SEO Level 3 • HTML newsletter campaign level 3 • Google Adwords management (excludes cost of Adwords – paid for by client separately) • Monthly Charge From £299.00 £499.00 £699.00Please refer to SLA sheet for full description of what each service entails Set Up Fee £500.00 £650.00 £750.00